Weight and Resistance Training Boost weight loss, and look great!

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Default Meg, Mel, Ilene..Expertise needed.

First off hello and thank you very much for taking the time to read this. It's been awhile, to long awhile. I will play catch up with you over on the Maintainance Boards when able. For now I could really use your help, if you would be so kind.

Having just recently been able to get back online I had popped over to my other "Home-site" and found this just posted today. It was posted by a well meaning newbie. This being her very first post to that particular site. It had sent all sorts of bells, whistles, buzzers and warning flags up for me. But I lack the expertise to explain exactly why. I am hoping that you ladies in your oh so eloquent ways could help me shed some light on why these exercises performed as written would at best..... do no good. At worst cause some serious damage. ( I see backs and joints going seriously out of whack! ) Due to improper execution. I'm afraid somebody is going to try this and get seriously hurt.

Here is the whole post in its entirety. Only the name of the poster is with held.

Try to squeeze in this 15-minute full-body workout everyday. I know someone that went down 3 sizes after 3 monthes of doing this everday!

The benefit: It hits multiple body parts with just one weight plate. At home, try a rock or one of the concrete blocks that's holding up your neighbor's car.

Do two or three sets of 10 repetitions of each move.

* Stiff-legged deadlift curl and press

Works lower back, hamstrings, shoulders, biceps, and triceps

Hold the weight at waist level, with your legs slightly bent. Lower the weight by bending at your waist; keep your back straight. Return to the starting position. Curl the weight to your chest, then press it above your head. Finish in the starting position.

* Bench-press pullover

Works shoulders and chest

Lie faceup on a bench and grasp the sides of the weight plate. Press the weight to arm's length. Keep your arms extended and lower the weight behind your head until it's in line with your body. Raise the plate to position A again, then lower it back to your chest.

* Front-raise plate rotation

Works shoulders and abdominals Start in the same position as for the stiff-legged deadlift curl and press. Raise the weight to eye level by extending your arms. Slowly turn your head and torso 90 degrees to the left. Now reverse the movement and twist 180 degrees to the right. Turn back so that you're facing straight ahead again.
If i am off-base and worrying for nothing, please tell me. It's better to be safe then sorry. You three are my guru's in this area. I respect and appreciate your opinions very much.


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Hi sassy!

I hardly think it's a complete workout that will cause someone to lose 3 dress sizes, but those are great exercises that I do and often have clients do. I don't know about the "rock or concrete block" since they are off balance and hard to hold, but doing them with a weight plate or dumbbells are great as long as the person has no pre-existing lower back problems.

The "bench press pull over" is also a back exercise: it hits lats as well as chest and arms.

The rotational exercise is one that I use a lot with people who have weak backs (almost all women) but not anyone with actual structural problems. It's a great golf conditioning exercise, as well.

Don't be afraid of compound exercises. Since 99.99% of people in the gym are NOT body builders, there's not reason to spend endless time on pure isolation exercises. The more body parts you have moving at once and the more joints that are involved, the more you are getting out of the exercise "fitness wise". Leg extensions are great...for isolating the lower teardrop of the quadricep, but they are not a very funtional exercise. You get far more out of a set of lunge and presses with dumbbells unless you really are trying to perfect the definition of a small portion of your quad.

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Hello Sassy Welcome back!!

Well firstly I am flattered and thank you for including MOI as an expert in this field, but I am by no means an expert... Meg and Mel are the personal trainers, I just like to read up on the stuff and have been working out for 20 years, ...

IMO I sure wish I could only do 3 exercises and lose 3 dress sizes in 3 months but it's not that easy it takes work and lots of it ... The exercises are all very good as Mel said but I think they should be incorporated with other compound excercises and cardio. Yes, cardio burns the fat pure and simple! I doubt also that in 15 minutes you would burn much fat to speak of or even work up much of a sweat. And the cement block and rocks, my first thought was OMG my toes The writer also says to do this workout daily, well we all know that we need at least 1 day or 4 of rest between weight training workouts.... I would get BORED to tears doing that workout for 3 whole months not only that but your body and muscles would be at a plateau also...

Sure hope these 2 cents of mine help... TTFN ...
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