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Default Journal - Tuesday, July 3, 2001

Hello friends...

puffed wheat, raisins, almonds, milk 6

turkey sand 2
veg soup 1
cherries 1

I think farfalle w/garlic, romano, olive oil 4
broccoli/zucchini/mushroom stir fry (cooking spray)
1 oz cheddar 2
ital brd/butter 2

cmilk 2.5
1/2 cantaloupe w/1/2 c ff van icecream 4
1/2 choc castelet cookie

total: 25
exercise: stairmaster 40 mins - 2

I will keep you all posted on weigh-in tonight -----

gained 2# - oh well...


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si, si signora
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Hi Laurel and anyone else!
btw, your dinner sounds really good, too bad i used my points already.

cherries 1/1
luna 4/5
grilled chicken 3/8
rice noodles 4/12
rice paper wrappers 2/14
no idea, probably veggies
mozzarella sticks 3/17
creamsicle 2/19
delightful ice cream sandwich 4/23
dog putter, am and pm
gym: 45 min cardio and 15 min weights
lawnmowing- ugh

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S/C/G: 183.6/173/140


LM, congrats on getting to lifetime! What are you doing to celebrate? I can't wait to get back to goal. It has been a while and it will take some time yet, but slowly I am working toward it.

Here is my journal:
ww smoothie 3
strawberries 1

whole wheat pita bread 3
grilled veggies 2
hummus 2
rice cake with soy butter 2

veggie dumplings 4
vegetarian drumsticks 5
ww bar 2

Total 24
Exercise step class and yoga class
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Lala - a regular creamsicle is 2 points? I asked that question a while ago and nobody knew. 2 points is a good deal!
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Hey there Gals:

Congrats LM for reaching GOAL. You go Girl!!!

Divvy - While creamsicles are not listed in the old WW Food Companion that I have, I know that regular (not premium) ice cream by the scoop is 4 points.

However - there are low fat creamsicles out there that are 2 points, and... even one that's 1 point per pop. I heard about it in my WW meeting. It's made by Hagen Daz and called (I think) a Frozen Sorbet Pop - I'll be checking my supermarket this weekend to see if it's true.

Tuesday July 3rd
bagel - 6
cof - 1

Fish Tacos (grilled) - 4
beans - 1

Drink - 2
sushi - 1 1/2
baked lobster roll pcs - 4
1 shrimp Tempura - 3
1 sm lamb chop - 1
1/2 miso soup - 1

total - 24 1/2
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S/C/G: 183.6/173/140



Fish tacos sound great! How do you make them? What kind of fish do you use?
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Hey there Myra

Unfortunately the Fish Taco's are from a restaurant called Wahoo's Fish Tacos.

But I've asked them what's in it and they said...

Grilled Fish - Ahi - but any lean fish would do (prob 1 oz per taco) lemon and salt / pepper seasoning (over an open fire grill - but you could just as easily broil it or grill in stovetop) - 2 pts

shreded raw cabbage (you could subtitule shredded lettuce), and salsa (pick up in supermakect - try to get "fresh") - 0 pts

One small, thin 5" tortilla per taco 5" is 1 pt / taco = 2 pts

1/2 c Black Beans on the side (not refried) - 1 pt
and extra Salsa on the side

It's just delicious. I have this probably 3x per week.

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