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Exclamation Need to know exactly which vitamins I need

I am getting online to order all my vitamins. I need to know which ones I need to take in the first 3 months-are they different then the ones you take after 3 months? Bariatriceating. com had great vitamins and protein. But I am curious-they have a liquid vitamin and then they have a wellness vitamin that states its for the first 3 months. So, I'm curious if I should be buying the wellness or the liquid and does it matter? Also, which B-vitamin should I be taking? And, should I be taking calcium right away or down the road? Which are the vitamins I'll need now, and which ones can I wait on? Thanks so much for all your support!
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Isn't this information you should get from your doctor?
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tfarah - a word of advice: it's not necessary to buy special bariatric vitamins. from my point of view ,they're a marketing ploy, although if you have trouble with regular vitamins, they're a CHOICE, not a MUST HAVE.

and funniegrrl is right - your doc should be telling you what you need. most docs tell us we need a good multivitamin that's readily absorbed. i'm a pill whimp, so i use centrum rugrats chewables. docs also tell us that we need extra calcium in the form of citrate or picolinate - NOT carbonate, although any calcium is better than none.

wait on the iron supplements until/unless your iron levels drop. most people have a lot of iron stored in their livers, and taking more - without needing it - can cause liver damage.

some of us also need extra B12 DOWN THE ROAD. again, your doc should monitor you vitamin levels on a scheduled basis...

first order of business: multivitamin, protein, calcium!!!!
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