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Default Lifetime member weigh-in requirements?

Hey all. I used to be a somewhat frequent poster here on 3FC, but have fallen away in the past little while. Oops! *L* I did WW from January 2011-May 2012 (I reached Lifetime on May 9 of that year.)

Like most of us, once I stopped doing the meetings (I told myself "Hey, I can totally do this on my own!") I regained a bit. I've regained about 25 pounds since then. Not as bad as I could have done, but still. Bah.

Anyway, I'm thinking about heading back to WW, if for no other reason than I seem to be one of those people who needs support (and I'm not one of those people who can get by with online support, although I wish I was!)

What I'm wondering, though, is this: As a Lifetime member, I'm only required to weigh in once a month, right? Now, what I'm thinking is, I really need to weigh in every week, because that's just extra motivation for me (if someone is actually going to SEE my weight, then that drives me more, you know?) But if I weigh in every week, am I going to have to pay every week? (I'm obviously over my goal weight.)

So if I weigh in every week, will I have to pay every week? Or is only one weigh-in considered as my "official" weigh-in? I know it may not seem like a big deal to have to pay every week, but it costs over $20 a week and I'm not working right now, so it kind of *is* a big deal to me.

If anyone has any info on this, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks.
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I am lifetime above goal weight. If you are more than 2 pounds above goal weight you have to pay every time you attend a meeting until you get back to no more than 2 pounds above your goal weight. It is immaterial whether you weigh in or not. You have to pay.

If you are a traditional member (i.e. not doing the Monthly Pass), you do not have to pay missed meeting fees as a lifetime member. You never pay for more than the meetings you attend.

However, if you do the monthly pass then you pay that monthly fee each month whether you attend or not (I do monthly pass).

Anyway, that is the rule in the US but I see you are in Canada so there might be something different there.

If you think you won't go weekly to meetings then it is probably cheaper to not do monthly pass and just go to the meetings you go to and pay for them. If you are going every week then monthly pass (if you have it in Canada) may be cheaper. Not sure.
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Another benefit of being a Lifetime Member is that you never have to pay a "signup" fee. But during most times of the year, such as now, right after New Years WW runs a special and there is no sign up fee for anyone.
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Same rules apply in Canada as what Koshka said.
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What if you are lifetime at goal, but you find weighing in weekly helps. On the first day of the month, you weigh-in at goal, but at the second weigh-in you are up a few pounds. Even though your lifetime goal for the month was met the week before, do you have to pay for weighing in over goal?
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