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Default Moonday

That wasn't a typo, I meant MOONDAY. Monday sucks for everyone, right? So to make today a good one, I challenge each and every one of you to moon someone today. You can report to me by the end of the day.


I have no idea how I"m doing on points and I don't care but I am here to tell you that I am still on the program despite the fact that I haven't tracked anything or really paid any attention to what I've eaten since Thursday. For instance- Saturday I ate a burger and a few fries from a local bar about 11:30am and then didn't eat again until Sunday at 1:30- Burger King fish sandwich.

Which, by the way, came back out the other end about two hours later, and it was so sudden that I had to throw my underpants away (if you know what I mean) in a public restroom ( I was at the hospital) and have been commando ever since.

I've had my brother committed to a mental health facility. He is very, very ill and an alcoholic besides. It has been an extremely hard past few days. I missed WI again because I was not home on Saturday. But I've lost, I'm sure, enough water weight from crying- I'm not asking for sympathy or anything, but I'm a damned wreck. I don't care one bit if I gain or lose right now- I'm not giving up the diet, but I can't really pay attention to it right now. I'm staying at his house with his girlfriend while he is in the hospital- Lisa has my son- I don't even have a pair of underwear to change into, or a toothbrush. I'll go to Walmart tomorrow to get what I need, and to Goodwill to get some clothes to tide me over.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Keep me in mind, ladies- I'll be back and my armadillo will be moving before you know it. And I'm not kidding about the mooning challenge.

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Good Morning!

Lori, hang in there. Sometimes life has to be front runner. We can't always put ourselves and a weightloss program first. So just as you are doing, we do our best with what we have and when things settle down we can focus on our needs again. My thoughts are with you and your brother. Lots of (((HUGS))).

I so don't want to be up this early. The kids I watch were supposed to be here at 5:30. One is here. The other is coming at 6:30. I know I am not getting enough sleep b/c I am waking with headaches. Normally when they come at 5:30 I lay down on the couch and catch a few winks since everyone is sleeping. But this morning I have to stay up. And once I am up I am up. But in the whole scheme of life I seriously can't really complain about that. I just feel like I am underpaid for this job, they take advantage of me and my own kids are missing out on thier best mom b/c of it.

Maggie-I hope your party went well. Sounds like Saturday was a good day!!

Amy-How'd the cleaning go? I knwo what you mean about having others in your house. My son's birthday party is in a couple weeks and I know I will have people in my house helping me cook and stuff so I nee dto get cracking!

Well everyone, have a fabulous day!! It's only Monday the week will get better!

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Lori--I'm so sorry that you had to make so hard a decision on Saturday. I'll definitely be keeping you and your family in my prayers. It may be hard to see now, but sometimes it's the hardest decisions we have to make that end up being the best decisions for us. *big hug* Good luck, sista. Don't worry right now about how you're eating. Just supply your body with the energy it's going to require for the next little while, and when things are calmer, then you can get back on track (if you were ever off track).

Misty--oh man, I used to wake up with headaches a lot last semester. I'm afraid they'll come back for this semester, too, because of my hectic schedule that's coming up. I used to attribute it to stress, but I bet there's also some sleep deprivation tossed in there. I wish I could offer you advice on what to do to prevent them, but my best answer would be to sleep more and/or to get less stressed out. Ha...but those are easier said than done, aren't they? What used to help me out a lot was taking a warm shower and just standing directly under the water until my headache subsided.

Well, ladies, it's the final nine days before school starts back up for me, and what a horrendous nine days it's gonna be, haha. I've got something to do every single day, and I have no idea if I'm going to be able to even finish Confessio Amantis or not. Ugh. I'd really like to finish this sucker so I could, you know, put all my best energy forward on planning for my classes. What was I thinking, teaching two classes this semester?? I have a feeling I'm going to be saying a lot of that this semester.

But it's Monday, so there's a very good chance that if I just wake up a little more and eat some breakfast, I'll be feeling much better and much more optimistic about this week. Haha--we'll see, won't we? Nah, I'm sure everything will be fine. Maybe if I break this book up into segments of 50 pages and just spread it out over the course of the 9 pages, I'll be able to finish it before the first day. God, I hope that would work.

Have a good Monday (or Moonday, hehe), ladies!
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The cleaning went well-- almost half the cupboards are done now. No more until next weekend- I just won't have time this week to pull it all out and mess up the entire kitchen again.

DD and I are off to run some errands, including a half-price scrapbooking sale at a grand opening sale of Hobby Lobby. I'm hoping to find this album that I've wanted to make for a gift- it's normally $34, which is just not in my budget. So I'm really hoping to find it at this sale today. I'll also pick up some Christmas gifts for my MIL and sisters, all of whom are scrapbookers.

Lori- hang in there. You and your brother are in my prayers.

Misty- those lack-of-sleep headaches are what kept me hooked on Mountain Dew- one can, and it would be better. :rolleyes I hope you can get some rest soon!

Amanda~ good luck! I need to do a lot of reading myself this week, in order to have the CEU's I need to renew my certification by September 1st.

Have a great day everyone!
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I got up early today and went for a walk! It had rained earlier and it was so nice out! Nice and cool and breezy! What a nice treat!
I bought myself a new pair of walking shoes yesterday. They were on clearance at Wal-Mart for $9.97!! They are like walking on a cloud!
I also slept well last night, I'm sure due to the nice rain. I seem to have alot of energy today!

Amy~ Good job on getting some cleaning done, I did some last night as well.
Have fun shopping today!

Amanda~ I hope you're able to make it thru all of your reading! Keep truckin' away!

Misty~ Bad Headaches! Grrrrrr....there, maybe I scared them away for you!
I hope they stop ASAP!

Lori(izzy'sgirl)~ I miss you like crazy cakes.....
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Thanks Guys. The headache is better now. Despite the fact that I wante dto go back to sleep I stayed up and made lessons for this week. Then I got the kids up at 7:30 so we could fit in all of our activities. Plus...b/c tehy got up early they will all nap giving me a small break. DH brought home a laptop for me. His company bought out another company and to unify everyone to aquired compnay got all new laptops, so the "old ones" were "donated". SO I have a fairly new, free laptop!! It's formating right now, then I can finish installing everything. I will have wireless internet so now I can surf anywhere in my house!!!!

Lisa-GREAT JOB on the Walk!!

Amy-I'm glad your cleaning went well. I hope you find the scrapbook you are looking for!

Amanda-I hope you get time to relax as well as get ready for school to begin. One bonus is you know what you are teaching. My sister in law works in the IT and training dept. Sometimes they have professors drop out for intro courses at the last minute and she has to teach them with no prep time. This is on top of her regular more than full time job! I am sooo glad that's not me! Good luck getting ready! I am sure it will all go smoothly once you get going.

Well, Ladies have a fabulous day!
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Lori, hang in there. This must be an incredibly hard time for you right now. I'll be thinking about you and your family.

Headache sistas, I also get a ton of headaches. I've been on and off countless medicines, and Depakote is actually the drug that made me gain most of the excess weight. I'm so glad to be off all those meds, plus I'm feeling quite a bit better lately also. I hope you two also get rid of those headaches. They suck!

I hurt my back on Sunday morning!!!! I haven't been on the computer posting, because I can hardly stand to sit up. I went to the doctor today, and she prescribed anti-inflammatories, a muscle relaxer, and pain killers plus physical therapy. Geez. Just when I was getting motivated to really pump up the exercise too. The good thing is, the nurse was soooo nice!!! She noticed that I had dropped 9 pounds since the last time I was in. She was an older lady, and she was so sweet about it. I wanted to hug her!!!

Gotta go. Take care, and have a good night. Stephanie
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