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Talking Zero Point Snacks

Anyone have any ideas for some zero point snacks? I have a biiig problem with midnight munchies when watching TV...not so much regarding SWEET food, but just munching on something continuously. its about quantity, not how sugary. any cool way to cook veggies, so i can keep a bowl of some munchy concoction in the fridge?

i was thinking of cucumbers with salt? lolol. or maybe a teaspoon of lowfat dressing sprinkled on some cucumbers and celery?

i have a deeeLICOUS pint of vanilla almond ice cream in the freezer....mmmmmmmm...and it stares at me every time i open the door!

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I think you could go to Dottie's Weight Loss Zone site and pick up great ideas!
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chicken broth fools you into thinking your eating soup, but really your drinking liquid and its comforting and fills u up.. other than that, one point foods are always good:
popcorn- lowfat
healthy choice turkey
hope this helps!
just say NO to your icecream- dont let him win! WILLPOWER
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Default Do what I day . . . NOW!

Please, PLEASE, put that evil ice cream somewhere in the back where you don't see it everytime you open the door! It's amazing what damage one can do with losing all willpower for only 5 minutes!

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I was thinking of the same things - late night munchies. What are good 0 point foods.

SF Jello
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my dad made me1 from wood
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I like to snack on
green peppermints you can have like 6 at a time and its still zero points.
I also like rice cakes they are .5 for the carmel cakes.
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Default 0-1 point snacks

-Yoplait source yogurts [probably any yogurt with artificial sweetener)

-vegetables and hummus (my hummus is 1 tablespoon = 1 point. Really takes the edge off!!). I think all non-starchy vegetables are 0 - carrots, celery, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower are all good for dipping!!

-Ryvita "whole rye crispbreads" - high in protein and fibre [2 for 1 point]

-I like to use President's Choice Too Good To Be True spreadable fruit instead of jam - 22 calories/tbs and therefore 0 points

-Orville redenbacher's Light Buttery, 67% Less Fat [3 cups for 1 point]

-Campbell's healthy request Tomato Garden soup [1 C = 1 point]
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I'm sorry but learning to deal with everyday life things is very much a part of this problem. If you like Ice Cream find a lower point one until you can learn portions and be satisified with it. I always have Ice Cream in my freezer and it is in the front on about the 3 shelf (side-by-side refrig). I plan for it and I enjoy it...last night I even enjoyed Cold Stone Creamery.
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si, si signora
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I like cucumbers and rice vinegar with a bit of dill.

However, I would probably just turn off the tv and get into bed with a good book instead of wasting your time watching tv. Can you tell I don't have a tv?

I also struggle with night eating, I can have the best of days and in about 30 minutes destroy it with graham crackers and peanut butter.

Ice cream, I have no idea. I would probably be more satisfied with a few spoonfuls of good icecream than a 1/2 cup of low fat ice cream.

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Back fat Be Gone!
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WYLERS whole fruit bars......yummmmmm. They come in a couple differnt flavors and have big chunks of strawberries or whatever fruit flavor you chose, and they are only 1 point!!!!! You feel like you're cheating when you eat one because they are soooooooo good. Hmmmm speaking of that my hubby ate my last one last night...damn him
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Default Wylers whole fruit bars

I've never heard of them ...are they like a granola bar, or one you find in the freezer? Sorry for the silly question ...
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They're like popcicles but made with whole fruit.
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I have to disagree with Kelly, at least in part. There are some foods I simply don't keep in my house. Having ice cream in the freezer is not a necessity. If it is an issue for you, don't keep it there. It is, for me, and I rarely keep it in the house. Do I eat ice cream? Absolutely. When I decide I am going to have ice cream, I go out for a scoop. If it were in my freezer, I would eat it way more often. It works for me. Part of dealing with a weight issue, in my opinion, is doing what works for you. There are way too many things I simply must deal with during the course of a day. If there is a problem area I can work around simply by changing a shopping habit, I am happy to do it.

Having those zero-point veggies cut up and ready to go in the refrigerator is a huge help to me. If I buy them on shopping day and simply stuff them in the fridge, they don't get eaten. If I do some chopping and prepping and put them away in that state, not only do I eat them, but my children are more likely to eat them, as well. Again, a simple change in procedure pays off with a huge benefit.

It is going to be hard sometimes, but why make it any harder than it really has to be?

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My WW leader always tells us to keep the veggies (baby carrots, celery, etc.) visible on the shelves in your fridge. If you keep them in the crisper drawers they become "out of sight, out of mind". That has helped me in the past. (and present)
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I grew up on this. In the summertime, after working all day in our vegetable garden, it was a beautiful thing to walk into our kitchen and smell cucumbers. My mom always set them out on the table in a bowl, salted and peppered with some sliced onions included. She used a very small amount of plain old white vinegar. When I prepare this, I usually do it a little ahead of time and chill.

I'm a major binge eater, so this dish often saves me! And, I believe I've heard that cucumber is a natural diuretic, so if you don't use too much salt..........
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