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Default strange foods for breakfast - cravings

okay - anyone else eating soup for breakfast? I'm in love with the gardenay brands (campbells) in Canada. Had some leftover in the fridge from the day before and had it for breakfast, roasted pepper with a little no fat sour cream - am I the only one doing this??? I was craving it for some reason.
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I firmly believe that there is no such thing as a non-breakfast food. I've been known to eat dinner leftovers for breakfast... Whatever is there and handy works for me!
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I don't feel just cuz it's breakfast you have to eat eggs and so on
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My mom worked the night shift at the hospital. Breakfast for her was whatever was around -- spaghetti, curry, rice, meatloaf, whatever. So I don't have any "breakfast" foods!
Keep in mind that our breakfasts are also quite cultural -- I believe that miso soup is a morning tradition in Japan; burritos in Mexico are common; herring in sour cream sauce (hello, Scandinavia!); meats and cheeses and breads in Germany, and of COURSE, an espresso and a cigarette in Italy!!!!
Whatever floats your boat!
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I want soup now! Maybe not for breakfast though ....
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I can't eat a high carb (especially sugary) breakfast. Donuts, waffles, pancakes, coffee cake, most breakfast cereals, even meal replacement bars and drinks, they all make me nauseous and just feeling icky for hours. Toast, yogurt or oatmeal are fine as long as I have a little protein or fat too.

I'm guessing it's blood sugar thing, because while I've experienced it since childhood, it's gotten worse through the years, and I was diagnosed with insulin resistance/pre-diabetes a few years ago.

Ok, getting off topic. Most breakfast foods aren't really appealing to me, because of the yuck factor. Eggs are ok, but most mornings I don't want to cook first thing, and I don't want eggs every day, so I've always been a leftover scrounger for breakfast. I've even had tuna salad for breakfast.
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Since I've joined ww I've noticed how much fewer carbs I'm consuming and I think for me, that is really helping. On ww, I'd much rather have eggs for breakfast or other protein than a cereal based product. Most mornings I'm having yogurt. My pre-ww days, I was eating leftover pizza, chinese food etc... no wonder the pounds were packing on!
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I love eating WHATEVER I fancy for breakfast on Weight Watchers I'm definitely not a traditional breakfast eater!

now I want soup!
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I've never thought of soup for breakfast, but I agree with everyone who's said we don't have to stick to "breakfast foods." Go for it!

I'm interested in those who said they eat fewer carbs on WW. I find that I start craving carbs -- bread carbs as much if not more than fruit carbs -- when I do WW. It's one of the reasons I keep joining and slipping away. After a few weeks, I notice I'm buying not only bread,, but English muffins, biscuits, pancakes, frozen waffles, spaghetti, etc. And, alas for me, bread is a floor for butter. This is one of the things I have to work on.

Another way of saying, soup! What a good idea! I'll never put butter on soup!
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I too crave very odd things for breakfast!! Now that it is warm outdoors, my husband grills me hot italian chicken sausages (3 pts!) and turkey burgers (4ts!).... my neighbors must think we are an odd family when I have my husband out cooking on the grill at 8am That doesn't happen too often, but hey, sometimes we get those cravings!
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I agree...I don't like breakfast foods, generally..I don't eat eggs, and the things I do like (hashbrowns, bacon, croissants) are not exactly WW friendly! Materialgirl, I've been eating those gardennay soups at lunch- they are delicious. I have about 20 cartons stashed in a file drawer in my desk
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Most cultures don't have seperate foods for breakfast.

I often eat left overs for breakfast!

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