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Default AP...How would you count these activities?

Ok. So last night I got my AP information. Pretty much everything I knew before. But I have never been very good at judging my intensity. Today I walked pushing a double jogging stroller with my son (20-25 pounds), the 2 year old I watch (35-40 pounds) while carrying my daughter (25 pounds) in the back pack. The terrain where I live is hilly. I had to keep the pace kind of slow b/c the four year old was walking. I walked about 30 minutes.

Here's where I run into trouble. I was sweating my butt off... was it b/c it is 90 degrees, or b/c I was working hard. I could talk, but breathing was faster than normal. Is that light, or moderate? How would guys count that?

Also I do a strength training routine here at home with weights. It takes me about oh 20-30 minutes so let's call it 25. What intensity is that sort of thing? I also do crunches I aim for 50. So it takes me like 5 minutes. I certainly can't talk or sing while i do it, but I don't really sweat. Can that be counted at high? Or is it only moderate or light? Plus 5 minutes isn't even on teh slider so does it even count at all.

When I am actually exercising..which I haven't done since I started meetings again until myw alk today...I like to walk then come home and do my weights or the abs. I alternate days. Would it be better to do them both on one day and rest everyother day? That way I had a longer time to count towards AP.

WW recommends 28 AP a week. That's 4 points a day. I'd have to exercise at a moderate intensity for 60 minutes 7 days a week to get that! Or 90 minutes 5 days. I soooo don't have that kind of time. Sure I can sit here and type but I am only online for 5-10 minute snippets. Hmmmmm? I'm gonna have to plan this out I think.

thanks for any advice!
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Well, these are just my opinions if I was in the same situation, hopefully others will have a variety.
As far as the AP for the first activity, I see two different options. The first option is to count it as light. For me, I would not want to accidentally give myself points I did not earn. Just remember, though, regardless of how many points you assign, you did the work!! The numbers are not as important. I used to worry so much about forgetting to enter a glass of water or such from days past. But the effort is much more important. Does that make sense? (Although the effort may not seem as important if you have 2 points at the end of the day and are eyeing that 3 point ice cream hehe). The other option is to check next time if you can sing while doing it. Not sure where you walk, but hey singing with the kids will probably make it easier anyway, right?

Personally, I would keep them on alternating days. Just for me, when I start something where it is rest a day et cetera, I usually rest a day and then another day and another day. . . :-p

Wow! 28 points a week would be very hard for me as well. I only get 2.7 for an hour and ten minutes of walking. I guess I could bump part of it to jogging or such, but would have to add more caffeine to my day.

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