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Default happy for hubby but a little jealous

My husband started doing WW with me. I joined, and go to meetings and do it online. He didnt join, but tracks in a notebook at home. We've both been doing very well, and staying on track without any falling off the wagon. And we both started at the same time. So how is it that he's lost almost 30 and I've lost 7?! He's a big guy and has alot more to lose than me.....but seriously! Don't get me wrong...I'm loving it that he's getting healthy, and feeling good. But I'm a tad jealous. I want the weight to fall off like that!
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Sry but it seems to me men loose faster and more than women. i think it has to do with diff metabolism. just keep doing what your doing and be proud of your accomplishments rosey
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Oh i hear you! My boyfriend had a 4 day toothache and lost 15 lbs We actually had this conversation at our meeting on Sat. The reason we were told is that men have more muscle, therefore burn fat quicker, so i've been told. My leader said a woman's body naturally carries more fat and less muscle due to child bearing. Who knows lol, i know how you feel...happy for them but annoyed at the same time!!!
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Yep, my husband got his wisdom teeth out and lost 20 lbs in the blink of an eye. It's annoying, but that's nature for you. You're doing great!
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Reality is - his caloric need is higher than yours. If you are both eating, say 1800 calories, he's "hungrier" than you as his caloric needs are higher than yours because A. he's heavier. B. he's taller. C. he has more muscle mass because he's male.

It goes both ways - when you both stuff your face with a banana split - the same size - you are splurging more than he is too.

Just get used to it and try not to get jealous about it. That is just mother nature at work.
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Heh! I just had an incident with my husband last night after he hopped on the scale and saw he'd dropped 5 pounds. He just goes, "Hmm, lost five pounds" and gets off like it's nothing. I watch everything that goes in my mouth and do a naked happy dance when I lose 1 pound.

I (jokingly) called him a few bad names after he was so ho hum about weight loss but I do understand I will never ever ever lose weight like men. It's just not possible. Not only is it a woman thing, but it's a genetic thing. My family has a great ability to hold on to extra weight. That's just the way it is so I deal and congratulate him on his unintended loss, that is, after I curse him.
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It's irritating, but men will always drop pounds faster than women.
1. Men have more muscle.
2. Women are predisposed to storing fat because of all the estrogen.
3. Men's bodies respond better to exercise and diet changes.
4. Women have a smaller lung capacity even though you feel like you're exercising as hard as a man. This makes us hotter and more exhausted faster.

Sucks, right?

So irritating, but you know what, we get to look better when we're thin, so WE WIN!!!! hahaha
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Default maybe I'll just tell him, "you may lose it faster, but I'll always be cuter".
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