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Cool I am nearly 6 weeks out.........

I went back to my Doctor on the 20th of Dec. and had lost 27 lbs. which was quite exciting but I did have a procedure to see if the tube out of my sto mach was constricted. It wasn't fortunately, yet, I had been ill so much after eating most anything or drinking anything other than clear liquids, even my shakes. I can no do masked potatos with cheese, a 3 inch long baked potato if it isn't to thick, yogurt and so on , even crackers are ok but I cannot eat meat or proteins. They are so heavy in my stomach they leave almost as soon as they get there. I am not to concerned as it is getting better slowly. What has me bummed is I have only lost 2 lbs sice my doctors visit on the 20th of Dec. Since I have begun eating again I have all but ceased to lose weight. Odd really. I can't do three meals a day but I do two. For breakfast I had a few grapes maybe five, a carb smart yogurt and for lunch a protein Ice which has 40 grams of protein, for dinner a couple of tablespoons of green beans and three tblsps. of mashed potatoes with cheese. I would think I would still lose weight but I am not. Perhaps its the carbs. I suppose I shall call the nurse and nutritionist after the holidays. I really don't know what to do at the moment. any suggestions????? I did heal well and have a small scar where the stitches came open (on the surface) but no big deal. I feel fine and have been quite busy. I am so happy with my small stomach though, for the first time I am not hungry all the time! That is a good feeling. Any advise you can give me would be appreciated.
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Congratulations on your 27 lbs WOWEE girl thats teriffic. I know this hasn't been a joy ride for you but your head seems to be in the right place. You are going to heal and thats the most important thing with WLS. Heal first then worry about the weight loss. I wouldn't worry about the 2 lbs loss, infact thats great !! Your body has just dropped an entire frozen turkey, give it some time to rest and catch up. Just think, its Christmas time and you DIDN'T gain like the rest of the world (yeah including me )

It doesn't sound like your eating alot but there could be some hidden calories. Why don't you try to log your food for a few days into fitday.com to see if your getting enuf / to much calories. You know some times we could be eating not enuf and the body will slow down. If I eat 600 - 800 calories I lose weight slow, if I go to 1000 - 1200 I lose weight faster... weird huh. Are you getting enuf water in ? if so how much are you drinking?

I'm glad your not feeling hungry, its amazing isn't it.

What does your doctor say about calories? is he conserned?

I'm really happy for your WL so far, I hope you are too. WTG !!!!!!
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pam, darlin. listen to me. IT'S THE CARBS!!! and, since we can absorb only about 20 grams of protein at a time, that protein ice at lunch is just waayyy too much [glad you can find them - they're hard to find!].

some relatively easy to take protein suggestions:

cottage cheese

very thinly sliced deli meats like turkey or roast beef or chicken [stay away from bologna and other very processed meats]

small pieces of cheese [don't try hot mozzarella!!!!!!]

tuna. mash it up well

soft fish like flounder

try a protein shake, and eat it with a spoon. i also had luck making SF chocolate pudding and mixing it with protein just before i ate it.

some people do very well with scrambled eggs. i didn't. but deviled eggs made with hot sauce worked very well for me.

remember: tiny tiny bites. don't rush through your food. if something doesn't work, put it aside for a few days, then try it again.

it's a lot of trial and error, but for right now, you're getting way too many carbs and way too little protein.

and like leenie said, water water water!!!!!
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Congratulations on what you have lost so far! I think you have received some good advice. I would also note that 12/20 was only 11 days ago. You have lost 2 additional pounds in that 11 days. This isn't a race; you may not see mega-pounds jumping off all the time.

That said, I agree that you should journal your food, get plenty of protein and limit those carbs. I have an additional suggestion as well.

You need to begin an exercise program! There is nothing like good heart-thumping exercise to kick-start your metabolism and boot away those pounds forever. You may want to begin with a walking program, or look into joining a gym. I've heard good things about Curves; if you have one in your area, give them a call. I enjoy working out at home using exercise videos. Richard Simmons, George Foreman, Leslie Sansone and others have videos geared to help people of all fitness levels get in shape.

Weight loss and weight maintenance is not acheived on a long-term basis by food alone. Exercise is every bit as important. Your body must feel so much lighter now, and easier to move. What a great time to get started!

Keep up the good work!
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I don't know about the particular Protein Icee JiffyPop was talking about, but when I had to rely on protein supplement drinks before I got my feeding tube, I use to freeze them and make them into 'icees'. I used the grater attachment on my Kitchenaid Mixer since it was heavy duty enough, but sometimes you can find some of the kids icee machines at WalMart that might do...not sure how well they would hold up & all with regular use. For me, it worked really well because I could only eat a little at a time and it had to be very slowly...and most protein supplement drinks taste best very, very cold.
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I had my surgery on 12/8 so I know where you're coming from. Your weight loss is doing great, like DancingAngel said, give your body a chance to catch up. Also, it may be possible that you aren't taking in enough calories-sometimes when we do that our body thinks it's starving and does everything to conserve those calories. I am doing well on some things, like chili and refried beans, not so good on meats-feels like I swallowed a golf ball., and have also hit a snag-not losing for over a week-but just think-in that time, before WLS-I would have gained a few. Try getting your protein in 2 different doses-too much at once won't do you any good. Right now, I'm using "Body Fortress" protein powder-it's yummy-the vanilla is great in orange sunrise crystal light, with some ice in the blender-add a few frozen strawberries for your fruit and enjoy. It has 20g of protein and is only $12. per jar at Walmart.
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