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This thread was started and written a long time ago, but it's still quite good and I am back here to re-read it, yet again, in hopes of inspiring myself to face another week!
Thanks for making it a sticky and keeping it here!
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Wow, I'm not a WW (chalk me up as a Point-hater LOL Loved the old program though) but I just stumbled upon this thread. I'm now on the 4th month of my plateau and this is the most amazing post I've seen. I've printed it out and I'm going to scour it tonight. Thanks for giving me hope.
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WOW AWESOME!!! The part that says you want to quit after your 3rd week because you dont see any progress is absolutely right. I was just there. And I kept getting on the demon scale. Only to feel bummed and lost. Also, I was stuck because I dropped to to low of points. Then the day I added three bites of those mini brownie bites back in.. i dropped. I definitively though, YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING>>> Really good info...thanks! So, on week 5 after mixing it up a little on the points last week, I am still on target and I have lost an amazing 12 pounds.
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forgetting the past
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Great answer!!
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Default Very helpful

One interesting comment from Kel was 'being afraid to succeed" I have often wondered if that is my problem. I just started WW last week. However, when I hit a plateau, I will come back to this thread.
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yay! I love this post! I ALMOST always give up around the 4th or 5th week, because I feel so discouraged and the little "see you never will lose the weight" demon tells me this is it!

I have a scale that reads body fat % now...and I can watch my water weight go up and down...I like's important to I record the inches as well...

I totally love that the post addresses the body healing itself...this is why I believe liquid fasting is would not believe how MUCH energy is used to digest food...and when you are not doing that for like one day...your body starts focusing that energy on healing!

God bless you for posting this...I think it is the most informative well thought out thing I have read about weight loss in a LOOOOOONG time!
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Kelly's response was posted over 5 years ago- but it is the most helpful WW thing I have ever read!!! Thank you!!!
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I just joined 3FC and found this post. I'm stuck in a plateau right now and I didn't know what to do about it. I'm glad I read this. I'm going to apply some of this now. Thank you for the advice.
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I think we all have been here and felt this way... great answer though!

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Great post Thanks
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This post was meant for me today. I have been dealing with loosing and gaining the same 5 pounds all year! Yuck. I'm starting my new week tomorrow and I am committed, darn it! My problems are definitely more mental than anything. I am at a plateau because of stress I am dealing with and the old woe is me attitude or I deserve that peice of cake. But don't I deserve to be a size 8 again and feel good about myself!
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My leader actually just told us that we should try switching up our diets if we find we have flat-lined. She said that we often get our bodies used to eating pretty much the same menu and we have to shake it up. What really struck me about this post was the comment on the water. I don't think I can drink that much water everyday, about 19 cups if I did the math right. Does anyone really drink that much? I struggle to get down 8-9!
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wow excellent information...however drinking half your weight in water...i dont think i can do that...i struggle to get down the 64 or a few more ounces i do a day now...let alone 137.5 ounces o.0 scarey
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This is a great post! I'll definitely come back here if I have any more plateau problems. Thanks!

BTW - I use the Wendie Plan for plateaus and it has worked well for me. It comes in where the original poster talks about varying the number of daily calories to keep the body guessing. Here's a calculator for determining your Weight Watcher daily point distribution for the Wendie Plan:

Wendie Plan
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Default I'm late :)

I just read this, and its very helpful!
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