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Default New Career?

So I had WLS in October 2011, lost about 80 lbs then stalled pretty much this past year. I've been stressed with work. I am a registered nurse. I've worked in the hospital and in the community. I've done bedside nursing and been a nurse manager. I like the manager job because I liked having the weekends and holidays off but the human resource part of the job was extremely stressful and I felt the job was stagnant. I went back to the hospital but I'm not keen on the 12 hour shifts but I do like that I don't have to work as many days because I work longer when I do work. I'm going to have to work more weekends and holidays than as a manager. There is a manager position coming up in August for the company I was at, I've applied but there's no guarantee that I will get it and I'm not even sure that I really want it. I've been making pros and cons lists, trying to decide what I want to do with my life etc and I'm flummoxed. Also several months ago I took a course to be a personal trainer. I'm doing the practical exam next week and I think pretty much everyone passes so no reason why I shouldn't. I'm thinking I would like to be in business for myself or even work at a gym or there are a few other ways and means of making a living being a personal trainer (thinking about doing a proposal to the hospital where I had the surgery for example, they could really use a personal trainer as part of their bariatric program), this is what I mean by a new career. The biggest problem is that I've got to get out of this stall and get into better shape, no one is going to want a personal trainer who looks like me! how on earth could I inspire anyone? Do you think I'm nuts? I know this is a decision I need to make for myself but at this point I'd appreciate ANY feedback anyone has to offer.
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hmmmm. interesting stuff going on.

let's start with YOU first. you say you've been stalled - i'm sort of thinking you've been 'maintaining.' after all, if you haven't gained, that's what you're doing. Yeah, i know you want to be losing, but you're still doing OK. There are a lot of possible reasons for this - stress, eating habits, exercise habits, a combination, medication changes - you know the drill.

should all of this prevent you from being a trainer, especially in the bariatric program? i'd vote NO. You'd be one of the few people who actually understand what the patients are going through - including their emotional states and their fears of exercise.

And perhaps it would keep you motivated as well.

In the states, a lot of nurses are switching to clinical trial managers, to contract research organizations for running clinical trials, into continuing medical education/healthcare communications, and pharma companies. any of that appeal to you?

there are MANY options open to you - but you have to follow your heart and build on your many excellent skills....
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