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Default Tuesday

Wow, a thought crossed my mind, quite a few of us are in or trying to get into legal fields. Kay I am also really into research and stuff, but I think I do eventually want to be a lawyer.

I am getting really stressed with work and school and I had to tell my boss that I could only work a maximum of 20 hours a week. I felt bad doing that, but I need my sanity and I do, believe it or not, need sleep.

Wow, we were just told on our campus listserve that there will be a fire drill next tuesday at 9am, why bother telling us? Doesn't that negate the purpose of a fire drill? Oh well, that's my deep thought of the day (plus next Tuesday is my bday!!).

Anyhoo, hopefully there will be more people milling around the boards today.

Take Care!

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Hi Everyone <<yawn>> I'm not awake yet. It seems like it's been pretty quiet around here the past few days. Is it because the forum moved? I haven't had any trouble accessing it tho.

Ali... what type of law do you think you'd want to go into?? Sounds reasonable to set a limit to how many hours you can work. You don't want to burn out!

I'll be back later on. I'm going to get some breakfast. Hope you are all having a nice day so far.
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Default Hello!

Boy, it's been quiet! How is everyone? Come on out and play....I have a new motivation for WW-I WI on thursday, and am OP so far for many days in a row...expecting a loss this week, but with fickle scales, who knows? I've decided to set goal at the high end of my range so I can stop paying!
the weekend was good...DF and I had a huge fight, but made up...I actually got to see several friends I hadn't seen in a while, so that was nice! This weekend I am going home to go dress shopping with my best friend for her wedding dress, and to order my bridesmaids' dresses...everyone has cooperated and sent me their measurements...and pretty much everyone was asking me to keep it to be fair, I sent them all my measurements too
Am doing the Diabetes Walk on memroy of my dad Makes me feel good to do something
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Hello all. Not much going on here. I am officially 26 weeks today...that is the theroetical point that a baby can live (or so they tell me). I don't think I want ot chance it. Right now I am drinking a may make the baby move. It seems to move after I have a big influx of sugar (well, it moves other times too, but I think the sugar rush wakes it up!)

My parents have ordered a crib for us. It is very cute and (more importantly) very well made. It is an antiqued white sleigh crib. Very nice. I have picked out paint chips (my mom is going to come to town in October when she has some time off from work and paint the baby room). Now I am looking for a rocking chair. All I can find are gliders, but I really want a real rocking chair as gliders tend to make me a little seasick. The rest I don't think I need to order so it does not have to be decided on so early.

Lori: You are lucky they all got their mesurments in. How funny that you sent yours to them. Good luck at WI.

Shalyne: what did you have for breakfast? Can you tell I want to eat something!

Ali: I think it is very reasonable to sent some limits with work etc. You are busy and can not be everywhere at once. Plus you need some freetime.

Well, it is almost lunch time. I am going to go find something to eat!

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Ali - I didn't realize that so many of us are interested in law... that's kinda funny! I am planning to go to law school next year, but will go part time so I can continue to work. After working for so many years, I think it would be hard to not have regular income. I want to be a corporate attorney, as I have worked in the corporate world for 6 years. But my undergrad degree is in Biology so I am also interested in environmental law and patent law.

Gotta run... I'll come back later to talk to everyone else!!
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Jen2: where are you thinking of going. My husband is a Northwestern Law grad if you want any info on that school or need anything. He looked at about all the schools in IL so may have some insight. I also know tons of people who graduated UofI Law if you were looking to move to central IL.

Ah, so many lawyers.

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Trish - I plan on applying to Northwestern, Loyola, De Paul and U of I. I don't really think I would move back to central Illinois (went to undergrad at U of I) but it is a really good school so that's always a possibility. What kind of law does your husband practice?
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Hi gals,

Sorry I haven't been on in a bit. My DF has an infected tooth so I have spent lots of my spare time taking care of my 5'9" baby We have also been busy car shopping. I'm excited. I don't care that it has to be older and used because we haven't owed a car in over three years and I am really sick of riding the bus for two hours a day. We've been bust with our wedding plans too. They are coming along nicely. Suprisingly through all this busy-ness I have been able to stay OP with no real challenges. This past week I lost another 3lbs I have a goal to lose 16 by halloween, starting a while ago and with only 8 more lbs to go, I am ahead of schedule! Sweet. How is everyone else doing? Trish is it super exciting to feel your baby moving? I can't even imagine what it would be like. Lori, that so awesome that your are doing the walk in your Dad's memory. Good for you. Ali, try not to get too stressed. Way to be assertive telling your boss what you need. Shalyne how did your meeting go with Internet Man? Love at first sight? Lolly, Your measurements inspire me Since I only started back on this over a month ago, my measurements are all at the high end still but to see that someone sho had similar measurements can has such nice ones now is a real boost Thanks for sharing. Kim sorry to hear your move was so stressful. I hate bugs-that would have made me so mad. I hope you killed them good.
Where is everyone else? Hope that you are all doing fine. Take care friends

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Default Hello

Hi all! I'm still at the job hunt thing, but I'm getting better at being a domestic goddess. I am making authentic Italian red sauce today and it smells great. It is still a little strong tasting, but I have to simmer it another 5 hours, so it should mellow out. Its not too bad diet wise either. I only added half of the meat the recipe called for, so its almost all sauce. The store had the boxed cake mix on sale and I bought one. I feel kinda guilty, but I am planning on making it with applesauce instead of all the oil. Anyway, I hope ya'lls day is going ok!

Ali ~ Don't worry about cutting down your hours. Living a less stressed life is so much more important than a little extra money.

Stacey ~ Yep I went to the A&M game this weekend! It was awesome (tell your DH sorry we beat them). The T-shirts looked really cool and raised almost 200K dollars for the relief effort. Me and DH were in the blue section on first deck. The shirts said "Standing for America" since the Aggies are known for standing the entire game. I was proud.

Kim ~ Hope you are getting settled in! I hate moving. Luckily you have a vacation coming up.

Trish~ WOW 26 weeks! I have heard that viability is at 24 weeks now, but I agree that I wouldn't want to try it out. My best friend who just had a baby would do the sugar thing too. She would eat sweets to get the baby moving and it would reassure her. Take care!

JKarr ~ Good luck with the law school thing! Corporate law is the place to be it seems. I am still waiting to hear from the law firm, but I am not losing hope!

Hi to all I missed! Come out and play!
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Hi all you future lawyers: I'm the dreaded media! Seriously, I have a pretty good relationship with the lawyers I've worked with. As part of my beat, besides crime, I cover courts in one of the counties near Roanoke (Roanoke County). Once upon a time, I wanted to go into law myself, but I was bitten by the journalism bug. I still think about going into law enforcement ... but I'd want the FBI, nothing but.

Gotta run to a trial now, actually. Guy charged with molesting his children. How awful. I hate cases like this. He's already been found guilty of some charges.

See you later ...
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Hi Guys! Wow, so many lawyers ... I nearly did law for undergrad (we can do that here in UK), but went for Spanish instead at the last minute and looky at me now, still here and still doing it, 8 years later!!! I talked with my supervisor today about going to do a masters in translation after I finish the PhD, and he thinks it would be a good move - it would mean I could diversify and teach translation as well as lit. Sooooooooo, Blokey and I are seriously thinking about leaving Oxford next summer, because the best course is in Norwich. It's kind of scary thinking about moving across the country after being in Oxford for so long, but it's kind of exciting too. I even looked up property on the web, and it's so affordable we could live somewhere nice. YIPPEE

Rina, thanks for kind words about my measurements. I've been at this since March last year, and I've just come out of a 4-month plateau and am once again in virgin fat territory. If I can do it, you can too

Kim - new flat! Eek on the bugs but at least they're gone now. Is it nice? What's it like?

Kay - good luck on the job hunt, but it's nice to do the domestic thing for a bit, isn't it?

Trish - giving the baby a sugar rush, eh? It'll be a little Sprite addict before you know it ... funny they don't move for carrots or lettuce isn't it?!

Ali - you can't work too much! You have to have you-time too. Oh, and weren't you going to tell us the goss on yur blokey?

Shalyne - you have goss for us too, I think ... hope it goes well with the new chap. And YIPPEE on the loss

Evryone else - HUGS!!!


ps:- down 1 at WI today
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Jen2: hubby does products liability and med mal. They are all good schools for various reasons. I think Northwestern is ranked highest. It (like Loyola I would imagine) has a more federal/constitutional focus on there education. I have heard U of I is more state focus. Northwestern is very expensive. We will be paying for it for a while. But very prestegious. I know a few people from Loyola Law (mostly advanced law degrees in tax etc). Anyway, good luck. Oh, how about U of Chicago? They are the highest ranked in the state... like #4 or so in the nation. A really really good law school.

That is all I know on law school except that I never want to go. *Laughs* I am fine just being married to a lawyer.

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Hello all,

This sounds like a really great group to post with. I imagine you get a huge degree of motivation from each other and I hope I fit in....even though I am not a lawyer

A little about me, I work for a large IT company...for about 1 1/2 yrs now. I graduated from University with 2 degrees and now I am happy and ready to be out in the work world. But I also think, I am in a great place to get my weight under control. I officially control my own destiny now as school is over and I no longer live at home.

Recently, I have met the love of my life. He is more wonderful then I could ever possibly describe on here. Anyways...blah blah blah ....just wanted to say high and that I am looking forward to getting to know you all more.

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Jessica, where do you live? I live in Calgary, and Rina lives in Saskatoon!
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I live in Edmonton. Nice to see some Canadians using these fourmns.
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