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Default Can't lose on 26 points

I have been back to WW for about 2 years. I lost 25 lbs last year but I only ate 23 points and counted one pt for each fruit. When I use all 26 pts I absolutely can't lose. I have asked for support on the WW boards but I mostly get hostile answers from people who are die hard pts plus followers.
I am 65 years old. Don't know about my metabolism. Maybe it's an issue.
I threw away all my old plan material so I can't go on those.
Has anyone else had the same experience with pts plus.
Also the WW boards are very quiet. I wonder if more people are like me and just left WW ers.
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How tall are you? I am 61 and 5'4" so I don't have a high basal metabolic rate. Also, my life tends to be sedentary since I work from home and sit at a desk and I have a one story house. Sometimes creating a calorie deficit can be hard. I do lose. I eat my 26 points and eat maybe half my weekly points. I don't eat my activity points usually. I do lose but not usually more than half a pound a week particularly since I'm close to goal.

Tracking points is fine, but I also track my calories eaten and calories burned so I know for sure if I have a calorie deficit. I love WW meetings because of the group support and it keeps my head thinking about weight loss. Also, the weekly weigh in helps me.

I do think that as we get older it is harder to lose weight also due to the lessening of muscle mass as we get older. Some things that have worked for me:

1. Count my calories - Yes, veggies/fruit are zero points, but they aren't zero calories.

2. Wear a Fitbit (I have a Charge HR) so that I get a sense of how many calories I burn. On a day that I don't exercise and don't really try to get activity and am at home all day I can burn less than 1400 calories a days. If I average eating 1200 calories a day then losing will be very slow.

3. I do exercise. I walk and use the exercise bike and do weight training. It all helps a lot. Just be sure not to eat back all the calories burned.

4. Look for opportunities to burn more calories if you find your calorie burn is low. I try to at least get up from my desk every hour and walk around the house a little. I look for opportunities to do activities that will burn calories apart from exercise. Non-exercise calorie burn really does help a great deal.

5. I find that sometimes upping my calories a bit for a few days can seem to help my metabolism. I'm not talking about anything huge just a few hundred more for a few days to get things going.

6. I track and weigh and measure the food I eat. This really helps me to not make mistakes and to know what works for me and what doesn't. I use MyFitnessPal to track my calories. MFP talks to Fitbit to tell Fitbit what I ate and then I see my calorie deficit at Fitbit. This helps a lot.
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Default Hi from New zealand

Hi name is Mary 61 yrs young and just starting back. I plan to do the flex plan. I too am not that active and have lost most of my books and stuff. so willing be trolling the net for points lists etcMaybe we can hang out and find out where we are going. Wishing u welling.
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