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Fed Up With Fat!!
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Default Friday!!!

Yippee! I'm so glad it's finally friday!
We seem to be really quiet today...everyone on vacation?
I guess I should get busy now. We're having a snack day and I've already pigged out, but now I'm miserable. That ought to teach me!
I hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend!!!
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Diet Dr Pepper Rules!
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Hello stacey. I started a thread at the same time but deleted it so we can all talk here.

Not much going on with me. Getting huge and have mixed feelings about it.

I am trying to work more exercise into my day. I hope that helps me feel better.

Well, come on out everyone and play.

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Fed Up With Fat!!
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Default SOnic again

Trish: Can you buy sonic items at your store??? Just wondering since they have Boston Market and TGI Friday stuff in the stores.
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Wow, it is dead here today!!!

I made the most delicious dinner last night - don't know how many points though. It was turkey cutleys cooked in a pan with almost no oil. then I put tomato sauce into a baking dish, cutlets on top and added a very small bit of breadcrumbs. then more sauce, combo with spaghetti sauce and topped with shredded mozzarella. I think I only used 4 oz of cheese for 4 cutlets so it wasn't bad at all. I baked it and served it over pasta with more sauce. I think there was only 1.5 cups of sauce for the 4 cutlets plus the little I added to the pasta after it was served. Yummy! I made it b/c my dad arrived yesterday and my mom used to make that a long time ago and I thought it sounded good. It was very good and I have never done it before. I am looking forward to the leftovers tonight.

It has gotten colder here outside DC. DH and I are talking about going to the high school football game where he teaches tonight. That would be fun. We don';tr want to do much b/c tomorrow night we are going to a dinner party at the Country Club that my dad is hosting for some friends getting married. They met at his house 25 years ago and are finally getting married!

Ok all. Have a super weekend!!!

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Hi Y'all,

Yes it is dead here today. I get the weekend off, though I am working tonight. I haven't had a whole weekend off in about 4 months so this is nice. I haven't had a Saturday off since July, so this is definately new..... I am working tonight though, but hey it's the sacrifice I am making to get the weekend off My shifts next week have been reduced a little too which I am glad about. I have a lot of school work to do, which I am actually getting done early now (ironically with less free-time than I had last year I am not procrastinating on my school work, perhaps because I am just more focused now).

I really want to be a lawyer now. I will be taking the LSATs next year.... I think I want to work as a Law Clerk for a few years first...

My uncle and aunt are down from England so I'll be seeing them this weekend which will be nice. My boyfriend is starting to get nervous about meeting my parents, but I think it will go well.
I am more worried about him meeting my parents's Golden Retriever mix who gets jealous easily.

Trish: Good for you on fitting it more exercise!

Stacey: I know how you feel, but remember unexpected situations and oppourtunities do occur... It's apart of life, we just have to learn how to adapt those situations into our eating lifestyle... That's why I love the flexability of WW.

Sarah: that meal that you made sounds really yummy!!

Have a Good Weekend Everyone

Take Care!

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My entire message just got wiped out by this evil computer, I'll be glad to be away from it for a couple of days. Boring weekend planned - no money - yay season premiers! Hopefully I can catch up on my sleep too. BF and I had a long talk last night about the "future" - It seems so far away at the moment. My sister is happy because the longer I stay at her place the more she can spend on her wedding. Hey here's a strange tradition for you - aparently French Canadian...when the younger sibling gets married before the elder, the older sibling dances in a trough at the wedding - this sounds strange to me, I'm not willing to partake because it's not my family tradition, it's my sister's future family's. Just strange things that happen - hope everyone is having a great friday
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Hi girls! I am busy today, and I was flat out on my back with a migrane yesterday, so I am playing catch up!

well, I had a bad week OP and I didn't excercise once, but I still managed to come down! AND I even wore jeans today (I usually wear the smallest clothes possible)....

BUT I have an issue - the girl I go with is, well, nosy. AT the counter where you pay, she paid first, and then stood beside me while they stamped my book to try to see my weight. Then at the scale, she came up beside me AS I WAS BEING WEIGHED!! THe woman weighing me looked at her funny, but I didn't say anything, now I think I shoudl have, taht is RUDE!!! I was happy b/c she gained! Hee hee heee...but how rude is that, I mean really. I am thinking of not going with her anymore b/c of that. Even with my sister I am very respectful of her right to WI without me standing there, and I don't even ask unless she offers teh info. I foudn this girl very very rude. I might just switch days now b/c of her, to Thursday's. Ih aev to go anyway this week b/c b/f and I are driving away for the long weekend.

WELL anyway, enough about me, I have not read any of yesterday's posts yet but I will...

Hi to Stacey (don't worry about snackies, I just wolfed a peice of united way cake..), Trish, Sarah and KT.

Ali - woo hoo on your b/f!! Let us know how it goes withmeeting your family!

ciao! Have a good weekend!

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