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Default Saturday Situations

Hey, sistas. Welcome to the weekend! Wanted to write a quick note, because I probably will not be on again for a bit. Have no idea what is happening tomorrow. Might move myself, husband might help, might have some online friends from around here help, or might wait until the movers can come on Monday. Am sick of waiting and want to move tomorrow, though. Erm today. Today. Do not -want- to move, of course, but you know. . . Anyway, when I move I will not have Internet and have no immediate plans for it. So, might be a week or a month before I am back on. Have a good weekend sistas.
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Good Morning!! I am totally Slacking off. We have company coming at two, DH is flying his solo cross country (he must land, have his book signed and take off from two different airports). Until Today I haven't been nerveous about him flying. Whne he did his other solo stuff he was at the very small local airport with little air traffic. Today he will be a two small, but busier airports. His best friend is coming for the day, but won't be here until 2. My hous eis a total wreck b/c we went back to teh fair last night instead of cleaning. PLUS, I have to make two stromboli and a dessert for a picnic tomarrow and I have to buy just about everything before I can cook. Yep totally slacking off b/c I am not working on any of it right now.

Anyway, I just wanted to say I hope all goes well for you HH! I am wishing you the best of luck!! We will miss you while you are gone. I hope you are able to stay on track and hurry back!! I also hope your eye is feeling better. Pink Eye hurts, but I've never had it puff out my eye like that. Working with little kids I've had it a few times. ANyway I hop ethings get better and your apratment will be ready. In the end you'll have a new place with nice new floors

Amy I hope your friday got better and that your weekend is going well. It's always hard to go back to work after a break. It'd be nice if everything else took a vacation while you did

THANKS MAGGIE!! I have been to onederland about 4 times in the last 6 months. 194 was my lowest, so onc ei get past that I will feel sooooo much better. But It won't be happening this week LOL I hope your weigh in goes well. I am glad to see you skipped the ex-lax! No matter what the number is you will have done well b/c you are there!!

Amanda-Relax, enjoy your parent's visit that book isn't going anywhere! I hope you rDad has a safe journey...or journeys

Lisa and Lori-I hope all is well. for your brother Lori!

Lizzy-Great job on replacing old habbits thos eemotional momments are hard. I am soooooooo PROUD of you! I hop ethings get better with your Dad!

Ok seriously, need to go clean! I litterally can't walk through my livingroom. Of course I kind of think why bother, it's just Ed he knows we're slobs, and that I ahve 4 kids in the house most of the time. ANd besides he's my husband's friend not mine, why the heck isn't he here cleaning the toilet? He couldn't even be bothered picking up the groceries I need since he's in town. Oh well I just pray he make sit home in one peice, as does the airplane. I can't afford to replace it!!!

Have a fabulous Saturday Sistas!!

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Morning all!

I'm off to a slow start here-- it's rainy and gray outside, and I didn't take my insulin pill before bed last night so I feel really sluggish and tired. I'd like to lay on the couch all day, but, of course that's not an option with a very active two year-old. So, after I check in here I'm off to shower and get myself moving. I think we'll go to the library today for books for me and a video to occupy DD, and then I'm going to tackle those kitchen cupboards. DH worked night shift, so he'll be asleep all day, then he's getting up and leaving to help someone move-- so basically I won't see him at all until tommorow.

HH~ we'll miss you when you're disconnected! I'm praying for a smooth move and that all goes well for you. Maybe there's a library nearby with internet access?

Misty~ I'd have picked the fair over cleaning, too. I hope you get everything done and can enjoy your company today. I'll say a quick prayer for your husband's safety, too.

Everyone else.... have a great Saturday!
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Just a quick hello, ladies!

Misty, thanks so much for the well wishes for my dad. We're having a very nice time--everyone's crashed on my couches, lol. seems like the tables have flipped. Instead of the children requiring an afternoon nap, it's the parents.

HH, I really hope the move goes well! I'll be thinking about you and sending you good vibes from all the way down here.

Well, we're on our way to dinner--the parents are a-stirring.

Have a great Saturday ladies!

P.S. Check it out! I've lost 10 pounds!! YAY!!
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