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Hi everyone! I used to follow this site my last time on WW. Glad to have found you again! I have been a member of WW on and off since the 70's. The old program (s) worked quickly & well for me. I kept off what I lost until a surgery in 2016 drastically changed my activity level. I joined the the new program for the new year. As of my 2 week weigh in today, I have gained 2 pounds! I don't like the Freestyle version. It lacks all the healthy habits and balance all the older versions focused on. I'm really struggling with it, discouraged & disappointed. The app for phone doesn't work properly. The website does not have ability for posting on the social media feed. Point allowance has gone down. Food points are all over the place. I have found 3 entries for the same food, each with a different value. Healthy foods that used to be encouraged have now doubled in points. Real milk for example used to be 4 for a cup, it is now 8 (Same as a Snickers bar). Grains & cereals show a point value of 2 for uncooked, but if you cook with water & salt the value is now 4-8 for a serving which doesn't make sense. I eat mostly vegetarian & don't care for eggs. Nuts, nut butters and other proteins I ate on past programs have doubled in points. You track points for activity, but unlike the past program where you gained food points back, you don't. I exercised a good deal this week but still did not get a "passing" blue dot for the week. If I eat things I know I ate on the the old program, I'm out of points for the day by lunch. The flex points gone in 3 days. I've dug out my old cookbooks, trackers and materials & have decided to go old school. I've paid for 3 months of the new program but will cancel at the end of the commitment. Wishing all of you well in your journey. Thank you for the encouragement & community here!
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Hello everyone. I rejoined WW for about the umpteenth time. I registered online last week and my first meeting is tonight. I have access to all the online stuff, and tracking. It's a good plan for me. It directs me to the lean protein, fruits, veggies. I ate a candy bar last week, and it was 11 points. Was it good? It was o.k., and not worth 11 points. I get 23 points a day so that's almost half. Yeah, you can eat 0 point food all day, then snack on cheeze doodles at night, but you don't get many cheeze doodles for 23 points. I'm finally getting my head in the weight loss game. It's not just about what you eat.
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I am not currently doing WW, but do follow along with the changes they have made to the program. The biggest downfall I see with this new program is that you can really eat to satisfaction just on 0 points foods, and then you still have your 23 points and your weekly points left over. If you continue to eat even when you are no longer hungry just because you have those points leftover, you are technically staying on plan, but you are overeating. I believe that no matter what food plan you are following, you should stop eating once you are no longer hungry. Food is fuel for our bodies. You don't overfill the gas tank in your car just because the gas is still coming out of the pump.
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I personally really like the new Freestyle program. I'm a vegetarian and being able to eat more beans and tofu is amazing. I do think it could be problematic if people ate all 0 points foods and then snacked on unhealthy foods just to use up their points. But like PaulaO said, a person only gets so many points, and there's only so many cheeze doodles one can eat and stay within points. I think as long as people are using the plan wisely, using the 0 point foods as a focus but being able to "dress them up" with foods that have points, it's a great system. I've lost about 10 lbs in just over a month on Freestyle, using all of my dailies and even most of my weekly points.
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Default Freestyle

Hey all,
Iím back to WW after about 10 years, and wow is this plan different than I remember. Iíve read all these entries about eating all the zero point foods and then saving points for junk food... wouldnít common sense tell you thatís not how this works? So this is what Iím hoping- that I can use the zero point foods as accessories to the main portion of whatever meal Iím making. Iím an ovolactopescetarian and I eat mostly at home (I LOVE to cook) so Iím hoping I can make this work. Wish me luck!! 3 days down, 60 pounds to go!!
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Love ww. Lifelong member/fan.
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