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Welcome to the FINAL WEIGH-IN of the March/April MM Challenge!

Here's the Spreadsheet Link! (Sorry about it missing from last week's!)

We're here! We're in the clear! It's the Final Day!

Give us your updates!

How did these past two months work out? How did you manage your goals? Anything you'd change or do differently?

FYI: Good news! Later today/this evening I'll be posting the next MM Challenge for May/June If there's anything new you'd like to try, or if you'd just like to continue being mindful for two healthy months, then it'll be your lucky week to join up!
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Hi everyone

Can't believe we're a day away from May! (Hee hee... the rhyming.)

I'm glad to be here, and happily looking forward to the next challenge.

This past week was nice. Quiet. Took some good walks. I also know where improvements can be made. I'm good with knowing where I'm at for now, but am also enjoying the whole process of changing how I've done things in the past.

I've got my brother's wedding stuff coming up for June, so I'm truly excited to stay on the ball and be as healthy as possible for the event. Can't wait to see you all for the May/June challenge!
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I had some bumps and stagnant weeks. I ended up cutting out peanut butter which helped. Overall I went from 242 to 229.6, 2.6 pounds shy of an rather ambitious goal of 2 pounds per month.

I'm going to continue to shoot for 1.5 - 2 pounds per week realizing I won't always lose at that rate. I hope the summer will help my losses as I won't have classes and will finally have time to add regular exercise.

Congrats in advance to everyone on their loses!!

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S/C/G: 286.8/180.6/145


I lost 5.8 last week but I had a big gain (3.2) the week before that but was feeling stalled and bloated when I weighed in so I had a feeling the gain wasn't going to stick and it was going to be a whooshy week.

The scale was a little bumpy at times through the challenge, but hey, it's a downward trend. I started at 193.2 and ended at 188.4, so lost 8.8. My goal was to lose 6.4 so I'd hit 100 lbs lost total and I reached that.

Next time I want to work on being a little less withdrawn, especially when I'm having a bad week. I have this habit of getting kind of quiet, wanting to avoid meetings, etc. Those times when I'm feeling a little discouraged are probably the times when I need it the most.

It took me a little over 4 months to get through the 190s. I never would have thrown in the towel or anything but just felt a little beaten down by the end of that. Well and I have been a little nervous that it will just keep getting harder! I'm really trying to keep focused on non scale victories. And I'm babbling!

Hope everyone had a good challenge and is ready to start the next one.
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Well chickies overall I feel good about this challenge even though I did not come near my goal I am ok with that. Had only a 2.2 loss total but on the upside the nsv have been good. This past month I have gotten wonderful compliments about how good I am looking so the gym must be doing something.

For the next challenge I want to really get serious about doing strength training 3 days a week instead of just doing the cardio.

Next challenge goal to get below 150 and stay there I have dipped so many times this past month but just can not get it to stick if you know what I mean

to everyone we are some great chicks aren't we!
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This past month has been pretty much nonexistent. I was doing really well during March and April kind of was a "waste", but I am ready for the next challenge to start fresh
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I was today for me and although I did not reach my goal, this was a great way for me to jumop in and start on WW again.

Over the last 2 months, I have lost 27.6 lounds. I went from 321lbs to 293. My goal of 290 was a bit of a reach, but I'm glad I was able to get into the 290's.

I lost alot, but I also gained. I gained knowledge and understanding. I know when I am hungry and when I amfull. When I am hungry I eat, when I am full, I stop. I have learned not to turn to food when I am bored or stressed. Sure, the temptation is still there, but I realize it and redirect myself.

Thanks for this challenge and I look forward to the next one!
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