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Default Eat meals alone at home? Where do you eat?

Well, I'm in my 30s and live alone, no kids or SO or roomies in the house. I have two kitties roaming around, but obviously I don't dine with them.

What I'm wondering is, for other people who live alone, or eat alone at home a lot, where do you end up eating?

When I grew up my family was somewhat dysfunctional and on conflicting schedules, and we tended to eat at separate times, in the living room on chairs and couches. I've always done that living alone too, eat on the couch. Or I'll eat in front of the computer. I would never, ever eat at the dining room table, it was where I did bills and left junk to clutter things up. I'd eat fast food straight from the bag, or frozen dinners straight from the tray, drink sodas out of cans or bottles. Or I'd eat in the car, munching breakfast from the drive-in while sitting in rush hour traffic.

So this past week I decided to try to start a new habit, of eating meals at the dining room table. Since I live alone, there's no one else to talk to, so I do leave the TV on. I'll watch CNN, or something Tivoed. And I've been using real plates, real glasses, real silverware. If I microwave something, either a meal or leftovers, I don't usually eat it from whatever I heat it up in. I transfer it to a proper plate. Even when I had a craving and got McDonald's, I put the cheeseburger and fries on a china plate, and poured the diet coke into a real glass.

So where do other people who eat at home alone a lot do their eating? Basically my goal is to try to make eating more of a conscious act, rather than something I do while doing something else. Well, except for snacks, I still snack wherever.
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Well I am married but at least 3 nights a week I eat alone.

I have a tray table that sits at the end of the loveseat I sit on. I do use real plates, silverware and glasses but I have the bad habit of eating in front of the TV. I do however ensure I pay attention to my eating, enjoy the food and really taste no matter what is on tv.
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Those times when I eat alone I set the table and eat at the kitchen table. I usually have the news or other TV show on to keep me company. I find that if I don't do this, I eat too fast and I still feel hungry and start searching for more food.
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I eat alone probably 3 nights a week too - Usually those nights I eat in front of the computer but you're right rabidtoeat, I would do much better if I did it at one of the two tables I have in the house - The Kitchen table or the dining room table. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

When I eat at my computer, I am not focusing on eating and most the time, I don't even realize I'm done already
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It is such an ingrained habit with me to eat at the computer, in the car, at my desk while working...

I'm hoping I'll be more mindful at the kitchen table, anyway. I swear I have the world's shortest attention span, I get so impatient, that I hate not doing three things at once. That's why it's rough on me to just sit and eat, even if it's with the TV on for company. I'm always so scattered.

I'm also hoping it'll get me out of the 'habit' of eating at the computer. Though, I do eat snacks there. Like, er, now, I'm having some pineapple for a nighttime snack. But oh well. Can't overhaul everything at once.
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I am bad to eat my meals in front of the TV or computer when I am home alone. When family is here we eat at the dining room table.
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Typically if DH is home we have a big meal at the kitchen table, all sitting down and eating together. One week per month DH is not home for dinners so that's a break for me as I make smaller meals, and usually stuff the kiddos really like....grilled cheese and tomato soup, tuna casserole, etc. Stuff that doesn't satisfy DH for a full dinner meal (soup and sandwich is lunch to him). On this week the kids and I still eat together, but usually while we're watching a movie in the family room. Wednesday nights are almost always in the family room with salad/pizza/etc. as we have confirmation, select soccer, and select dance all on the same night. Don't usually eat until 8-8:30ish. I will admit, also, that if I'm home alone I will eat in the family room, no matter what meal it is. Bad habit!
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