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Question Strugglingwanderer not losing on WW. Help, a listening ear & advice needed please


I'm new to this forum & WW and have a question for the professional weight watchers

I have only just started WW (2 weeks ago) and have lost nothing, whilst most people lost at least something, most def in their first weeks...I keep going up and down 0.2kg every other day (water weight prob), but for the rest nothing on the scale changed...

If I track my calories I'm around 1400kcal a day. On WW, I have 30 points, I don't use the weekly points. I'm already really struggling to have 30 points a day, on top of that I started jogging three times a week.
I'm 22, female, 5ft 4 and 178lbs (80kg) I need to lose around 44lbs(20kg) but I am trying to take it 5kg a time as objectives.
Personally I think i'm eating healthy and a lot more than before (I gained a lot of weight because I wasnt eating enough and not healthy at all)

Now, for breakfast I have oatmeal with fruit or sometimes 2 slices of bread (grain) with jam or chicken, lunch are salads (homemade with a lot of veggies, I dont use dressing), dinner tends to be crackers with some cheese, ham or jam or a cooked meal (mostly fish or chicken and veggies). Snacks is either fruit, ricewaffles, 10nuts, yoghurt or a snack from WW themselves. I drink 1,5 to 2l a day.

Any idea what I am doing wrong? I'm already getting discouraged this early on as I told myself I would go a 100% and havent seen any results, I even moved back home to have more structure and left lovely Paris behind to lose weight...
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You need to eat your 30 points a day. I also dont see any fat in your diet and you need Fat as well. WW recommends oil. . Ok I do see some nuts. But you need at least 2 servings of Fat. maybe add Avocado to that salad if you like it. Its a good fat

Having protein at each meal also helps.
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Eat your 30 and your weeklies. You're not losing now, so what's one more week or two? Eat them and see what happens. Over and over in my meeting, I hear people say they weren't losing until they finally ate all their points and their weeklies. While you're doing this, do not weigh every day. Your weight WILL go up and down and it will drive you nuts.

I have been doing WW for about 12 weeks and I've lost every week. I noticed that on the weeks where I have a big loss, I eat my weeklies within two days, usually right after weigh in (it's the weekend), and then I stick to my dailies for the rest of the week. On the weeks I spread out my weeklies, I have a smaller loss. I have no idea why this works or if it works for other people, but it's something to consider.

In the beginning you're so motivated, it's easy to keep finding yourself under points but as you go along, all that motivation kind of evens out and you'll find you're hungry. You need some fat and some protein in your diet. I'm having a hard time seeing how what you listed even adds up to thirty points so be sure you weigh and/or measure and track EVERYTHING to be sure.
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