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not bad for a 47 yr Nana!
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Default Plastic Surgery....Thursday!!!

!! woohoo !!

Having a "Flor de lis" tummy tuck! (a cool option for people that have lost a lot of weight in the tummy area)

I was scheduled to have surgery in Nov. but my surgeon called me this morning and asked if I could be in Salt Lake City by 10am Thursday morning! I can, I paid for surgery already, paid for a hotel, have my daughter coming to take care of me! I am so excited!


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needs constant reminding
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That is sosososososososo exciting! woohoo
wowowowowowow! best wishes for a speedy recovery.

can you tell I have plastic surgery envy?
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Never want to go back!
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How exciting! What makes the tummy tuck you're getting different from regular tummy tucks?

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Excited about my new life
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How exciiting, girl....get your bikini out this summer. Well, heck why wait to summer, wear whenever....too excited for you. I was wondering if you were gonna to see your daughter. Good she will be there to help you during the healing process.

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Escape from my fat suit
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Wishing you a successful surgery and a quick recovery. Our prayers are with you.
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I'm so happy for you!
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YAY!!!!!!!!! can't wait to see the results! with pics from some exotic beach with the BF!!!!
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Wooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooo! **** Wear that Bikini Grocery Shopping! and remember to take before and afters!
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I'm very excited for you too !!
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fabulous by 40
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Yay !! Good for you!
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Hey Ange! You go girl! Take care of yourself. How is your daughter doing? She is expecting right? Send those pics.
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ONEderland here I come!
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oh you're going in this morning! Best of luck!
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No description available.
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Wow! Sending healing thoughts your way! Congrats!
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good luck
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