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Default What's going on with my body?!!

Well, it seems that all of a sudden my body has gotten really gooshy!!! Especially my stomach. It jiggles when I walk!!! My sides are getting nice and toned, but I have this horrible water-bed belly. I'm not sure if it's fat that's going to go away with exercising more or if it's extra skin that I can't do a damn thing about. This is so frustrating!! Anyone have any ideas?
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I noticed when I first lost about...4-6 lbs or so (after not losing for a while) a similar thing happened to me. Did you recently lose a few lbs? It *could* be exercise, and exercising could help tighten the skin a little but I think it just takes time for our bodies to recover. Exercising is good for your skin and all that so you might as well put a little extra work into that, but other than that yeah...right after 4-6lbs my stomach (though perhaps a bit reduced) *looked* chubbier than when it was bigger!
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I get that too once in a while. I will lose some weight and then my belly seems to get all mushy...then it gets back to normal...which is still soft mind you but not jiggly. Seems it just lags behind once in a while lol

I know it's getting smaller because I started at a size 22 at my highest and can now fit in a regular size 16 (a little bit snug still but it fits!) and some days, I find my tummy looks bigger than before. But! I think it is precisely because the sides are getting more toned and smaller so the front just "looks bigger" in comparison.

One thing I have noticed too is that my boobs have won over my belly! They're smaller too but look bigger than before because they stick out more now since I've lost weight under my arms and on my rib cage. lol Go boobs!

I can't wait for the day I can see those muscles tho! I know they're there! I can feel them! Just need to wait for that pesky belly fat to melt
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My boyfriend has a little bit of that in his belly from losing 200 pounds...it's mostly excess skin, and he needs to work on toning it...maybe try some toning exercises?
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Hmm. Maybe you just notice it more now that the rest of you is tight? But don't worry, it'll follow.
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