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Less is more.
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Angry Double spare tire…>_<

Just a little rant about something that I can’t stand about myself. It’s a bit irrational and kinda funny but it really grinds on me.

My “second” spare tire. Grrr…

Okay, I have a belly… a “spare tire” that layer of fat that wraps all the way around right above my belly button. Then….. I have a second… one that hangs right below my belly button. (gross!!) I have my own theory as to why I have this, for not even my best friend who is almost the same size as me, has this problem.

I think it started because I use to wear pants that where one or sometimes two sizes too small for me. In middle school I was wearing a size 16, but I would squeeze into a size 14 or even 12 if possible. Thus “molding” my tummy.. the fat that was under the tight band.. and the fat that sat above ( and over) the band.

I know it’s nothing big at all really. But it really bothers me and it has for a very long time. I haven’t seen my belly button in who knows how long. The “pouch” of fat under my belly button makes wearing anything but granny panties very awkward. I’ve always wanted to wear those cute sexy little bits of underwear just to feel a bit sexier. You know ^_^
It just feels weird because of the extra tire; the top band of the panties kinda vanish between the tires and it looks like I have a strip of cloth glues to my skin or something because the band is gone @[email protected] And I don’t know about you.. but as a 21 year old wearing full butt covering granny panties…. That’s just wrong. >_< not that I want to wear a thong or anything...egads…only some cute lacy things you know. I tried a thong once just for kicks and the top band didn’t even reach over my pouch.. @[email protected] it ether would have to cut right across the pouch or sit hidden under it. *twitch*

I’m also afraid that the little pouch will never go away. Like if I lose the fat the skin will just hang there, now an empty pouch. When I had lost 40 pounds the summer after high school the pouch did shrink some…not very much as tire number 1. all I noticed was that it sagged a bit lower.. (yikes!).. but I did see my belly button peeking out though the fat.. not much, just a shadow.. but more than ever before. (of course I can see my belly button, but I would have to hold my tired #1 up in order to do so.)

I’ve had dreams for years that I took a huge knife and cut the pouch off of me, knowing that it was nothing but fat. I would wake up, terrified that I truly did that and would feel for my tummy... half glad that I didn’t do something so stupid... and half upset that the pouch was still there.

I have thought about maybe in the future if I happen to have the means (way, way into the future)… then I could get surgery to cut that pouch off if it truly does end up hanging there

Whew… feels kinda good to admit that about myself (finally). I never really admitted it to anyone really. But I’ve been very self conscious about it as of late. Now having a boyfriend to see me wandering around in my granny panties @[email protected] Wearing bathing suits just draws attention right to the pouch and I’m tired of wearing a bathing suit with a built in skirt. And don’t even get me started on my choir dress. Oiy… I saw myself on the recording. (I was in the front row…gezz.) and I about died at how much my tires where sticking out.. even with the girdle to hold them in and mold me into a better shape for the dress.

I don’t really want the fear of never losing the pouch to keep me from losing the weight.. I would rather have a empty saggy pouch than a full one ^_^
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I am built the exact same way, I think it's just the way we are built (not due to squeezing into pants or anything) I'm down to around 130 lbs now and I still have a tiny tummy below my belly button and I still have a tiny bit of fat above my belly button. It's just the way I'm built so I try to accept it. I finally accepted that I can lose weight, but I can't lose my body shape.
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Im built the same way. My belly button looks hudge because the top roll pushes it in making it look alot bigger then it is. My second bottom roll hangs too. Although it wasnt as bad before I had kids. But there is hope. I've lost 60 pounds and I can already tell a big difference in both rolls. It's even flat when I lay down. Keep your chin up.
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When I started to lose weight , I had both pouches too. The one below my belly button is gone now. Still have a slight one above belly button, but I accept this. I don't expect to look perfect. I would have loved a tummy tuck too but can't afford it and have had several abdominal surgeries so it isn't even an option. I used to always have to wear granny panties, but I wear sexy undies now. I know what you mean about the thong, been there and done that. Never again. Felt like I had dental floss up my butt cheeks. LOL
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I have that too! I never really thought it was that bad. My top tire has almost disappeared now. but even when I was 135 pounds when I sat down my belly button desappeared. I own a tattoo shop and there are ton's of people built like us. I can never get my belly button pierced because it disappears, it could easily get infected or just plain never heal. I can wear almost any kind of panies, my favorite is the hip hugger ones, they cover everything and are low enough they just litterally go high enough to cover stuff. You might just have to adapt to them, once you are used to them, you might wonder why you didn't do it earlier
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I have the same shape belly too! I also think that it stems from trying to wear things too tight for me. I have always had this idea that if it's a little tight it's like a gurdle, NOT!!!! I also have a spot above my belly button where my last daughter while in utero would stick her feet and push out in the last month of my pregnancy. So I have one side that pokes out more than the other. I am glad to see that I am not alone. I also am big chested so everything I wear makes me look huge. There are parts of my body that I am satisfied with but the tummy has got to go!!! I hope we all lose it.
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I've never ever been one to wear tight clothes, and I had both rolls at my highest. (Above the belly button is the last place I gain weight and the first place it leaves) Even at goal I still have the lower pooch, it's just small, and at this point mostly skin. Like one of the above posters, mine is just hidden by boyshorts. I think that generally where you gain/carry weight is all genetics, and not influenced by clothing.
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My top tire is the one that bothers me. My lower one has shrunk a ton since losing weight which has only made my top one more predominant. I hate when I sit down and it goes over my waistband or when my shirt clings and you can see it. Ugh. I can't wait till it's gone.
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I have this too :O(. I hate it. My belly button gets tucked in between the two... I could never do a belly piercing like someone else mentioned. Below the belly doesnt bother me AS much, because thats a natural woman spot to have a pouch, but ABOVE the belly, I hate more than anything (well, not more than my thighs!) and I think I would feel so much thinner if I didnt have that sticking out OVER my belly button.

UGH Anyway, you are not alone.
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I agree with PeeB. I think the little pouch below the belly button is a natural place for a woman to have a little pudge- it's above the belly I don't like. My upper roll sits on top of my waistband & looks horrible! I think the body shape, weight gain pattern is genetic & not related to what a person wears. I also think 'apple' shaped women often have this problem. I hope we all lose our tires.
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I have the same thing....I hate it.
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Less is more.
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Gah I'm so surprised that so many others have the same problem. I know that below the belly button is a natural place for fat to collect. But I I don't want to have it hanging there. It hangs low enough that it almost hides the fact that I'm a girl @[email protected] and it's never fun to get rashes in that area.. which I do all the time and they never heal because the area never gets any air. BTW I hate summer.. heat rash >_<

I wear lower hugging underwear now because I was finally able to wear those cute jeans that everyone wears when I lost the 40 pounds. and when I first tried them on you could see like 5 inches of my underwear sticking out the back LOL so I switched.
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I definitely have the same problem. I haven't seen my belly button without holding up my top gut since probably middle school I don't think it's from too tight clothing, necessarily--I never really wore clothes that were uncomfortably tight.

As for underwear, I LOVE the little boy shorts kind--they're more fun than the typical granny panties without being cut so low as to allow the dreaded hangover. And, BTW, my boyfriend likes them very much--it's something he actually commented on once WITHOUT me having to mention it first like most other things
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Oh ... I know what you mean ...

Mine isn't so much a spare tire as a huge flap of skin that just sags. I hate it ... hate it .. hate it ....

...and I've been heavier and I didn't have it.

This is from being fat AND out of shape.
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