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It's working this time!
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I have to confess that I've had those jealous feelings before.

I would never ever put them out in the open or NOT support a friend because of them, but I've had them plenty of times in my head.

The first time I tried Overeaters Anonymous, was because one of my best friends was trying to lose some weight for her wedding and I actually caught myself (on more than one occassion) thinking about how I hoped that she didn't lose any weight, because I didn't want to be the only fat one! I was HORRIFIED with myself!!! And I felt even worse when she didn't end up losing the weight for her wedding.

But we're doing it together this time.
And we're both doing really well. I am proud of both of us, but I'm still ashamed of myself for ever having those horrible thoughts.

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This time it's for ME!
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I know exactly what you mean! I don't talk too much about my weight loss any more.
Several of my friends are trying to lose weight also but have not had too much success. When I used to talk out it and sometimes was very excited about losing a pound or two they would sometimes have that "look" like they wanted to change the subject. I do still have a few friends that actually are happy for me and notice the difference. I just love them!
Hey, I know I don't have as much weight to lose as some others but every little pound is a battle and I am very proud to know I've lost it on my own with no magic pill.
Now, if I get a compliment I just say "thank you" and only talk about the loss if I'm asked.
This is my journey and I have the support of my family. That's all that counts.
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The "friend" that I used to talk about weight issues with turned out to be a subtle saboteur. We'd go out to lunch together. She would try to get me to order food she know were my weakness but not hers.

Although we still work together, I distanced myself from her and don't have lunch with her anymore. I have not told her about my newest efforts and won't anything. She's on her way back up after gastric bypass surgery. I think I'm better off not even getting into it with her.
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