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Default Dissolving protein powder recommendations

I am looking for a protein powder that will dissolve and not clump in hot liquids. I don't like plain water, so I drink a lot of hot tea to get in my liquids. Right now I add a serving of milk powder to it because I like milk in my tea & it gives me 8 grams of protein. I tried Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100 % Whey Protein unflavored protein powder, but it clumps in hot liquids & tastes gross. In general, I don't like the taste of any of the protein powders I've tried. If I could just find an unflavored or maybe even vanilla that would dissolve in my tea, maybe I could add enough splenda that I wouldn't notice it. That stuff is so expensive I'm hoping to take advantage of everyone's experience. Does anyone have any ideas?
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I'd recommend trying an "undenatured protein powder" this is whey protein that has been made at much lower temperatures. It not only dissolves MUCH better in liquids, the flavor is much more mild.

Unfortunately heat breaks up and clumps the proteins, so even undenatured protein will clump in VERY hot liquid (especially if it reaches boiling temperature).

However, I've found that it dissolves quite nicely and doesn't clump in very warm beverages, so if I let the soup, tea or hot cocoa cool to drinking temperature before adding the protein powder, it will dissolve quite well.

I learned the hard way though not to mix the water and protein and THEN continue heating (either in a microwave or on the stove). I ruined a batch of mushroom soup by letting the soup simmer after adding the protein powder (if I had taken it off the stove and then added the protein powder, or had even stirred in the protein and then taken the soup off the stove, it probably would have been fine. But I wasn't ready to eat yet, and instead of removing the pot from the stove, I allowed it to continue simmering and the whole batch seized up into a weird grainy mess).

Likwise when I mixed hot cocoa mix, protein powder, and water and then microwaved it, I got a similar mess. But by nuking the water, letting it cool just a bit and then adding the hot cocoa and protein mix, it dissolved just fine (and the protein powder flavor was nice and mild).

Undenatured, plain protein powder can be difficult to find (and expensive when you do find it), but the difference is quite amazing.

Syntrax plain, I believe is one brand (I think it might be called Synrax medical? Not sure, but they do have many flavors in addition to a plain version). If you can find a local cheesemaker, you may be able to get it a bit cheaper (unfortunately if you have to buy online, the shipping really offsets the price to the point that it's on par with the big-name brands).

Comparing the undenatured whey protein with conventional whey really is apples and oranges. The flavor and texture is very different. The powder is almost crystaline (more like fine salt or sugar rather than like talc) and the flavor is much more mild (more like diluted milk).

The results do tend to be bit more predictable with cold liquids though (because the heat of hot liquids will start to denature the proteins - and they'll clump). Finding a temperature that is warm enough to be to your liking, but not so warm as to clump the protein, takes a bit of experimentation (and failures aren't always very palatable).

You can also buy flavored undenatured protein powders (Syntrax comes in many flavors), but the most expensive part of the protein powder is the protein itself, so the unflavored tends to be the most cost-effective and the most versatile, because you can sweeten to your tastes and you can use it in savory as well as sweet recipes.
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Have you tired protien powders with milk? That usually helps me when i drink protien powders. Maybe even warming up your milk a little bit may make it even better! i may have to try that myself soon!!
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There is a name for the method I use, but for the life of me, I can't think of it.

In essence, you mix a little warm liquid with the protein powder. Then bring the temp of the liquid in question to the temp you want and slowly add that to your mix.

So, for example, suppose I am making cream of mushroom soup and want to mix protein powder into it. I start to heat the soup. When it gets warm, I take a few tablespoons of the soup and mix it with the protein in the dish I am going to eat out of. I use just enough soup to make it a paste-like consistency. Then I continue heating the soup until its the temp I want and add that to the protein mix, stirring thoroughly.

Usually it doesn't clump. If the temp of the liquid goes about 130 degrees, your protein becomes denatured-in essence, cooked. As far as I know, this isn't bad for the protein, but the consistency is definitely different, so try to keep the final temp under 130 degrees.
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sounds like your tempering the protein - sounds like a good idea. Kaplods has it right with the heat denaturing the proteins. I like the syntrax flavors - they mix in water and many have a pleasant fruit flavor. They're also pretty good mixed in yogurt.

I've found that most places will take back the protein powder and give you a full refund if you don't like it. thank goodness!
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Yes! Tempering! Thanks, Jiffy.

When I had my two strictures, I lived on soft foods for awhile. Cream soups with protein powder were almost a daily meal.

And I like Syntrax powders the best as well, although Unjury Chicken Soup is yummy.
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I need to say I am having food envy... and protein envy.

*sigh* Darn it they need to sell this in Canada too.
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