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Originally Posted by kms7z
the side point, which maybe i made sound overharsh and i'm sorry if i did, was just that the 1000 cal a day may be difficult to manage in the longterm.
Oh my gosh, yes, that's definitely too low for someone who runs and is an avid exerciser. That I would never do. Runners and body builders and even those who exercise vigorously at home or something will surely need more than 1000 calories, for health reasons especially. However, although I DO get some activity, I'm not religious about exercise. Therefore 1000-1200 calories is all my body needs to get by. If I would start working out on a regular basis, then yes, I'd probably have to start eating more.

I just didn't want to scare her and lead her to believe that she'll fail at keeping off the weight she's lost or, worse, end up sick with an illness if she continues to eat only 1000 calories. Now if she would have said that she works out and lifts weights and does cardio 2 hours every day then I too would be telling her to eat more. But without knowing her activity level, it's hard to say. Meaning unless we know more about that person, we can't automatically tell her she's not eating enough. That's not our place. We don't know enough about her to make a call like that. We may tell her to start eating more, giving her possible false advice, and then she may do it and gain weight. I wouldn't want that on my conscience, lol.

And I agree about the sodium. That'll do it every time
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Thank you ladies for all of your advice. And sure enough, it is coming off.

As far as the calorie count is concerned, I eat when I am hungry. I am not a snacker and I ALWAYS eat 3 meals a day. If I get hungry in between meals, I have a piece of deli turkey ( low sodium) with some mustard. It suits me just fine I guess. But Linda, you are right, it's really hard to come on here and then have everyone tell you that you are not eating enough. I've even posted a thread once to try and come up with an idea of how to up my calories. I figure if I needed more calories, then my body would be hungry...plain and simple.

But thanks for the advice and support...it was definitley needed!

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i have the same problem. i gained 2 lbs overnight. LITERALLY. lol. and still waiting for it come off a week later. and i didnt cheat and gorge myself on 7,000 cals or anything. LOL> also i have trouble eating more than 1200 calories. sometimes i get there sometimes i dont. i am not much of a "snacker" either but get really healthy low calorie meals. LOts of veggies and stuff which are low in cals but really fill me up. your post couldnt have come at a better time. you sounded just like me! hope your doing great now!
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