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Hey! Well it is still snowing here and I am leaving in half an hour. I went out for Mexican food at lunch with some new people. I ate way too many chips but am estimating that I am at 20 points for the day. I am hoping that I can stay at 25 by the end of the night.

Brenda - try cottage cheese with canned fruits (peaches). I used to eat that.

Ok, gotta go. Have a good night.

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I love cottage cheese with black pepper on it!! Yum, got that one from my grandpa!

Bad news, Emma is sick. Hubby is getting her from daycare and I am waiting to hear back from the doctors office. Uggghhhh... more later!

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Hi Again,
Brenda I had to post when I read your Cottage Cheese question, I am with Jen L I love lots of black pepper on is also really good with Cajun Blackened Season, this is weird but I also like to use low fat crackers or a toasted english muffin like a spoon-Very Good!!

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Hi girlies!

Not much time to write, but I just wanted to say hi! It snowed in Virginia this morning and the state is going crazy. The south does NOT handle snow well and there have been so many accidents all day. The police spokeswoman was actually telling people to stay off the roads this morning unless absolutely necessary. And get this ... we have MAYBE 3 inches on the ground. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 50 degrees so it'll be all gone.

Anyhoo, I'm craving chocolate, particularily Thin Mints. If I could find a box right now I'd be in trouble. I had some Chinese for lunch but I didn't eat it all, so i figure I'm doing OK for the day.

Belle: Good for you for sticking up for yourself! No matter how much he grovels, stand your ground and don't spend as much time with him. He wanted space, so give it to him. I hope it drives him CRAZY!

Hi to everyone, sorry I'm not responding to everyone, but I have to get this story written before an interview at 6. Busy day, and I have a headache. Chocolate would help, but NO! Not going to give in!

too lazy to write it out and I refuse to use my sig at the moment!
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Hi Ladies,

I am so stressed at the moment about work. Everyone who works with people that are nice, flexible, and accomidating are very bery lucky!!!!!

Belle- Happy Birthday! Godd for you for voicing your concerns.

Brenda- I love cottage chesse on toast or english muffin too. I like the chive one too.

Sorry I can't write to everyone

I haven't eaten yet today besides a yogurt...I better go put my smart ones in the microwave.

Have a good night
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Thanks Kim Stacey and Kirsty for your E-cards!! That was so thoughtful...I have been a spoiled brat today! I got bought lunch too - falafel, yum! 13 pts, not so yummy...but since there is a transit strike and I had to walk 25 min this morning and 2 min back tonite plus v-ball, I am not too upset.

I think I am going to change my WI day to Friday afternoon since I heard there is ameetng close to hear that I can walk to. Then my evenings are free....yay!

Well, I better get some work done, been screwing around today...oh well!!

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Hi ladies! Just thought I'd check in had written a long post a couple of hours ago and it lost it. I was so mad I just left and decided to come back later.

I'm really sorry that I have not been posting this week. I have had really bad PMS and have been feeling very overwhelmed and dissapointed with myself as I have been gorging for a week now (average of 50 pts per day, no excercise )

Hopefully it will get better soon.....

I need to go, but a quick note to Brenda, I really like some cottage cheese mixed with yogurt (like strawberry). It gives it a whole new flavor. I usually mix equal parts of it.

TO BELLE: happy birthday! Have fun tonight at your parents.

I'll chat with you all later. Sorry that I can't write everyone a message.

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Sarah- I know what you mean about eating at other people's houses. Eating at my boyfriend's is the worst, his mother is a great cook but she frys everything!!

Lolly, Kirsty, Sarah, Trish, - Thanks for the congrats I just walked three miles and I feel amazing!

Belle- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you're enjoying it.

Jen- I hope your little girl is not serious and gets well soon.

Brenda- I love thin mints, I just ate 4 they were 3 points. Mmmmmm. I think I'll try to freeze the rest.

Hi to everyone else got to run. Y'all have a great day!

204.5/187.75/160 DisneyWorld/120-ish
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What a week this has been...I excepted a new job at a bank doing payroll, that is what i do now, they offered me about 2 dollars more an hour....I excepted the job, typed of my resignation letter....back track I had a interview for a cost job within the company but never heard the results....anyway i had my letter written went and talked to the cost manager and told him i got offered 32k a year to do payroll down the road, and if you want me to do the cost job i want 35k...his first offer during the interview was 25-30...he needed time to talk to the pres and vice pres...anyway to shorten this up they came close to matching my 35 and i took i have to call the bank and tell them either make a better offer or i am not excepting that job anymore..
I was so relieved they took my offer!
Now i get to worry about my blind date with the online girlfriend on Saturday!!!
What would you ladies prefer for a first date? a single red rose or a bouget of flowers
i am so nervous about this it is not even funny, i am driving 1.5 hours to meet her!!! Butterflies have arived already!!!!

Take care
good luck losing
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Ooh! The lady I interviwed gave me a loaf of Amish Friendship Bread. Ooh, boy. I had never had it before, and it's yummy! I had two eensy weensy slices and it's agony not going back for more. But I had a WW meal for dinner (ravioli florentine - it's my favorite) and some light bread. So I think I counteracted the Chinese for lunch!

Jason: On the flower question, I'd prefer different flowers than roses, but simple, like daisies or tulips. A single red rose is nice, of course, but cliche. Daisies or a bunch of wildflowers are happier flowers that show a bit of whimsy and personalitiy!

Jen: I hope your little one feels better. My hat is off to you, Emily and other moms! I don't know how you do it. But sigh, I want a baby! I'd like an engagement ring first, if my b/f would only get a move on. Just found out my much younger cousin is getting married and now I'm depressed. I can't take it! I'm one of only two of a group of 6-7 friends from college who isn't married!

I think I'm out of stuff to say. So good-night!

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