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Default Need more dairy in my diet

Do you have any low point suggestions so that I can get my dairy in? Im 42& how many servings of dairy should I be thinking about? I always put a 1/2 cup of skim milk in my coffee in the morning(I drink a big iced coffee) but Im sure I need more
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Greek yogurt is a great way to get dairy & also very high in protien. There is lots of low fat, low calorie varietys available.
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I like yogurt and also hot cocoa - packets range from 1-2 points especially with winter coming. Like to have that and a banana when I get to work at 7:00 am and save my "breakfast" until about 9:30 in the morning.
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You can sweeten plain Greek yogurt w/Splenda and add sugar free pudding powder for flavor. The cheesecake is my fav! I don't do WW, but the sugar & carb counts are low plus it's high in protein.
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I'm the same, I should have more dairy. I love cheese but it's high points so I can't eat that much of it, but when I do have it, I grate it and have it with grated carrot, yum. Plus I have low fat milk cappuccino every morning. Cottage cheese. Mousse or other desserts made with skim milk. Freeze a diet yoghurt, I find it an interesting change.
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Baby Bel light cheese is 2pts
provolone cheese Walmart 1pt/slice
source yogurt 1pt. I like to freeze some and eat them as frozen yogurt
Smoothie with milk or almond milk
Cheese in your salad. Walmart shredded mozzarella 2pts/1/4 Cup
Egg on toast with a slice of provolone or melted shredded cheese.
Zatziki on meat crackers made with Greek yogurt.
Yogurt in a smoothie
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Default Milk isn't the only option

Originally Posted by Debimomof3 View Post
Do you have any low point suggestions so that I can get my dairy in? Im 42& how many servings of dairy should I be thinking about? I always put a 1/2 cup of skim milk in my coffee in the morning(I drink a big iced coffee) but Im sure I need more
Personally, I am not a milk-type. I don't have any sensitivity, allergy or aversion; it's just not something I naturally eat.


You need 1,000mg of calcium per day. There is a list of foods as well, that are calcium-rich. WW puts forth that we should have 2 servings. I do enjoy almond milk, and I take a supplement. You don't want to overdose, but you want to get enough.


Here's WW's article on dairy intake:
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Truthfully, I don't love dairy but I've tried doing it for the calcium. Some things I tried/Comments:

1. I did try the WW smoothies. I did the chocolate flavor. If made with water it is one serving, with milk it is 2. On the plus side, it didn't taste bad and it is a simple way to get in dairy with calcium. However, for me, it caused bloating. Like many people I've become more lactose intolerant over time and I have a real problem with drinking milk. If it didn't cause the bloating though I would just do the smoothies.

2. If you like yogurt, use it. DH makes oatmeal with fat free plain yogurt and adds fresh berries every morning. Or, my son has made smoothies using the fat free plain yogurt and fruit. Personally, I find yogurt horrible tasting so I don't do any of that. But, if you can tolerate yogurt it is a great choice.

3. Cheese, preferably lowfat or nonfat. 1 1/2 oz of cheese is a serving. I like the WW string cheese, jalapeno flavor (I had trouble finding it and finally found it at Walmart). It isn't a full serving but it is a good snack and only 1 point per piece. Also, I use reduced fat cheese on sandwiches or reduced fat shredded cheese in salads. This is where I get most of my dairy.

All of the above said, I don't personally think that dairy itself is all that necessary. I think it is calcium in the diet that is important and that can be gotten from other foods or through calcium enriched products (such as calcium fortified orange juice or almond or soy milk that has calcium added to it).
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