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Unhappy God help me.

HI all....Im new here...well not new as Ive been scoping out the website for a while now. I decided to post because I dont know how to make this time the IT time. I start weight watchers on average of twice a month. I get too hungry and say screw it. But its really messing with me emotionally. I hate the way I look. Like completely HATE IT. Im 5'6 and 200 pounds. I carry it relatively well. Most say I look about 170 but I feel like 250. Its interfering with my life as I find myself more so avoiding places where people might see me. Im saying that I am starting weight watchers again tomorow morning...and I will....but will it last??? I have 2 little girls who are so beautiful and I want to be confident to do everything that I can with them. I dont want them to see me miserable all of the time. Help. Any suggestions?? I think I have to get involved with people to do this. I cnat always go to meetings....so maybe ill start here. Thanks a bunch girls and guys
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Hiii!!! (Sorry if my english is not too good but itīs not my 1st language)
First of all I think itīs important that you understand that success only comes after many failures. Nobody has reached itīs goal the first time they try. Believe me, you are not the first to quit a treatment or to re gain weight, so forgive yourself for what happened and focus in this new start. The important thing is that you learn from past errors, remeber how bad you felt after you quit and having the extra weight and that will give you strengh to continue!

When I feel like quiting I come here and read all these wonderful succes stories and I say to myself "I can be one of them too".

Start tomorrow and as you go on youīll feel better with yourself!!!



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My advice is... BUY IN to what you are doing. Don't say "I'm going to join Weight Watchers but who knows if I will stick with it". Go in with "I'm starting again and I WILL STICK WITH IT this time". A lot of it really has to do with attitude!

And those "bad" days you had where you gave in? You need to learn to just say "You know what, I did it, but thats behind me. Tomorrow is a new day" and get back on track the next day. 4 days on program and 3 days off is better than all 7 days in your week not on program!

Progress might be slow at first, but after a few weeks things will start becoming easier and more manageable. Don't give up!!!!!
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Nellens...I think Agustina said the key word- FORGIVENESS. Donīt beat your self up if you messed up here and there! Dust your self off and start over! We all have good weeks and bad weeks, and it is normal! So go to WW with a positive attitude, knowing we are all humans and we can do better next week. We all go thru the same at one point or another! I also rejoined WW 2weeks ago after 5 years, and I decided this was it, this time was for real, cuz I am worth it and deserve being happy. Do the same, change your attitude, dont be so hard on your self and forgive your self.So next time you start out stronger than ever!!!
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Nellens, I totally feel you on that one. Going back and forth is tiring on your body and mind. I too am starting AGAIN, and I know that I have to keep telling myself that I can do this. Everyone always tells you to do it for your self and not anyone else, but in my mind I'm doing this for my two daughters. I hate the way I look but I've grown so used to it I sometimes forget. But I know that I don't want my kids to grow up the way I did, and I want to be a good role model for them and to teach them to eat healthy and exercise, but I can't do that if I look and eat the way I do.

One should eat to live, not live to eat.
- Moliere
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I agree completely! I am joining WW again today. I am also 5'6 and about 205 I want to get to about 150-160 and be happy with myself again. I have gone to WW again and used them and lost weight but before when I messed up I would give up this time I am not going to give up. I just need to put the mistake behind me and go on with the day. I will help you any way that I can and we can do this together. We seem to have about the same weight and height so we should have about the same points to do daily. Which plan are you going to do? I am doing the flex plan. So if you want to email me directly or we can chat here that is fine to. I have 2 small children and an 18 year old but I really want to be around with them for a very long time. If I keep with this weight I know that I won't be.

We can do this!!
With God All Things Are Possible
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I have to agree with the others on this thread. I have failed so many times in the past. But I do consider myself a success. I have truly come to ebrace several "secrets" or truths of long term weight loss. ( I'm 5'4": I was 180lbs most of my adult life, and lost 50lbs 6 yrs ago, and have since had 3 children and worked my way back down after each one.)
1) Start slow. Make small changes to your life, and then add onto them as you become more healthy. For example, when I first made the decision that this was it, the only thing that I changed was that I would no longer ask my husband to get me food or drinks from the kitchen. If I wanted it, I would get my butt off the couch and get it myself. Then I told my husband that I would bring out the garbage from that point on. - small amount of activity.
2) I have come to realize that I did not get overweight because of one meal, one week, or even one month. If I fall off the "weight Watchers Wagon", I always get back on. So sometimes I may gain a pound of two, but the reason I am not back to my top weight is that I try not to get down on myself, and to know that each food choice that I make can either make me healthier or fatter. I choose healthier.
3) Finally - activity or exercise. That is the one area that I was missing in all the other times I tried to lose weight. Find what you can do. Walk, play frisbee, walk in place in front of the tv. One small change that I have made 6 yrs ago, is that I always park my car in the furthest parking spot in store lot. Every step counts and, hey, who really wants to compete with another car for that one best spot!

But keep the faith - it definately can be done, and we all can be healthy and strong. Glad you are here.
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Most people will not win this battle the first time around!! When you slip off the program acknowledge it and move forward immediately. Don't say okay I'll start over tomorrow, start over at that moment!!
I had some difficult health news yesterday and was so bummed that when my husband said lets go have pizza I jumped at the chance! I blew a whole days points in 30 minutes! I was furious with myself, but we all went for a long walk and I made sure that I drank some extra water when I returned home. Today will be different!
Good luck and know that you are not alone!
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