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Default Work Popcorn Arguement

How many points in a large 94% fat free popcorn bag???
Help I am hearning from 1-4
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Read the label and use your slider (if you don't have a slider, figure about 50 calories per point). There's so much variation because different brands use different ingredients and different sized bags.
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If it's a regular size bag, it's probably 4 points. The one I buy is--now I just buy the mini bags because I know I'll eat the whole thing!
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Figuring out the points for popcorn is DAMN CONFUSING. They give values for unpopped (how are you supposed to know what 2 tbsp unpopped yields in popped??) and popped but it never seems to come out right whenever I calculate it.
I gave up for now.
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I don't remember where I read (not sure if I can even post it if I did) this but 1 tbsp is suppose to yield an average of one cup popped. I had to find this information when I began using an air popper. More popcorn for less points.
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Good point Irishchik, except I found with my air popper too many unpopped kernels. So I switched to the microwave. Someone needs to make a good air popper with a trap door or something
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I use a microwave popcorn popper (Presto's Orville Redenbacher model), and I measure the kernels by weighing them. The points are much less that way, and I get lots of popcorn. I can even. Use my healthy oil in the popper if I still have some left. If I don't use oil, I spray the corn w/Pam so that salt or other seasonings will stick.
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If you are having a lot of unpopped kernals in your airpopper, try another brand. I got some from Walmart that was horrible. Got it from Kroger and there might be 2-3 unpopped kernals in a batch. Also, keep it in the fridge helps. If popcorn is too dry or old, it doesn't pop. Both cases I used the store brand. Kroger beat Orville Redenbacher in a previous trial I did.
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