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Default Large quantities of food...

I have been thinking lately about my strategy to stay full/satisfied on WW. I tend to try and cook large quantities of lower point foods like sweet potatoes, chicken, veggies, regular potatoes, tilapia, etc.

What do you guys go for: Quantity or Quality??
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you can have both quality and quantity.
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I'm not doing WW, but I think the principle is the same - it's the quality that allows me to have quantity. The things you listed are what I would consider quality - how are you seeing it differently?
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I agree, I go for quality and quantity.

Right now, I'm making lentils sambar which is a yummy lentil dish with lots of veggies. Lentils are a high quality food as are veggies so I'll be able to eat a high quality food and a fairly good sized portion of it as well.
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I would answer both also. I sometimes choose higher point foods that are still quality (like avocados) because I love them and they're healthy. Every now and then I choose a high point low quality food (like the donut I had for breakfast instead of the cereal I'd been planning on). However, I pretty much always consider that part of my weekly points and make sure the rest of my day/week is full of mostly high quality high volume foods.
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Originally Posted by Ariashley View Post
I would answer both also. I sometimes choose higher point foods that are still quality (like avocados) because I love them and they're healthy.
Same. I indulge in my personal favourite - avocado rolls: http://fujiricetime.com/pic2006/images/avocado.r.jpg

They are absolutely delicious and 2 points for 3 pieces.
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No WWer (anymore), but for me it's a question of volume vs. density. Some days, I just need to EAT and feel physically full - that's when I go mostly for high-volume, lower calorie food like salads, steamed veggies etc.

Other times those things won't fill me up at all - then I up my amounts of high-quality calorie-dense food like peanut butter, avocado, whole grains etc. and am satisfied with the smaller, but denser portions.

Most days it's a combination of both, though...
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