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Angry WHY is THIS HAPPENING TO ME!??!?!!?!?

I feel Angry, Frustrated, and Hateful!! I have been trying to eat well for the past month and i ate well for a week than gave up and stopped, started a week later and now its a week and just today and yesterday I ATE LIKE A PIG!!! I FEEL likE I CAN NEVER EVER LOSE THIS WEIGHT!!!! I ate CHEESECAKE, Butter Tarts, and DAte Square for breakfast WHO THE **** DOES THAT!?!?!??!?!?! I FEEL ANGRY AT MY SELF AND I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY I DO THAT!!! I mean I EAT THAT RUBBISH AND THEN FEEL LIKE ****!!! I dont Know I dont think i have the right tools to lose these 25lbs!! I cant really afford to sign up for much like weight watchers or anything like that!! IF anyone can help me that would be GReat!!! ANy Help is GREAT!!! I just really want to lose about 15-20lbs bY february!!

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Deep breath, sweetheart.

I think we've all done things like that. The first step is to just forgive yourself, then once you're calmed down, sit down and really think about why you ate those things. Were you upset? Were you restricting your calories to the point that your body was just too hungry, and pushed you into bingeing? Do you think there is some mental block or "rebellion" going on in your subconscious that keeps you from "lasting" more than a week?

The best thing you can do right now, aside from the already-mentioned forgiveness, is to take plenty of time to read this site. I would suggest actually starting with the Success Stories forum, so you can see the struggles some of our dieters have had and overcome. Most of all, know that even if you don't have the tools to lose weight right this second, you can get them HERE! We're all here and ready to support you in this.

Good luck!
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I agree with pp. Forgive yourself. I have found that going through the success threads/posts were such a hugh motivator! I also bought "YOU: on a diet" That book has helped A LOT.

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Don't be so hard on yourself! It's what you do now that matters. Do you throw in the towel or do you dust yourself off and figure out why you felt compelled to eat those things? Also I second the "You on a Diet" book, Eleny. I thought I knew everything about dieting and nutrition, but I have learned so much. It takes some of the emotion out of this whole struggle by explaining cravings and breakdowns in "willpower" and how you're not weak -- sometimes the way we deprive ourselves on diets sets us up for failure and binges.

Hang in there, Lose25! You can do this!
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You aren't alone in this behavior, you know. I agree with the first poster. Forgive yourself first. See if you can figure out why you do it (which is probably going to take a while)... and get right back on track!
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Move on. You can't keep beating yourself up over this. You have to get over it and start again, right now. The worst thing you can do is to say, I've screwed up all ready, it doesn't matter now if I eat whatever I want the rest of the day. Try to figure out where or why you went wrong, and try to prevent that from happening again instead. It would probably be a good idea if you get that stuff out of the house, if possible. Why keep them there to tempt you. Make sure you have lots of healthy choices available, so that if you get hungry or just want to eat, you can choose something good for you instead of sweets.

You can do this. Don't give up!
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I would take the time to look back on yesterday. Oftentimes, when this sort of thing happens, it seems that we tend to rationalize what we're doing as we continue to eat. We make these little excuses that seem to make sense until THE NEXT DAY! We start to say things to ourselves like "Oh, just one more won't hurt -- I've already eaten a bunch" or "I deserve a treat."

I was thinking about this sort of thing this weekend, and I realized that oftentimes we make excuses to ourselves as we overeat. We've given ourselves permission to do harm to our bodies. Imagine if you had a life-threatening allergy to the cheescake. Would you have eaten it? No! This is despite however strong the craving may have been. You wouldn't eat it because you knew that it would do something negative to your body. Do people that stay away from pork because of religious reasons eat it just because it smelled really delicious that day? No! This is because they believe that they are doing some sort of harm to themselves by eating it. Do real vegetarians have a steak one day just because the odors were divine? No! This is because it counteracts their beliefs.

So, you see it's not that hard to stay away from things that you crave...This is if, and only if, you change your mindset. If you start to think of eating unhealthy things or overeating as something that harms your body/your goals in life rather than just a regular choice, you may find that it is much easier to resist things that counteract your goals. It seems that you may not have changed your mindset yet, and that may be why it was so easy to give into your cravings.
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Great post, Tara!

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I also wonder if you might be putting too much pressure on yourself. At your weight and height, trying to lose 15-20 lbs by february might be too fast to do in a healthy manner. You may be dpriving yourself too much which is triggering binge reactions as your body screams for food.

Make a sensible plan that leaves you satisfied see where it gets you. sow and steady works better than frantic
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Been there, done that! You have already gotten some excellent advice. I would just add that the title of your post seems a bit "victim" in nature. YOU are in control (or you can be!). Take charge of your actions.

Best wishes.
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Hey Its Lose25 (Beyonca)

THank you all so much for you message it is deeply appreciated, its just so hard sometimes to forgive yourslef because you feel like such a failure! and my problem is everywhere i work is a fast food place or a bake shop! its frustrating! I have been trying to lose these pounds since for ever and i dont know what to do i have failed so many times that i feel like i am yet to fail again! and about getting information on healthy eating where will i get that, in which forum? and how long did should it take me to lose those 25 lbs?. Thanks again but i did really terrible today and yesterday and i hope i can get back on track tomorrow i just absoloutely over ate and i dont even know why. I ate sweets all day and then pizza, cookies, ice cap and other rubbish! i willl try to forgive my slef! thanks again!
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Coming here to post and or journal is a GOOD thing.
I have gone up and down with weight for the last dozen years.
Some medical problems but nothing that would make weight loss impossible. I was frustrated because with every new book or diet revelation out there there was something lacking. I wasn't abused, I didn't "love" food, I wasn't a sad eater, mad eater etc(although I have gobbed down a handful of m&ms for no good reason, who hasn't?)
It wasn't stress related and I was even pissed off at the Oprahs and Dr Phils of the world.....Jeez guys, it isn't THAT easy....
The only thing that has consistently worked FOR ME...is to increase exercise.... a LOT.
No carb, low carb, fear of carbs, no fat, no sugar, no white food etc all did not work for me. I am Italian and love my bread. I like steak, I wil eat eggs and I will butter my toast.....
It truly is moderation. I did NS for a short while a few years ago. The best thing about that was true portions. We Americans have NO IDEA what a true portion is supposed to be. Ever see the muffins at Costco? That's three servings at least.
I do all of the things that we know we should do. Fill up on water, salads and veggies. I run and get to the gym at least 5 days a week. I incorporate weights which allow me to forgive myself a little more as far as calories are concerned ( not much).
You can do it.
Now I will fall off the wagon, I tend to in the wintertime. I have no excuse this year as I live in the South....no frigid cold hampering my walks/runs.
Good luck,
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I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone I definitely have had same breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and non-official meals.

I don't know how difficult it is to be surrounded by that food - do you have a space at your work where you can post little notes or leave little cards for yourself that affirm your goals and remind you of what you want to do? Or maybe look at it as a budget thing? Like every time you would definitely buy something, put that money away - you can even make or buy a container that's your own personalized piggy bank - and save up to treat yourself to something special - is there something you'd really like to do but put off because of money? Well here's your chance! And come to 3FC often, for me sometimes I stay on until a craving passes and I've reminded myself enough as to why I'm not going to give in to the craving.

Good luck - you can do it!!
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I really am trying! and even now i dont what why i mess up! i have just been trying to lose this weight since september and i have failed over and over agaiN! Its frustratinG! i dont know why i eat either. I was doing good for a week and then the weekend came and i screwed up! I ate more than 3000 calories in one day this week! and i really hope i can get back on track tomorrow!
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are you journaling? try to journal your food and your feelings when you are eating. are you bored, tired, anxious, stressed? Soon you will see your patterns and your triggers. Then you can work on not giving in to the triggers.
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