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Default Counting Down From 250 And Beyond. April 22nd


We are a group of friendly folks who share encouragement, recipes and friendship during what for us will be, a long journey to fitness. We look at the road ahead as being paved with stepping stones to a new way of life guided by the Weight Watchers program of food, exercise and support.

Stop in for a visit or stay and join in. We enjoy seeing new faces.
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Default New Face here

Back on WW again....
looking forward to reading posts.. and getting some great ideas and support.
This time will be special

I look forward to getting to know you all.

I'm so happy it's spring!

in WI

235/first week/10%=212
5' nothing
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Welcome Dana! I'm glad your here. This is a great place to find support and encouragement. I look forward to getting to know you.

psst....I'm happy it's spring too! I Love this time of year. The flowers, trees, and green everywhere.

Hi all my other buddies

Hope everyone is having a great day. I just decided not to worry about the job situation too much. I'll just keep looking and something will turn up.

I've been OP all day today. I even got 40 minutes of walking in.


Breakfast: Coffee, Banana Date Muffin

Lunch: Healthy Choice Chicken Enchilada Dinner

Dinner: Parmesan Chicken, Asparagus, & 1 sm. baked potato (with 1T light margarine & FF sour cream & ICBINB spray)

Snack: Popcorn & Canteloupe

I hope everyone has a great day

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Well, this morning I kept my promise to a new acquaintance and showed up at the gym to try my luck with the stationary bike. I didn't even last a minute on the upright bike so I changed to a recumbant bike. I had planned on 10 minutes and I made it easily but didn't want to overdo it my first time. I will go back on Wednesday morning and do it for a wee bit longer. I sure did enjoy my swim after though.
It was a busy weekend with lots of temptations, first at nieces wedding but I managed to stay OP, then here at home when I served a nice dinner to several of Peter's relatives but I had made two WW desserts and everybody seemed to like them. I also made the Oriental Green Bean recipe I got last week at WW and it really went over big time. Our nephew said he usually didn't like green beans but he really liked these ones.
Congratulations on the 6 lb loss Meanery. That's fantastic.

Here's my menu for today.

1 slice fiber toast
1 tbsp light cream cheese
1/2 tsp jam
After swim
1/2 bagel
1 tbsp light cream cheese

M&M Lasagna
raw veggies and n.f. dip
1 slice white bread


(leftovers from Sunday's company dinner)
Braised pork in onion/beer gravy (not much gravy)
1/2 cup scalloped potatoes
oriental green beans
tomato salad
slice of WW strawberry pie with fresh strawberries on the side
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Height: 5'7"


Hi ladies!

Well, the weekend got away from me without getting caught up on posting. I wrote this at work with the good intention of posting last night. However, I got great news at work and convinced DH that we were going out for a special dinner. After 14 years of hard work and perseverence at one company, I finally am getting promoted to a Director in our accounting department. This is a big deal as there have only been two others in 25 years that have come up from the entry level Accountant to Director. All of us WOMEN!! Its a big pay increase and a big increase in responsibility. So last night was not about WW. We went to a local marina restaurant and had hot crab dip on pita wedges, smokey clam chower, fried lobster and the best bread pudding I've ever had. It was a wonderful evening with DH.

Alas, today is back OP.

Saturday, I had a great time shopping for clothes. I didn’t find much that was 50% off (false advertising if you ask me) but I did find clothes I needed for work. This was the first shopping trip in a long time where I picked up clothes in what I think is my size and didn’t have one item that was too small. Even sweater-type tops looked good. The blasted scale isn’t giving me any success but I look and feel different. I do know I’m retaining water still from TOM and last week’s humidity. I never drink enough water over the weekend.

Sunday, I vacuumed dusted and other housework to keep moving. I spent two hours working on my backyard landscaping. Most of it was me practically standing on my head trying to get my stones in place and level. I think I have about 50 in place—only 100 to go!! My muscles today are telling me about it too! The dogs were driving me crazy with all the rain and them thinking they don’t get enough attention. I made Bear go for our two mile walk Sunday evening. The sun came out and there was just a hint of a cool breeze so it felt fabulous. Then to kill myself off totally, I did 15 mins on the spinner. After that, I laid down on the bed to watch HBO.

I read an interesting article in Oprah magazine last week. It was about the personal trainer who whipped Diane Sawyer into better shape. She lost 25 lbs. I thought I’d share it as motivation for the strength building exercises. According to the article, building muscles boosts your metabolism more than cardio exercises. To quote the trainer, “If you build 5 pounds of muscles, it will burn the equivalent of more than 26 pounds of fat each year.” So, don’t feel frustrated if you can’t walk the miles or bike ride or swim or do tae bo until the cow’s come home. Pick up the weights or get some resistance bands and start with muscle building. Particularly if you’re over 40 and hit that “over 40 and can’t lose weight” stage. Food for thought.

I’ve got our menu planned for the week

Breakfast – waffles & yogurt to go or toast and peanut butter to go; milk
Lunch – frozen dinner, fruit or leftovers and fruit

(Planned before going out so something will shift a day later)
Monday dinner – lean grilled pork chops, beets, cottage cheese
Tuesday dinner – carmelized garlic chicken, pasta with herbs, salad
Wednesday dinner – grilled scallops (thanks J-Ann!), rice, broccoli or asparagus
Thursday – grilled hamburger patty, oven fries, green beans
Friday – gumbo or jambalaya (lean recipe to be determined)

I’ve got activities planned too – mowing & weedeating the lawn; starting the finishing process on a futon frame; dog walking, 30 mins on the spinner, and morning strengthening exercises.

Catching up –

Bunny – You’re still in our prayers. I hope your mom is recovering and that you are taking care of yourself too. Come back to us when you can!! The Teva sandals are working out pretty good. I wear them around the house and when doing yardwork. It seems to be helping the feet.

Stasia – How is your SIL? You’re also in our prayers.

Linda – Are you still flying high from your 20 lb achievement??!!! Good for you for keeping your promise and trying the other exercise equipment. Ten minutes is great and if you keep at it, you'll be thrilled with how fast you'll be adding time---and burning extra calories. Keep it up!

Meanerney – How was your weigh-in? Good job on making six days OP. Its so hard to keep them all OP. I usually manage five out of seven. Good luck!

Joyce – Not worrying is the best course of action. Don't take the first thing if you are not really happy with the working conditions. Good luck! I’ll have to look for the Leslie Sansone tapes. I’ve wanted those but did not want to buy the other stuff (or pay the money!). Hooray for yardwork!! Burn those points!

Donna – I’ve always wondered who does the captioning on TV shows. Now I know. I love that pumpkin fluff recipe. Good luck with your audition. How did you get into doing this for a living?

Dana - Welcome to the group!!

I think that catches me up. If I missed anyone, please accept my apologies.
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WOW, Terri, CONGRATULATIONS ON THE PROMOTION!! It sounds like you really deserve it too. Good for you, girl.

Thanks for all your inspiring comments. I agree about the muscles burning calories faster. I have the weights. Now tell me to start working out with them!! Still, I have noticed more muscles in various parts of my body just from doing my pool exercises.
Tomorrow I've promised to go back to the gym for another 10 minutes on the recumbant bike. I hope to work up to 30 minutes and then I'll get brave and start trying some of the other machines. It's obvious that just dieting doesn't do the trick, especially after 50.

Tonight I'll be glued to the TV for game 4 in the Detroit/Vancouver Stanley Cup play-offs. Go Canucks!

Today's menu is pretty basic.
2 slices fiber bread
1 tsp light Becel margarine
1 poached egg
3 slices nuked, crispy bacon
8 points

1 cup low fat mushroom soup
2 slices fiber bread
2 oz deli roast turkey
lettuce & tomato
non-fat mayo
wedge of WW strawberry fluff pie
10 points

4 oz shrimp
1 cup pasta
sauteed zucchini & mushrooms
2 tbsp parmesan cheese
chopped tomato with herbs
1 tsp butter
(this is my favorite fresh tomato/pasta dish)
9 points

Fruit & Yogurt
2 points

Daily Range - 29 - 34
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Height: 5'0"

Talking First day under my belt

Happy to say that today is done! Today was my first day back op. It was kind of tough. Big adjustments. One day at a time is what I tell myself
Do most of you stick with the "old" points program or the new one? I used to be allowed to have up to 33 points but now I can only have 31.. it's tough! It's weird when you are shorter.. I am only 5' 0", weigh 235... but if I was, say 5'4" tall I would probably weigh 250lb (based on my past - yesterday's - eating habits) My point is.... Can't short people get more points??? LOL

anyhow.. here is what I had today.. if you any advice.. fill me in. I'm not THAT hungry right now.. but I am dying to eat something!!

toast w/ honey butter
3 pts

pretzels 2 pts

ww meal
couple of bites of my dh's homemade mac n' cheese - man, this stuff is good - I shouldn't have made it. I counted it as 2 pts

popcorn 2 pts (what kind of popcorn do you all eat?/recommend?)

pork chops
11 pts

snacks (can you tell I like my snacks?)
skinny cow
salsa and chips

total 32 points
I forget how you count exercise - but I did go for a walk and 5 min on tread mill (I swear i almost had a stroke! )

had all my water and fruits/veggies

no milk

biggest change: no regular soda today!!!

Thanks for listening to be babble!

I hope you all had a great day... in every way

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Today's menus:

Breakfast: Cheerios, skim milk
Lunch: Subway Roast Beef Sub with lettuce only, WOW Nacho Chips, Diet Coke
Snack: 2 pt Ice Cream Sandwich, air popped popcorn
Dinner: Pressed cheese sandwiches, fruit salad

I'm soooo not a veggie person!

My mom got home from the hospital today. On Friday we leave for a weekend in Delaware. I'm gonna be soooo wasted by the time that our traveling is finally over at the end of May! LOL!

No time for more, but I'm reading and appreciate all the support - both diet and personal.
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Angry Checking In!

Hey, all

Just a couple of minutes to check in with you.

Dana, Welcome and congratulations for staying OP! It's always one day, sometimes one meal, at a time! I suggest you eat everything on your program including milk -- I like fat free low fat yogurt mixed with salsa as a dip for celery -- to help you with cravings. BTW air popped popcorn is definately the way to go for a filling snack.

Terri, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this is a celebratory fat free cake on your BIG PROMOTION! You deserved to have a wonderful dinner out, no question! How does it feel to be so successful ?

Linda, Staying OP and making your committment at the gym is FANTASTIC! Ten minutes on the machine is ten minutes more fat-burning muscle tissue ! It's not the length of time, it's taking the time to do it! I'm getting inspired by you and Joyce W., too.

Joyce W., Way to go staying OP and walking!

Hope you all have a lovely OP day!


264/258/237.6 (10% mini goal).
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Dana, good for you staying OP. The first few days are the hardest. Make sure you have lots of stuff you CAN eat in the house so you're not tempted to snack on stuff you shouldn't have. One of the smartest things you did was lay off the soda. Even diet soda can cause carb cravings, y'know?
Bunny good news about your Mom. Hope you have a good time on your trip. Veggies aren't my favorite food either, but I'm amazed at how they help me stay OP. For example, I've been trying to finish off a large platter of mixed raw veggies that I'd put together for our guests on Sunday. I've been having a cup or so of them with my lunch every day this week and they've really helped me feel full quicker than if I just had my usual sandwich. I mix a couple of tablespoons of Hellman's Ultra Low Fat Mayo with some salsa and use that for a dip.
When I fill my plate at dinner time, I make sure to fill at least 1/3 or more of my plate with low carb veggies. Tonight it will be leftover oriental green beans (still from Sunday)and mushrooms. Then, I force myself to eat half of these veggies before I have even one mouthful of meat or starchy food. Lately, I've been pushing my plate away before finishing every scrap so something is working with this method.
I'm really feeling wiped this afternoon. This morning I went to the gym before my swim and did 12 minutes on the recumbant bike. I wasn't tired and was just starting to sweat but my legs and feet were really aching. It felt good to get in the pool and do my water exercises instead. Stayed in the pool for an hour and then the whirlpool for a few minutes which felt good.
Had some errands to run after that and then, after lunch, I worked in my garden for two hours. Man, my knees were starting to wobble by the time I came in but I got a few yards of the front border weeded and it sure needs it.
I fell asleep while Y&R was on and woke to the Oprah show and darned if she didn't have a woman on who is the mother of a local teen who killed herself because she was being bullied terribly by other girls in school. Such a sad story. I knew all about it so I turned it off and came to visit you folks instead.

Today's Menu (not written in stone)
2 slices hi fiber toast
1 tsp light Becel margarine
2 tbsp light Philly chees
1 tsp jam

raw veggies and non-fat dip
2 slices hi fiber bread
tuna salad

1/2 cup lo-fat yogurt

Dinner (planned)

Broiled fish
Green beans
Scalloped potatoes
mushrooms & tomatoes

yogurt & fruit

By the way, Dana, I'm on the new points program and because I weigh over 275 lb. I can have 29 to 34 points each day.
It's nice when you exercise enough to either eat more or bank points.
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Height: 5'0"


thanks for the support

Hi Linda.. fellow Canuck I am orginally from Toronto.. but "switched sides" and moved to the states .. I am now in the midwest and loving it!

Day two went pretty good - better then yesterday!

Here is what I had:

1 cup of cereal (no milk)
natural ovens cookie

mcdonald's chicken ceasar salad w/ lite vingarette dressing (have any of you had this - it is to die for and only 3 points w/ the dressing)
1 chicken nugget - I must stop eating off my dd's plate!!! very bad habit
chips & salsa
subtotal: 7 points

1/4 cup of kraft dinner
green beans
subtotal: 11 points

serbert ice cream
half of mini roast beef sandwich on high fiber bread w/ cucumber 2 pts (very filling)

I am at 26 points right now..

no excerise today.. but I did keep busy. Trying to limit my tv - I know that is when I eat. I did watch "trading spaces" however
love that show!

I plan to paint my dd's room sometime soon - so doing the research and actually doing it will keep me busy. I am a Sahm (stay at home mom) to a "you're driving me crazy, but I love you" two year old. Click on my "homepage" if you want to see pictures.

Have wonderful evening

235/first week/ 212 10% goal
5' nothing!
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Simple is Good!
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S/C/G: 345/323.6/299

Height: 5'6"

Angry Can I join in?

I just started WW today!!! Today is my first day with the points, and I used them all. LOL!!!!!

Breakfast- I didn't have any (wasn't hungry)

Lunch- Pria bar 2 points
2 FF hotdogs with ketchup and mustard 2 points
2 hot dog buns - 6 points!!!! Ack!!!
45 pretzel sticks 2 points

Snack at work- Bag of popcorn 5 points

Dinner- Footlong turkey sub with FF cheese and FF mayo- 13 points
Veggie delight salad w/ FF ranch dressing 1 point

Bedtime snack- 1/2 cup Cheerios with splenda and 1/2 cup milk 2 points
1 1/2 cup skim milk 3

I think that's right point wise- 36 on the dot.

THere are a lot of things on here that I didn't realize were so terrible- the biggest offenders are the hot dog buns!!! I'd rather use 1 point bread instead of 3 point buns!!!!! I couldn't believe that.

But, an OP first day!!!
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This has been a very busy week for us. I'm still putting job applications in. We had a claims adjuster come out to look at the damage that the hail did to our roof in March. We've had no rain lately so I'm having to water the garden. (Gotta keep them veggies growing. ) We made fish deliveries this weekend to 2 pet shops. I've tried to plan meals so that I can eat on the run and stay OP. I had bought a turkey last December when they were on sale and we cooked it yesterday. Between DH and me it should take all week. (Just kidding!) I'll probably freeze some of it.

Freedom & Light welcome to our group. This really is a great place to be. Way to go on with stayin OP today!

Dana - Glad to hear from you again. I 'm much older but I'll never forget what SAHM is like. My daughter used keep me very busy. She's now 21 but still needs Mom every now and then. I would love to see pictures but did not see the li nk to the pictures? I am using the new points system. But I've done both. From what I've read from all the boards is that it's more or less a personal decision. You will lose your weight either way. I'm 5'3" (240 lbs.) so I'm a shorty too. The points confused me at first because I was used to the doctors (calorie/exchange) diet that figured you had to eat less if you were shorter. Hmmm WW works and is much easier than that so I'm going to stick with it.

Linda - Congrats on staying OP during all the tempting festivities. Great going at the gym. Way to go girl!. I know what you mean about the garden. I went out yesterday to hoe weeds and did not realize how much I had neglected the garden. We also have mesquitos sooo bad this year. I have to spray myself down to do any outside work. We have not got any rain in several weeks now and I need to water.

Mel - Sounds like your having a great week! I'm so proud of your success so far. It seem like I have to struggle everyday just to stay OP. But the end result will be worth it. I hope you have a great week.

[COLOR=tomato]SlutBunny - I am so glad your Mom is on her way to recovery. I know from personal experience how stressful hospital and traveling can be. I hope you have a good week and take care of yourself! [COLOR]

Determined - CONGRATS ON YOUR PROMOTION! It must feel great to finally be rewarded for a job well done. Way to go on all that yard work. I know from experience it is not easy. COUNT YOUR EXERCISE POINTS! I did not read the article that you mentioned but I have book by Miriam Nelson called Strong Women Stay Slim that outlines an aerobic and strength training schedule. I feel that strength training is very important and helps our weight loss. Muscles burn more calories. I hope you have a great week

I hope everyone has a great OP day! Boy howdy! I came to this thread just about every couple of hours this weekend and nothing was happening then in one day BOOM!!! I'm left in the dust again. Way to go buddies. I look forward to hearing how your weeks' going.

Have a good one.

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Good morning, ladies!

Joyce -- The turkey has me drooling! Its the time of year here where I try to keep away from the oven and stove for cooking because the house just retains the heat (and we don't have AC and the windows in the kitchen are just impossible to open because of their location) so I'm terribly jealous. Our turkey, until October or so, will be the sliced-from-the-deli variety. I have been trying to make sandwiches a couple times a week with fruit salad as a side item. Its the perfect low point summer meal, imo.

Freedom&LIght -- I fought and whined and hated my first week on WW -- so I'm thinking you are off on a better foot than I ever was! BRAVO for you! I agree on the bread vs buns issue -- we switched to high fiber, low cal breads as soon as I started watching what was in everything we eat.

Slimdown -- I work at home, but I've always considered myself a SAHM. My kids have been at home or at university with me for all their lives (they're 14 and 11). We homeschool in addition to working at home - and the you're driving me crazy, but I love you phase never seems to end. On the plus side, I really do enjoy watching my girls become their own women. On the points program: I don't know what program I use. I use whatever was being handed out when I joined last autumn. I didn't really realize there were difference, ya know?

Linda -- I do need to buy a veggie platter. Its the prep that keeps me from eating the crunchy veggies -- all that scrubbing and chopping. If I had them just laid out platter-wise or in baggies all clean and cut to begin with I'd at least eat more carrots and celery. I tried desperately to learn to like broccoli a few years back (serving it weekly, eating it every single time) but finally decided since I hated it (how it tastes, how it feels) it was time to stop. I've done similar if-I-eat-it-often-enough-I'll-grow-to-like-it campaigns with squash, cauliflower, tomatoes (UGH), spinach (okay raw), lima beans, green beans (okay raw) and more. My final "truly like it" list of veggies is short: corn, potatoes, celery, carrots, lettuce... sigh... PLUS it makes me all inspired (and a little guilty 'cause I'm not doing as much as I should) to read about you trying the bikes at the gym! Way to go!! That's how I found that I love the elliptical trainer -- just trying new things and sticking through the first "this is weird maybe I don't like it" phase.

Terri -- Congrats on the promotion! Sounds challenging -- which is just how work, imo, should be! Your life just seems to get busier and busier every day. Thanks for the update on the Teva sandals. I'll put them on my short list of sandals to look for next month when I begin buying our hiking supplies -- I can't wait to get back out in the mountains again!

J-Ann -- Wheredya go? You started the thread and then *poof* you were gone...

Meanerney -- When I read your tip about fat free yogurt with salsa my first though was, "What flavour yogurt is she usng so that tastes anything but repulsive??!!" I figured out this morning that you must mean the unflavoured kind. Whoops!

Okay -- so I probably missed someone. I'm truly sorry if I did.

Today is a busy, busy day. We finish packing for our trip to Delaware. Have to ship late this afternoon so we get as much out the door as we can before leaving town (business has picked up so much that we're guaranteed to have a TON of orders waiting to be shipped when we return on Tuesday). I need to print out a map (thank God for MapQuest), buy supplies (lots o' Diet Coke -- I'm still tired from our last trip and the caffiene is likely to be what keeps me on the road) and put the back seat back in the van (maybe. If its in, we can all fit in our van which works out because I think my father-in-law is dangerous when he drives so I don't want my kids riding with him. On the other hand, we can fit more comfortably in the van for traveling with out the seat -- the jury is still out on this one).

See y'all Tuesday (if not before)!!
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Hi Everybody

I'm still here just been really busy and now I'm getting ready or my road trip to Missouri. I sure hope I can fit all the stuff I want to take into the CRV. I've got plans to pack all my breakfast and lunches, and snacks so I should do ok weight wise.

Hey Terri, On Wed. & Thurs. of next week I'll be at Purina Farms in Grays' Summit. Just west of Eureka and St. Louis. I'll be attending the Amer. Pointer Club's National Specialty dog show so I'm dragging the "Princess Pointer" along for the ride. If you happen over that way just look for a short, heavy woman (5'2, 50+ yrs.) with short frosted brown hair. (or ask for Judy Wright, the real J-ann.) If you do come over wear old clothes that dog hair won't hurt.

It's great to see so many new faces and everyone seems to be doing splendidly. I'm not going to try to go back and do individual notes but I'm proud to see everyone so "UP" in spirits. HURRAY FOR US ALL!!!

I'll try to get back to the list on Sat., if not I'll be back on May 5 or 6.
I missed my WI but I think I'm down about 3 lbs.!
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