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Default Activity points question

Does the pointsbooter give you points based on how many calories you burned? For example, if i burn 50 calories, does that equal 1 point? Or is it less than that that to help you lose weight? For example, 100 calories burned = 1 point. Does this question make sense to anybody?
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Divvy--yes, your question makes sense. Unfortunately, as far as I know no one has been able to dissect the points booster formula. I have myself tried watching the number of calories burned given on different machines and my own judgement of how hard I'm working, to try to get some idea, but it's been hopeless. Given that every person perceives themselves as working at different levels (hard for me is probably not hard for you) and that every body actually burns calories at a different rate, there's really no way to say exactly how many calories is equal to how many points. Instead of being concerned about using the slider, I go by the 20-minutes-is-1-point rule (when I actually use exercise points).
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ok.. Thanks for clearing that up for me!
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This is MY take on exercise points. I can burn 200 cals in 20 min on the eliptical trainer and only 12o in the same 20 on the tread mill, so if i meed extra points i use to base it on 50 cals burned. I almost never really needed the extra points but if I did I used them that way. Because every body is not the same, machines are a gues based on weight you enter it really is a guess, just like how many points ypou can eat of your alloted points and still loose. If you are taking and using too many exercise points you will know, it will show on the scale as no loss or as a gain.

WW is not really an exact science so I would say you have to play with it a little. add a point or 2 at a time and see what happens, you will have to do this in the maintanace phase of ww so it may be good practice now.

When I was at my peak, I was in the 18-23 group but I could eat as high as 35 points in a day and still loose.

This may not be the help you are looking for but if you are working out and burning lots of cals, you should safely be able to eat some extra points.

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