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Default New idea

I am right where you are with the plateau situation. I haven't lost anything in a over 2 months so I have been going over my food diary and found out what I think the problem may be. There are days that I beyond starving and can't seem to get full. And others where I barely eat at all and don't even come close to eating my points. So starting tomorrow I am going to shake it up and instead of trying to eat the same amount of points each day pick a different amount so that my body doesn't get use to the same thing. So I have taken my 31 daily points added my weekly points and split them up.
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Just joined and read Kelly's post. She is full of all wonderful ideas. I printed out her post and now have it next to my computer at work!
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This is an awesome post!

Thanks Kelly!~
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Just cut out all wheat products, all gluten. Even if you don't have a diagnosed sensitivity, most people drop weight!
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Hi Derry...have you ever tried HIIT cardio? I always found it to be the most effective method of cardio. Takes less time too which is always a bonus!
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Last night was my weigh in. I am on week 6 and was disappointed. I fasted 2 days this week,didn't eat after 6 in the evening,upped exercise and only lost 1.6 lbs. I have lost a total of 13.6 lbs. The leader assured me that I was right on target,but I don't feel that way. My friend lost 3.6 lbs and ate so much more than me. Last night,I came home from the darn meeting and binged.
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susan, how are you doing?

I have learned that-as hard as it is to accept- eating and feeling satisfied contributes to weight loss. Starving ourselves (fasting) does nothing but cause our bodies to hang onto everything and screw up our metabolisms.

When I eat less than my daily pp allowance and don't go into the weeklies, I don't see much loss. Often before making goal I've gone in expecting to see a gain due to feeling like I couldn't possibly lose- I ate too well and felt too satisfied....only to have a good loss.

If you follow the program it really does work. It's just hard getting past the feeling that we have to starve ourselves to lose weight but that never works in the long run. It always made me feel deprived and started off the "when I've lost xx pounds, I'm going to eat a Whopper, a donut, ice cream, etcetc...." in my head which always lead to regaining.
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Originally Posted by nlm1106 View Post
My leader actually just told us that we should try switching up our diets if we find we have flat-lined. She said that we often get our bodies used to eating pretty much the same menu and we have to shake it up. What really struck me about this post was the comment on the water. I don't think I can drink that much water everyday, about 19 cups if I did the math right. Does anyone really drink that much? I struggle to get down 8-9!
I've been plateauing the past 6 months...finally mixed up my diet (I've been eating the same things EVERYDAY for a year-but I was like that before WW) and really making sure my heart rate is up during exercise and the scale is finally moving in the right direction!!!
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