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Default Week of 7/2 General Chatter and Checking In

Hi all! How was everyone's weekend? Did anyone celebrate the 4th? We had a family picnic on Saturday and saw some fireworks, but that event is never on the 4th b/c the town we go to is celebrating Old Home Week. They do a week long deal, and end with fireworks. They also don't want to compete with the bigger towns so they never have it on the 4th. On the 4th we'll stay home and hang out. Then the 7th we'll do our own fireworks. DH bought a ton. And he invited pretty much anyone he talked to. The last 2 years nobody has come, this year EVERYBODY is coming. He made no plans to feed anyone, or where they would sit or even that it was his mother's anniversary and she didn't want it at her house which is where we always do it. Yeah it's a nice mess that I have to figure out b/c my husband has no sense of hospitality or what will be expected. It drives me nuts.

My kids started in fighting as soon as thier eyes opened today. My head is screaming. I have the day off, tomarrow is my first day back since vacation, I had hoped to clean, but I am tired of cleaning. It's constant. And NOBDOY helps.

I cleaned out the van from vacation on Friday. Washed ALL the clothes in the suitcases. Saturday I said to my husband, I'll clean the fridge (which was super nasty) and go get groceries, if you clean out the camper and bring all the stuff in so I can put it away. So I cleaned the fridge (we're talking a full scrub down with all the drawers being pulled out), did the dishes, scrubbed the sink and counters, made a grocery list and he brought me 1 box from the camper. I went to the grocery store, came home, cleaned, chopped and peeled, carrots, celery, cucumbers, and water melon. Put it all in baggies for easy access.

Later I said where are all the the camper, where are the folding the camper...where are the the camper. I was so mad. It seriously was a 10 minute job and he couldn't do it.

We worked on my chicken coop yesterday. He pounded in 4 posts, this took him like 3 hours b/c he fixed the tractor twice, would bring 1 post from across teh road them have to go look for another, then have to go find the third and stop to talk to his dad in between. Then he says ok I worked on your coop I need to go help my dad fix the truck. Fine. I said ok what can I do to speed along teh chicken coop. He had me dig a trench all the way around the fence line to bury the bottom of it to discourage anything from digging under. So I spent a solid 2 hours NON STOP ripping up weeds which are as tall as me and digging a ditch. I had to clear the weeds before I could do teh digging b/c they were so thick I couldn't get to the ground. I am really frustrated. I don't understand why he can't just finish it and I'd get off his case.

OH and they garage effed up DH's truck and it needs a transmission, my printer died my microwave died, the AC unit in the back of my van quit working on vacation and teh wheels are now making a weird noise and we only averaged 17 mpg instead of the usual 24. I am gonna have a break down.
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::hugs:: Misty! I hope your week improves! Any chance you can spread the word that the party on the 4th is a potluck... BYOB and chairs? I'm sure nobody would mind.

Today I have a big list of things to do at home, tommorow a few errands, Wednesday (4th) we'll be at my sister's house, and I work Thursday and Friday. Nothing too big or exciting going on.

I posted a seperate thread about my menu planning and plans for the week. If anyone else does a menu plan, I'd love to see it!

Have a great week everyone!
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I am feeling better...not much but some. I am laying out a game plan. My invite list keeps getting longer. DH spent like $500 on fireworks. I am disgusted, but glad someone will enjoy them. To me it's like blowing up a $100 bill.

I have a rough shopping list. DH said he'd get our tent from his uncle (it's one of those sun shade kind of thinsg for parties, no sides). I'll borrow chairs and table from the church if they don't have anything going on. My mom and an aunt are each bringing a dish. My sil will probably bring something.

I plan to clean one room a day and maintain those rooms while I clean the others then people can walk through my house. I work tomarrow off wednesday, work thursday off friday, so I should be able to get stuff done. Wish me luck!

My BIL is not using his printer for the summer so I am gonna steal it. That will buy me a couple of months before I need to buy one.

The van should all be paid for since it's warrenty work, but it's gonna be a pain getting it in.

DH's truck is the big cunundrum. It maybe as simple as rechanging the filter in the transmission b/c they screwed it up. Or it could mean a new transmission. Which is totally thier fault b/c it worked fine until the changed the fluid and filter.

I'm gonna try to function without a microwave for a bit. They don't cost much so maybe in a couple of weeks I can get one.
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Wow Misty so much going on! I hope you get it all straightened out. I know what you mean about your DH spending more money than you think is necessary. Mine does that a lot.

In the past week I had to buy a new computer (old one broke), bring a sick cat to the vet (who ended up not being sick), pay for a new tire for DH's car because he had a leak and it couldn't be patched, and pay to mount that tire and have an alignment. I think I was out around $1000 in completely unexpected expenses.

Work has been crazy, but its getting better at least

I always spend the 4th at my parents' house since it is my dad's birthday. We're going to stop at my SIL's on the way there, since it is my nephew's birthday today and I won't be able to make his party next Sunday (I'm traveling for work). I'm working Thursday and Friday too. Nothing really special here
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