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Even though you are on WW and counting points you can still count calories.I am not on WW now but when I was I just couldn't resist counting calories. IMO WW points are really an estimate, close, perhaps but not as efficient as the old fashioned calorie counting.
When I started weighing my food I found that I was underestimating the calories. It's OK to guesstimate if you are at a restaurant but for the most part the scale is the way to go.
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I do count calories AND ww points. As mentioned previously, i can't rely on ww to know how many calories i'm eating. I do weigh my food as well.

Steve - That's what confuses me, if my BMR is 1700+ daily and i'm eating 1200 and if I am accurate when counting calories why am i still staying at the same weight? Even if i have to estimate 1 meal, i should still be losing??
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Let's put it in these terms. Never in the field of obesity research have we found someone who can be in a substantial calorie deficit and not lose weight over time. Never. Not once.

And if we were to find it, then that person's body would potentially hold the key to solving our world's every shortage crisis. I'm not trying to poke fun here... I'm being serious. Fat is stored energy. It requires an input to maintain. And what you're suggesting is that input is substantially less than maintenance level and the fat is remaining.

So really... something has to be off with your numbers as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure you don't like me saying that... and I could certainly be wrong.

I mean, for a deficit to be valid... not only does your calorie intake estimates need to be as accurate as possible (perfectly accurate doesn't exist as even the atwater factors we use to measure the energy in food is inaccurate), but your consistency needs to be through the roof. Something else I've encountered is where people are, in fact, eating a deficit for a period of time.

But it's not consistent enough. And they forget those inconsistencies. Sometimes it's weekly. Weekends roll around and they lose the sense of responsibility. I mean, as a culture, we are programmed to sort of let loose on the weekends given the traditional work schedule. Sometimes it's monthly. They're good for 3 weeks and reward themselves by a week that's nutritionally looser or whatever.

Have you read the article mentioned in earlier in this thread? It's long, so I doubt it. But in it there's a link to a youtube video that's a documentary about obesity that's quite telling. Not that it applies to everyone's situation. But I'd wager a large sum of money that it applies to most people's situations.

You didn't answer me about how long the plateau has been in effect. When is the last time you lost weight?

Also, have you ever been tested for any medical issues that could compromise metabolic function? If you haven't, and if you're seriously positive that you are in as great as a deficit as you say you are, and that you've been in that deficit consistently for a month plus... then seeking out medical advice is something I'd definitely recommend.
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Not sure I have any great advice here, but here goes. I personally do not care what way you are trying to loss weight. Not everyone is suited to every program. You so have to know your own body. I know what foods regardless if I am in my daily points or not, if I eat them, I am not going to drop any weight that week. For me all points are not created equal. It is frustrating and sad that some of us have to take the programs and do a little work with them, to make them work for us. I do believe in WW and that it works....I can only suggest that you look at the weeks that you did drop weight and the ones that you did not...and be very very critical and see where the difference is. It may be little, and then I would take the weeks that worked and play with them...different, fruits, different veggies, cooking whatever protein a different way. Not sure if this helps, but know that each time you make a healthy choice, and healthy portion, that you are doing what is good for your body. Did you take some measurements before you started, to see if your body is just moving things around, and that you will see the results there instead of on the scales. Hang in there, I truly believe we only fail if we give up.
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