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Default Considering the lap-band

Hi all,
I am 5'1.5" and 222 pounds and gaining. I have tried everything to lose weight and have yoyo-ed a lot in the past. I am considering the lap band and have a lot of questions. My coexisting conditions are migraines, boils on my inner thighs due to chafing, depression, and anxiety.

Would I be considered for the gastric band/lap band? How much does it typically cost with private insurance (I have blue cross blue shield)?
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When I went for my WLS consultation I was told that they don't do the lap bands anymore because there are so many problems with it. Look into the gastric sleeve or a bypass.
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^^^ What she said. My surgeon is another one that doesn't do the lap band anymore because of the high rate of issues with it. I'd look into VSG, DS, or RNY.

Good luck!
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My surgeon was also not a fan of the band, too many issues. I never cared for the band because as I heard a bander say, "well if I decide that I want to be a pig for awhile I can just go in and have my band adjusted to reduce the restriction" Isn't the point of having WLS to help us to change these behaviors that got us to where we are now? I wanted a tool that was really going to help me achieve my goal by helping me to remain compliant. I urge you to consider the other options, sleeve or RNY.
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I had lap band surgery. Lost 60 lbs and 3 years later had to have it removed/reversed. Too many complications. The surgeon that removed it was not the one who did the original surgery. He said he would not advise the lap band because the success rate is so low. I agree... I hated it.. The only reason I lost weight with the band is because I threw-up so much. I'm going to have the sleeve surgery.

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The gastric Balloon is now available. (Was approved by FDA last summer, for USA use a little while ago) That is cheaper, and even less invasive. Where I live, you can get 1 year of doctor follow up, nutritional counseling, and 2 balloons (I think they take one out and put another one in at about 6 month mark), for about $6,000.00. That is in the US, in Mexico, it is about $4,000.00.

(Yeah, I looked into it).

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get the RNY, i had it one month ago today, woke up feeling like a million dollars lost 26 lbs already, almost pain free..... best thing i ever did for myself......
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You have to do what's right for you. Do your research, look up the pros and cons of all of them. I've had friends tell me that the while the band is "removable" the affects of having it are not reversible.
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I am 5'2" and I weight 190. A bit less than you but I wouldn't consider surgery unless I hit 250. So many risks involved.
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A person who is 5-1 weighing in at 222 has a BMI of 41.9 while a person who is 5-2 and 190 has a BMI of 34.8. That's kind of a BIG difference.
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