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Default I'm so glad!

That my husband is so supportive of my weight loss quest!
He know's i'm not happy with my body and that i want to get healthier and slim down.. of course he tells me he thinks i am beautiful right now.. but i always tell him "i'm glad you do.. because i don't feel so beautiful"..

anyway.. the point of this post
Hubby asked on the way home form picking our son up from a sleepover what I would like for dinner.. he then said " what about pasta".. then quickly said " oh wait.. that would probably be a billion calories eh?" (talking about spaghetti with tomatoe/meat sauce".. so then he says " well how about a nice Chicken cesar salad".. so I said "sure sounds great"

Well he goes in the grocery store to get the lettuce, dressing and croutons.. and picked out the lowest Cal cesar dressing he could find .. and the same with the croutons...

I love that my hubby is so thoughtful and so willing to help keep me on track in my quest

just had to share

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I am happy to hear that your DH is so very helpful. Mine tries, but still buys stuff that is not good for either of us. But nonetheless is dtill verysupportive.
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I'm happy for you too that your husband is supportive . Mine tells me I am beautiful and always has, no matter how bad I feel about myself. He's not so great with the food though, recently he gave me a box of girl-scout cookies (why, sweetie, why?!!), which I had to refuse. I explained why I couldn't take them (something about not being able to stop myself eating the whole box ) and he was ok with it.

Bless 'em.

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Awww, that is so great! He obviously loves you no matter what size you are, but it's still so great to read that he wants to help you feel better about yourself!

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Thats great. It is important to have support at home. My husband is always bringing home chips etc .
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It is great that your husband is so supportive. I am pretty sure that I couldn't have come all the way I have without the support of my husband. He agreed with me on the very first day of my journey that we wouldn't bring any more junk food into the house and he has always helped out in any way he can. Problem was that he lost TOO much weight and we had to get him eating a little more. Oh, to have that problem!
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So glad that your hubby is so supportive. It's nice to have that built-in support system right at home! My boyfriend is very supportive of me, and is always complimenting my weight loss, and he's the first to notice a change in my appearance, and will always tell me...although, he never PRESSURES me. He does have a thing for junk food though, and believe me, it's so HARD to avoid that temptation. I think if I actually LIVED with him, it'd be easier, as I would buy the groceries, but cest la vie!
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Thats great!!!! My dh told me last night that he could tell that I have loss...and even told me that he would get me a treadmeal today!!!!! WHOOOOOHOOOO I am so happy that He is getting it. Its great to have that kind of support from the one person in your life that you count on so much...
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That's awesome! My husband is the same. He's gone so far as to say he'll divorce me if I get "too skinny". I just said we'll cross that bridge when we get to it! He was very sweet this week end and made a weight loss flow chart for me for my latest challenge (lose 20 pounds by April 30th). He's learning the best way to offer support is NOT to say "gee, that bag of crisps is really helping you" (honestly, he thought he was helping!) and has since started offering more well-thought praise and encouragement like a bunch of new lingerie when I hit my April challenge - hey, it's a win-win situation!
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