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I found out why I cannot get FF ruffles or pringles in Canada. Here are a few samples of info I got off the net. The information I found on numerous websites was enough to turn me off wanting these things. BTW, I could not find any *positive* sites about the product, other than those run by the companies that sell the stuff.

From a News site:

Canada Rejects Olestra, Leaving the USA the Only One 'Holding the Bag'

The fat substitute Olestra, used in some popular snack foods in the USA, was rejected by a Canadian food regulatory agency, leaving the United States the only country in the world where it is allowed. Its manufacturer, Procter and Gamble (P&G) had previously applied for approval in the United Kingdom as well, recently withdrew its application

From a Medical Site:

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

Hopefully most readers of this newsletter know better than to eat any products containing olestra. The problems associated with olestra are numerous:

Decreased absorption and blood levels of fat soluble nutrients such as vitamin E and carotenoids (Journal of Nutrition 1997; 127: 1636S-1645S)

Significant increases in GI symptoms, including diarrhea, loose stools, and more severe GI effects (US Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration. Olestra: final rule. Federal Register. January 30, 1996;61:3152-3154)

Increased risk of dehydration due to greater water loss through diarrhea (FDA review letter)

In addition to the problems mentioned above, the very use of olestra is predicated on the misconception that fat is an "evil" substance that should be avoided at all costs. Long-time readers of this newsletter know that this is simply not the case. Fat is an essential substance for optimal health.
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However the new research on this has proven that the GI problems are just as prevelant in regular chips and it is dependent on the individual however it does inhibit the vitamin and minerals.
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I usually have a difficult time eating one serving. Sometimes I get a bag of light lays (Fat Free)- which is 6 servings. I would eat half of the bag today (some with my sandwich at lunch and some as my evening snack), and I save the other half of the bag for a day or 2 later. this way I know that I have 3 points of chips for the day.

BUT - Wal Mart now has the Fat Free Jalepeno Pringles. They are sooo spicy, that I can hardly even eat 1 serving, and it also helps me get in my water LOL - what a great 1 point snack. I almost can't finish the 15th chip, then I get filled up on the water while putting the fire on my tongue out! They are really good.

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Originally Posted by Lipbalmer
...Now in my WW book it says im allowed to have 15 chips for one point....
Don't use the database as it is sometimes wrong use the nutritional labeling as it is what is considered to be 100% correct.

[quote Lipbalmer]...The label on the bag said that it had 10 servings in the bag, so i thought i would have five mini bags since i doubled the serving size for my 2pt bags....[/quote] Use the label and do the weight don't count chips cuz some may be larger or smaller.

I always measure my chips on my scale. I also do this with Ice Cream and almost everything. While it takes a bit more time it makes it more accurate.
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