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Default Illness

I had to take two weeks off from exercise due to feeling a little under the weather. I had a severe migrane with pins and needles all down my one side. I could barely stand up and when I did I needed support to get anywhere otherwise I would fall over. This lasted for ages, I maintained the loss that I had previously made.

I am now being told by my folks and a guy at work that really cares for me that I am overdoing it. They say my body will stay the way it needs to stay and I can not force it to change. However they know my goal and they know I wont stop til I achieve what I want to achieve.

Its just made me a little, whoa, really. I mean I know i will probably never love my body, but surely how I feel inside counts and if I want it that badly they should support it?!
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Great job on maintaining the loss while you were unable to exercise. I would think that you can still reach your goal. Please take it easy until you feel well.
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Well... it's hard to tell if you're overdoing it or not because we don't really know what you're doing (or not doing).

You might be getting sick because you're not getting the nutrition you need. Many women who suffer from eating disorders (I did, two years ago) suffer in the same way because they're putting so much stress on their bodies by overexercising/undereating. Ask yourself... are you getting at least 1200 calories in a day (more if you exercise)? Are you getting your daily recommended amounts of things like proteins and B vitamins? Are you getting enough electrolytes? (lack of electrolytes can REALLY mess you up)

My DH gets migraines in much the same way - dizziness, numbness on one side, disorientation... it's almost like a stroke. BUT the only way you can know for sure is to get to a doctor. Have you gone yet? If not - DO! Women are much more prone to strokes/mini-strokes, and if you ever have those symptoms, you need to see a doctor. The numbness on one side of your body is a HUGE RED FLAG. Don't ignore it!!

If the people who love you are telling you that you're overdoing it, maybe you should stop and take inventory and ask yourself if you really ARE overdoing it. Sometimes we don't realize these things until other people tell us... it's very easy to be so focused on the goal that we get "tunnel-vision" and forget to look at the big picture. Losing weight means nothing if your body's not healthy.
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It always baffles me why people are so interested in someone else's weight! If you are fat they are "concerned about your health" and if you lose weight they are "concerned you are over-doing it". I am not a doctor, but I really doubt if your migraines have anything to do with your weight loss unless you are starving yourself or over-exercising or have an eating disorder or fad-dieting. Is your goal weight within a healthy range according to your height and build and age? Are you eating healthy foods at an amount appropriate for your current weight and exercise regimen? Are you losing at a healthy rate of only 2 or less pounds per week? Have you seen a doctor or nutritionist at any point during your weight loss efforts? If you can answer yes to all of these questions then my guess is the people commenting have more concerns about their own identities in relation to the new healthy you. Its amazing how many people feel threatened or jealous when "the fat" daughter, sister, friend, wife, co-worker, etc. becomes the healthy, lean, gorgeous successful one. My overweight mom and sister become "concerned" when I weigh about 165... 40 pounds heavier than the high end healthy weight for my height (and almost 60 pounds heavier than the minimum)!

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100py do you generally get migranes? I suffer from migraines like the one you described. Thank goodness I only get a few now compared to before.

1. Make sure you are getting enough nutrition and water.

2. Take B 50 complex vitamins (2 per day)

3. Talk to your doctor (if you haven't)

I started a diary to help me figure out what caused my migranes. Migranes may be caused by many differnt things but you want to make sure you rule out other more serious issues. I went through cat scans, MRIs, and numorous other tests to make sure there wasn't anything serious that was causing the migranes. (Mine actually were caused by a horrible flux in my hormones, they started at puberty, went away for a while, came back about 17, went away for about a year then continuously got worse until I started taking a series of B complex vitamins, then it helped I don't know why or how, but it did.
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I am almost a healthy weight for my height - 7lbs more and I would be ideal - the nurse told me this herself.

I dont tend to no, this was the first since about this time last year. Last year I put it down to the clocks changing and depression. I have been studying very hard this year though. I have managed to read 1000+ page book within 2 days.

I am, hopefully, still on course for xmas, and I am going to try really hard to get there. Somedays I do find it really hard to eat the 1200 calories I am meant to and leave it at 1000.
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