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Lightbulb squash your weakness

ok, i feel like the one thing in my way to really making some progress is ... ice cream

i do a good job of not buying ice cream at the grocery store or when we eat out. the problem is that my dad has recently moved in with us, and HE has bought ice cream. TWICE. and while a container of ice cream over the course of 3 weeks is not serious damage, it is mentally unsettling (i'm a little bit of a perfectionist).

the real problem with ice cream is i can not stop once i start and i usually eat many small bowls in one evening. tonight i ate about 2 cups of healthy choice rocky road total.

do other people have that one trigger food? i guess the best way is to go cold turkey. so tomorrow i am going to start just that. if anyone else wishes to join, feel free to list your challenge food.
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I do have trigger foods. I know I'm radical and a lot of people strongly believe in moderation - but I simply put my trigger foods on a "no" list. I did not eat those foods anymore. Eating them just wasn't an option. Ice cream is one of my "no" foods. I'm with you, I love everything about ice cream and I could never stop at one small bowl if there was a container in the house.

Now, while maintaining, I would never buy ice cream for the house or allow myself to eat ice cream out of a container in the house. 1 scoop while out of the house is okay, sharing an ice cream dessert is okay. Finite things are okay. Stuff I can keep going back for more again and again? Uh uh.

I know myself too well - why torment myself like that?
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congrats at being at your goal weight!

i usually follow the "moderation" principle-- i enjoy fried and fatty things, even chocolate, in moderation... but there is something about ice cream. thanks for not making me feel crazy for having to put it on the "no" list.
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Ice Cream is definitely one of my weaknesses too. I am on the low-carb lifestyle and found that Braum's has a really good selection of low-carb ice cream. I prefer to just go there occasionally and get a scoop. Having a whole carton in the house would make me want to eat it all.


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I just don't have a "NO" list. For me, denying myself the right to a certain food (fried chicken, potato chips, ice cream) would only perturb the likeliness that I'll find some other way to eat it later, and in a greater quantity than I actually expected to ingest. The only food that would fall under this "NO" category if any existed at all, would be oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Ladies and Gentlemen, the cravings will devour you whole once your teeth meets the surface of this oatmeal-simple-sugar conglomerate. Do not attempt to diet and have this cookie during the course.
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Simple carbs are a trigger food --- I just can't moderate them. So for me it is just best to stay away. Maybe someday I will learn portion control with them but now is not that day.
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My weakness is Pizza. I cant just have one slice. I love it. The way it smells. I even love the grease lol. Sad I know. I only have pizza once every 6 months~ the real kind, Pizza Hut. I do make my homemade pizza, BBQ Chicken, which is wonderful, but sadly not the same.
My other weakness is chocolate and Starbucks. I do have Starbucks ONLY on Saturdays now, which is major control from my daily Starbucks treat. As for chocolate, well I dont think ill ever stop eating it lol
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Ice cream was one of mine, but I think I have successfully entered ice cream rehab and got out the other side. I never buy it for the house anymore. I was the classic "bad day at work medicated by a tub of phish food" eater.

I have ice cream from my posh deli in the village. I have to walk. I have one scoop in a cone, and I have to walk back. They're only open four days a week, and only limited hours, so it's a pretty safe way to enjoy a treat.

Or at the movies. One scoop in a cup, and that's it.

Over the last 14 months I have had ice cream less than 10 times, and I don't even crave it anymore. It really was quite a thing with me.

I have a very active inner three year old that lives in my head. If I tell her she can't have something she throws massive tantrums that throw me off course. I can keep her placated with healthy options most of the time, and she's learnt to love strawberries and cottage cheese, but sometimes you just gotta give a three year old icecream.
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Trigger foods?
Anything that's sweet or crunchy that's in a box.

I don't buy boxes of cookies anymore because I know I'll eat the whole box in a day. If I want a cookie I'll buy an individual bag or something like that.

I don't buy big bags of chips...because again I'll eat the whole bag in a day. If I just really want chips I get a single small bag.

The same thing for cakes...I can't buy a cake because I'll eat the whole thing! Stuff in my fridge and pantry has to be in small portions or packages. It's weird because now that I'm thinking about it...I have to separate the meat I buy from the store. I never cook the entire slab of ground turkey or the whole 8 pieces of chicken. I have to separate it and freeze the other half so I don't eat the whole thing.
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I don't have any forbidden foods, but oh yes there are triggers. Almost anything sweet, plus other carb loaded snacks. Cheese crackers and cheese puffs are doom for me. I deal by almost never letting myself have these things, and when I do only buying as much as I should realistically eat in one or two gos. If I have a bag of something, that entire bag will be gone within two days no matter how hard I try, so I had to realize that and work around it.
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There's decadent fudge ice cream in the fridge as we speak. Looks killer! I just have to NOT look at it!
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oh ice cream- one of my worst triggers- I can no longer allow myself to have those drumstick cones because if I eat one, I'll end up eating 3!!! I'm bad about eating dessert at night, and this is one habit I'm still trying to break!

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Old 03-30-2006, 08:59 PM   #13
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My most triggery food is cookies. If I do break down and buy them, I try to buy something individually wrapped because it seems to make me eat less of them if I have to keep opening packages. I have a box of Biscotti beside my bed in case of emergency.
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I don't have any specific trigger foods, I guess. I'm an equal opportunity eater, I guess. So, there's lots of things I can't keep in the house. They aren't on a "no" list, per se, I just can't have them in the house. If I want ice cream, we have to go out for it. Lately we've taken to walking the 2 miles down to TCBY and back. I've got to really want it, in other words!

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Ice Cream lovers - check out Nestle Real Dairy Smoothie - ohhh soo good!
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