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Default Insights about gastric sleeve surgery

I am new to this forum, excited to learning some insights about gastric sleeve surgery. How many of you have had successes to relate?
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I am new to WLS too. Right now I have been approved for a Gastric Sleeve and started the hoop jumping. I am a teacher so I am hoping to be ready for surgery June 2018. I will have the summer to recoup. I would love to hear any insights, tips, tricks, etc. I am so excited.
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I had my WLS (sleeve) just about 2 weeks ago. I am almost done with the 2-week liquid phase and soon will move onto the soft food phase. I am AMAZED so far at many things:

* My rate of loss, about 1 pound a day! (though this is projected to slow to 3-5 pounds a week to finish out first 90 days, then 2-4 pounds a week until my one-year anniversary)

* My knees already feel SO much better

* I have a lot of energy on 400-600 calories a day! Enough to walk a max of 5,000 steps so far. I know I probably will not be fueled enough to do stuff like a 1-hour aerobics class, but I find it remarkable how good I do feel burning my own body fat!

* I can wear a amethyst family heirloom bracelet already that my wrist was too big to wear before

* My rain jacket slips easily over my hips now, when before it got hung up on my butt

This is the most successful "diet" I have ever been on, and I am hardly hungry too! HUGE FAN.

Best wishes on your own journeys! I found the best source for up-to-date info was my surgeon's monthly seminar, which also included 1 hour of discussion with past patients who attend to answer questions and to get their own support.
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I have never done a Gastric Sleeve, but the thing I know is you should to avoid all caffeine after After Sleeve Surgery.
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My surgeon isn't that against caffeine, but he does suggest weaning off it prior to surgery so you can focus on fully hydrating beverages for a month after surgery. After that first month, as long as you drink at least 32 oz. (preferably 64 oz.) of non-caffeinated beverages a day, he thinks you're good to go (But he is definitely WAY more against alcohol use, as not only is that dehydrating, but is empty calories and can lead to poor food choices... don't I know it!)

Good luck, and hope you keep us updated on your progress with the VSG!
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I did the VSG on 1/17/18. It was a really hard decision for me-- I went to pre-op appointments for a whole year and rescheduled it once to go through therapy, but I ended up going through with it. I did not enjoy the couple of days in the hospital, but the recovery was quick and I was back to my normal schedule within a week. I've lost 16 pounds since surgery 3 weeks ago. I'm still just drinking liquids for another week. I don't know if I'm dropping weight as fast as some others, but I'm not finding it difficult at all so far.
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