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It's juuussst about midnight so I thought I'd start the thread for the day. All 20-somethings out there, welcome! Make yourself known!

I didn't go to the gym. I came home from work and just felt too lazy. So I had some WW lasagna for dinner and a few slices of light bread. All in all, I figure I didn't do too badly for the day, even with my steak and cheese sandwich. Of course, sitting in front of the TV, watching the Grammys and playing with my new laptop didn't do much for exercise!

Think I'll turn in though. Here's wishing a happy, healthy Thursday to everyone!

"I think I can, I think I can!"
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Hey everyone! Well eating was not so good yesterday but I enjoyed it and had agood time. Eating at someone else'e house is always hard. We had salad, garlic bread, cheese ravioli (I had 4 but they were big), peas and homemade peach crisp with ice cream for dessert. Oh and we drank wine and champagne! It was definitely more than I had planned for but I am feeling pretty ok about it.

Belle - So what did you end up doing last night?

Kim - I totally understand about feeling lazy and not wanting to go to the gym. I can NOT go home before the gym or I won't go.

JenL - How is Emma?

Casey - You are doing really well, keep it up!

I am so glad that today is Thursday! I am ready for the week to be over. I just don't want to work. It is a difficult realization to know that you really don't want to work, ever (it's not that I don't like my job) and I will have to for many years. Tonight I am looking forward to laundry and straightening up. We are due for a snow storm today - 3-6 inches. If only my work would close, that would be great.

Well have a great day everyone. Sorry I forgot to respond to everyone else. Hi to Lolly, Kirsty, Julie, Shaylene, TonyaLyn, Ali, Stacey, Brenda and Trish.

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Hello everyone.
Casey: Congrats!
Belle: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! So, how did last night go? I hope well. have fun with your mom (I think that you said you were going out with her tonight). I like spending my b-day with my parents. That is a special bond day that we have together.

Stacy, I am having a mental block and I don't remember what you said, but I know you posted after me...ahhh...well, I will go and check. I feel so bad. I am sorry.

Kim: you sound like you did great last night and got back on track. That is important. And sometimes we need nights on the couch watching the grammys.

Well, I stayed on track yesterday. Came in at low points. I am going to Chicago this weekend to see Oprah. It should be fun, but with my sister and mom coming in from Ohio to go with me (oh, and I am making my hubby go too. He is really getting ribed at work about it. Ha Ha HA) so anyway, I want to have some points really banked.

The only thing I am not doing is getting in all my water. In the past, this was never really a challange for me at all. But now, I am so addicted to Diet Dr Pepper (I might have mentioned this in the past...) I have been cutting back and switching to caffein free, but really, this much soda can not be good. This is something to work on.


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Sarah: WE must have posted at the same time. I also have my moments that I don't want to work. I think one of the hardest things when you get out of college or high school and start working is the realization that you are maybe going to have to do this for the next 50 years...with no summer vacations. It is not like school, where you have a few years then youy graduate and move on. This is a long time with only a few small vacations. Oh, now I am depressing myself. LOL

Ok, hello to all.
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Hope last night was good, and that you're still strong.

I went to the movies last night, and overindulged. I snuck in air-popped popcorn, but unfortunately the licorice called my name. Could have been worse, though. So, I'm declaring today treat free!!! I know that's my downfall. I hate going home to the journal and seeing 6 points gone on treats. I think: I could have eaten so much fo those points. It goes to show this is still a day-by-day thing.
The other thing that makes me sad is realizing how similar maintenance is from losing. I guess there's a hope that I'll be able to eat "like before" -- but then I have to catch myself and realize that the way I ate before was not normal. My WW eating (even when losing) was MUCH more normal than that. I'm almost at Lifetime, so I'm still learning...
Hope everyone has a great day!

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Hi Guys! Sorry I was MIA yesterday - we had a day in the country, at blokey's place, and took my parents to see the two potential wedding venues. Fortunately, they preferred the one we love, the barn in the country, so now we have to look into booking it. Eek! That's scary - once we hand over a deposit, the wheels will really be in motion. It's only just over a year to go now ... Also I have identified the shop where I want to get my wedding dress, Monsoon, I don't know if it's in Canada or the US. Actually I would buy my whole wardrobe from there if I was rich ... the colours! The fabrics! At the moment I just make do with a skirt ... but I will get a summer dress after Easter. This is the best feeling, I haven't been able to buy summer dresses (apart from tents) for the longest time. I wonder what will be the fashion this year? I liked the spaghetti strap, flirty ones last year ...

Hellooooooooo Kim and Sarah - I wonder where everyone else is? Though I guess you're all just getting to work around now. I keep forgetting about the time difference. Sarah - snow? Really? Wow, I've just been thinking how it seems like Spring is on the way!

And now an animal song:


I hope you have a fabberooni day! What did you do last night in the end? Like Lola, I got goosebumps when I read that post of yours. I was so happy for you that you are making the decision to put yourself first. Sometimes I read your posts and you remind me so much of me it's scary. And like Julie says, you have so many things going for you right now - WE WANT TO HEAR ALL ABOUT THEM!!! I mean the job, the modelling, the scrapbooking (what is that? I don't think we have it here), EVERYTHING. And have a huge birthday hug to round it all off

Tonya - I hear you on the fried food. Maybe now our bodies know what the good stuff is, they don't want us going back to the bad stuff - what do you think?

Julie - enjoy Vegas! Is there a normal town there too or is it all as flashy as it looks in the cinema?!

Brenda - go with the IOU on the coat. It's so hard to tell what size you will end up. Maybe you could get a fake one to tide you over before then? And don't feel bad about the problems you're having staying OP. Like you said, focus on the losses. But maybe you could pinpoint a day to recommit, and starting then, follow the program for a week like it's your first week. I did it with the new program and the powerboost (remember me going on about the hot lemon?!) and it felt pretty good. And I hope the PL (?) thing sorts itself out. It's tough when stuff changes and there's nothing you can do about it. Oh, and yes, fanny pack is the funniest! Really! I'm giggling now just writing it. Cyberhug for you too for making me smile!

Ali - yay! on the exam. Tell us if you come to the UK, won't you? And that goes for anyone else who might be making a trip across the Pond ...

Hey, Suzanne! Hope things settle down for you. Let us know if we can help you witht he recommitment thing

Jen - how's Emma?

Stacey - how are the teeth/holes?

Trish - hey! how's things?

Casey - yay! on the 3lbs down and the virgin fat - isn't it the greatest feeling?!

Big hugs to everyone else out there too. I'm feeling huggy today!

Now I have to go and get ready for a meeting - I'm welfare adviser to one of the Oxford colleges and I have to go to lots of training sessions. Today is LGBT welfare training. Should be interesting. Then I have a seminar on interdisciplinarity in the humanities (really!). Then I get to go home and have stirfry with my boy. Yum!

Before I go, though, have any of you guys tried out the chatroom here yet? I was in there yesterday morning (UK time) and it was so much fun! We should arrange a time to rendezvous - you can set up a private room. How cool would that be?!

Take care!

ps:- as if this wasn't enough of a monster post, I'm back for more - Trish, Lola, looks like we were posting at the same time. Helloooooooo!
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Thanks for the happy birthday wishes!! The best thing that happened to me this morning was my niece calling (even though she has strep throat) to sing me happy birthday....she was like "its your birthday auntie Paulie! You are old now! Old as mommy" I quickly corrected her - mommy is much older - 5 years!! But sometimes its those small things that really put life into perspective - that little voice struggling to talk but still wanting to sing happy birthday….and she is only 2 years old.

Well, last night I decided to go over and talk to him about where I stood and what I wanted. So I did. I told him I thought I deserved better and he seemed to want to have his cake and eat it too and how I was tired of walking on eggshells….he listened to me and asked me for another chance. He said he had things to work through and that I sort of complicated his "plans" and he wasn't expecting it but I was his g/f, I was #1 and he didn't want to lose me.

Well, I had already checked the redial and he called the ex after he called me on Tuesday night…so that would have been 8pm our time and 11pm her time….god only knows how long they talked for…..

Anyway, we went to a movie and I hardly spoke, he obviously felt bad, but I just don't know if that is enough for me anymore. I didn't sleep over or kiss him and he was disappointed. Tonite I have family plans and he asked if he could come along - I said no, it was family. I needed some Belle Time. I thin k when you flip the script it hits home sometimes…!!!

Anyway, that is what happened in a nutshell (I always think of austin powers when I say that "no, this is me in a nutshell! Help! I am in a nutshell, what sort of shell has a nut like this!!")

I am feeling strong and positive today and I am sure this will all work out for the best…with OR without this guy…..

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sarah/trish - i've been thinking the same thing about work too! i think it is cos this week i've had no attention span to speak of and i feel so bored/tired (still recovering from being off sick last week). i'm hoping to get back into work mode when i come back from a week off. b/f and i are going to the lake district (in northern england) for a week of walking, drinking, eating and hochmagandy...
i def don't want to work forever. staying at home with the kids is sooooo tempting! of course, first i need to get my own home and some kids. oh, and a husband to be the breadwinner!
trish - yeah on staying within your points!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELLE! (have you checked your hotmail account recently? ) you sound like you've got things sorted in your head. well done!
Julie - have a great time in Las Vegas!
Brenda - you sound like you're losing motivation for why you're doing this. are you still trying to juggle too much? the best thing about ww is that you can eat a healthy diet which should make you feel better and that will help other aspects of your life. have you decided whether or not to get the coat? i would prob go for it, cos different sizes in coats isn't so drastic as in trousers. if the coat ends up being a bit big it will prob still look ok (that's what i've found with some of my coats anyhow). or you could do what lolly suggests and get a cheaper version to tide you over and save the proper one as a getting to goal treat.
kim - don't fret on the gain. see what happens next week - remember it is the overall loss which counts. good luck getting to the gym, i know i find it hard sometimes. at least it is lighter in the mornings now.
ali - well done on finishing the midterm. be good to see you if you make it over here. you should visit the Cadbury factory in Birmingham if you want to see a lot of chocolate!
Jen - hope Emma is ok. hope you are ok too!#
stacey - how you doing stranger? how long till the big day now?
casey - well done on the loss!
trish - have fun at oprah! remember to tell her about us and make her pay for everyone on the site to meet up!!

big hellos to tonya, lolly, lolabooey, suzanne and everyone else. i best go work!!


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I am scholastically free until the 5th of March (okayI'll be doing work, but other than that no classes). Anyhoo, I have to pack up my car and say goodbye to my network connection for a 10 days, oh well.

Belle: Happy Birthday! Enjoy the time with your family, your niece sounds so sweet

I'm off to see BNL tonight! See Y'all


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Happy Thursday Ladies (and Jason too!)

Kim ~ Sounds like you had a good day yesterday. Don't fret over the steak and cheese sandwich, I ate lots of pizza last night. I am just going to try to stay at the low end of my points for the rest of the week, and hopefully don't see a gain.

Sarah ~ I know what you mean about work. I am going thru the winter blues at work, not much ambition. Maybe we will win the lottery, then we won't have to work!

Trish ~ Have fun in Chicago, tell Oprah I said "Hi"! I understand about the soda. I used to drink a ton of it. I quit almost cold-turkey. Now I may have one a week, and now that I drink water constantly, I really don't much care for it anymore. You will work it out. Way to stay on track yesterday!

Lola ~ I don't think you did bad at all. If you are going to eat any treat, licorice would be the best, fat free!! Don't be too hard on yourself!

Lolly ~ Your wedding plans sound awesome! I wish I could do it all over again! Of course, I am in my SIL wedding in August, so now I am living thru her!I love the chat room idea, of course, we all post here so frequently, it almost seems like a chat room!!

Belle ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sounds like you handled the bf well. Stick to your guns, no one's walking on Belle!!!

Kirsty ~ I am jealous! I would love a week of walking, drinking, eating and hochmagandy...well, at least the hochmagandy part! Have fun...try "new" things

Well, I am glad it is Thursday, one more day til Friday. I am with you all on the "no motivation at work" thing. I have been exercising every day, and OP mostly, but I did get a pizza last night, and had a few pieces. Not good, but I will stay OP the rest of the week, and exercise and hope for the best. My goal is maintenance now, so if I maintain on Sat morning WI, I will be happy.

Well, that is all I know for now. I will check in later!

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Hi everyone. One more day till the weekend.. YAH!! Emma is still sick (thanks for asking). SHe threw up at daycare and last night. But no fever, so that is great. I think all her coughing and stuffy nose made her sick. I can understand, and I feel so sorry for my precious!!! SHe is still perky and giggly tho, so at least she is not letting it get the best of her! What a fighter this little 4 month old is!!!

I am doing OK. I made chicken lo-mein last night and loved it. I may have eaten more than I should, but it was lowfat and wonderful!!! This time around on WW I am not letting myself be deprived. I think that is why I was in a rut when I got PG. THank god I got PG and it gave me a break from counting. Now I am much happier on WW.

Belle... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I am glad you are not giving in and you said NO to him coming along on family time. You sound so much more energized!!! That is GREAT!!

Trish... have fun at Oprah! I am in Wisconsin and always wanted hit some talk shows in Chicago. You know Jerry Springer is there too. You go from classy Oprah to trashy Jerry. Have fun and tell Oprah we all want to meet her!!

Tonya.... Ohhhh PIZZA... my weakness. I refuse to give it up. I think I am addicted to pizza like Trish is to Dr. Pepper. I could eat it everyday, but we all know that would not be a good thing!!

HELLLLOOOO to everyone else. Have a wonderful day! I need to get back to work (blahhhhh)...


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Good Morning everyone!
Lolly: What a great post and song
Belle: Happy Birthday! I'm like Kirsty...check your hotmail account.
I'm super busy today with loan closings so I have to run. Unfortunately it doesn't count as activity points.
Bye for now!

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Hi Everyone
I have been having problems with my computer YET again, I am back however(using my computer at work.....) Missed WI last week(valentines) but I went last night and I am down 3# I was quite happy, I stayed OP most of last week, I kinda went off on the weekend but not to the extreme!! I am busy packing and I am hoping that hauling around the boxes will show another drop on the scales Moving day is on March 24 and I have to do everything myself(and I am the worst procrastinator..) and there does not seem to be enough hours in the day

Well the boss keeps walking past so I had better wrap this up before he comes to my desk
Ali: Have a blast at the BNL concert, I went Tuesday night and it was a RIOT. They put on the most entertaining show I have ever seen. I will definatley be going back!!!! I can't say enough good things or express how excited I was to be there through this post, but you will understand it once you see them.....If anyone else has a chance to go(have you been yet Belle??) see them it is totally worth the $$$$..

Hope everyone has a great OP day.......

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Hey all! I stayed OP yesterday accept for the Thin Mints but I don’t know how many I ate. I know, that’s not a good thing! It’s better than I’ve been doing though. I don’t feel quite as positive as I should, but I’m better than I have been. I did go on some errands at lunch so I got 20 minutes of exercise in and that gives me those extra 2 points. I was a bad mom and didn’t walk Nes last night. I feel bad. And tonight I have someone showing up at my house at 6 that I wasn’t planning on, so that screws up walking him tonight too. Maybe I can get out tomorrow morning. I took a day off so it’s my Friday and I’m so glad! I really need it. My friends Bridal shower is at my house Sat and I still have a ton of work to do for that. I can see the writing on the wall. I’m going to end up working all day tomorrow. Jeff took the day off with me though, so I have to make sure I use my time wisely. Doing OK OP today. I haven’t figured out what the heck I’m eating for lunch today though.

Belle: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I’m so glad you are going to find yourself again. Major points for confronting him and telling him how you feel. How can he say you are his number one when he told you he didn’t love you? I don’t get it. Just stick with your plan to give him TONS of space. Don’t give him any of your B-day cake!

Kim: Don’t worry about the gain. You are doing so well, just focus on now and go forward.

Trish: Thank you so much for the encouragement. I really needed it!

The Leather Coat: I’m going to go ahead and have a look see at what’s out there. Kirsty is right about coats looking good even when they are a little big. He’s ready to buy me a coat now, so I really want to take advantage of it. When I started WW he told me that when I reach goal he would buy me an entire outfit from Victoria’s Secret! Bra and panties included. I’m not sure about shoes, but I’m sure I can swing it *evil grin* I’ll see what’s at the stores, how it fits, etc. I’ll def let you guys know what I decide.

Kirsty: Thanks for jabbing me to remember why I’m doing WW. As much as I hate exercising, I feel better after getting some, I just need to do it more often! Can you pack Jeff and I away in your suitcase? We won’t be a bother I promise!

I know I missed some of you, so *kudos* all around. Have a wonderful weekend if I don’t ‘see’ you!

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Anyone know a good way to eat LF cottage cheese? I love the regular kind (in about 1/2 cup increments) but I just can't get to love the 'fake' stuff. I've tried it with tomatos and it wasn't that exciting. Any ideas would be appreciated!!

198.4/162.4/135(WW)/130(Personal) (5'4")

When life gives you mud, make mud pies!!

Feb 27 WI goal: 155 !!
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