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Originally Posted by kiwib View Post
Found this thread with a search and am sad to see it's 5 yrs old. I have just discovered kefir and I love it. Still getting the hang of it really. And I wish I'd found it earlier. I had a darling cat that I had to get put down a year ago, because he was continually throwing up. No matter how much it cost or how many things I tried, there was nothing he could keep down. The vet did blood tests (expensive!) but couldn't diagnose :-( and so I did what I thought I should do. Now, I am thinking if I had fed him a little kefir each day he might still be with me. Feel like crying......
My condolences. It’s hard after sharing your life with them and then realising that perhaps you could have helped them. I have just found this thread and am in the same position having lost my little “panther” last month.
I hope that you have a new companion now
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I like kefir - it healthy and clean body..
And I like milk wiith sesame seeds Sesame seeds and honey.
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We do make kefir. With raw milk we tend to do a quick pasteurization step in advance after taking off much of the fat (Jersey milk) as the high butter fat - it does not seem to make for as good a kefir though it is fine for home made full fat yogurt. The fat is easy to make into butter though. I feel more comfortable with the pasteurize step since we are growing bacteria and yeast in it intentionally. May not be necessary but.....(and I will drink the cold raw milk straight)
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I know that Kefir is really healthy. I like to drink it.
But can't without sugar(( It's not good.
Becouse of that better Smoothie))
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I saw ClaudiaWestern asked for a kefir recipe. There isn’t a recipe per se. you just take fresh milk (or whatever kind you prefer) and add “kefir grains” to it. Then let it sit for 1-3 days. It doesn’t sour, it ferments and changes from milk to kefir as the bacteria in the grains feeds on the sugar in the milk. Then you take the grains out of that batch and put them in some new fresh milk and repeat the process.

Anyone who makes kefir at home will almost always have grains to share. They grow and multiply rather quickly. You could check on Craig’s list or local FB group. Most of the time the grains are free, people are happy to share.
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I love my homemade water Kefir.
I make so many flavors but my fav is Lemon Ginger and I drink about 1 cup a day, through out the day.
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I used to buy a kefir at the organic farm store, and I really enjoyed it. I need to come back to this habit, again.
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