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Default 30 is just around the corner

Im new here and decided to write. Im turning 30 this year! And Ive decided that this is MY YEAR! No excuses. Ive got about 100 lbs to lose and I really want to look decent when I go out for my 30ith. Im starting WW again and am really determined to keep the weight off. Ive been on it before and ive lost 40 here, 20 there, but always, for some reason, get off the plan then gain back TWICE the amount ive lost. I know why I over eat, its out of boredom, so thats atleast half the battle, right LOL. Ive got two children and I really dont want them to be embarrassed of me when they get a bit older.

I need all the support I can get. My mom is doing this with me also, but between us, theres no willpower. Im trying to get my niece to do it also, but shes lazy, so shes no help lol.

If anyone has any pointers, tips, etc, Ill be glad to listen! I need all the help I can get!

Thanks for listening

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that is my goal as well. I am turning 30 in September. I started because my sister hit 30 last year and we went to the beach for her vacation. when I got the pictures back I was like OMG, I have to lose the weight before my 30th. I've been going at it a while with ups and downs but I have to stick to it, this is my year too. I'm on WW as well. I sliped over the holidays but now I'm back to it will full force.
We can do it!
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Hi there. That is my goal too, to lose all my weight before I turn 30. I have about 140 pounds to lose and 16 months to do it in. This is day 3 for me and my husband and I are doing this together. He needs to lose a lot less than me, but he still has about 80 pounds to lose. Exercise is going to be the hardest part, and we are not focusing on that for now...instead we are really going to work hard on our eating for now and incorporate exercise into the mix slowly.

Good luck and you can email me anytime you want! [email protected]
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Default Boredom

Hi Purplecrush - welcome and congrats on wanting to make positive changes in yor life. One thing I have learned in my journey is that "boredom" eating is a misnomer. People with healthy attitudes toward food don't consider eating something a way to entertain themselves. Saying your "bored" is a very surface way to describe other feelings. Is it that you are at work and not in the mood to do your work, or wanting to avoid a certain project, or feeling a little stressed? Are you at home and just not in the mood to do anything - feeling kind of blah? Or do you know you "should" be doing something but can't motivate, so you reach for a snack? I truley don't believe boredom eating exists and challange you to really dig deeper to understand the emotions behind your desires and urges to eat. Trust me that it is the first huge step in gaining ultimate control. Best wishes!
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Going goal.
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Hey purplecrush! It's so good that you are here to make a change for the better. There is awesome support.

My advice to would be not to push things too much.. too fast. Take it as slow as you can until you know, not just in your mind, but in your heart that this has to be not just a diet but a lifestyle change. I didn't have that mind set at first and since that day that I did.. I've lost a chunk of weight. I just started going to the gym Monday (yep, I'm taking it realllllllly slow haha) and exercise for about 40 minutes.. and hoping to that about 5 days a week. Could you get up enough will power for 30 minutes at 4 days a week? Anyways, I hope I helped a little. Keep on posting.
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I do agree, I would say that I often ate at a boredom... "I am home noone is watching and I really don't want to do xyz, so I can go galore"... luckily I had this thing about eating out alone... unless I absolutely wanted it, only twice I did it, so I brought a laptop and pretended I am out of town... silly ha?
Other eating was more of a boredom in a group of friends, the mindset "free for all" no money involved, no effort, no dishes to clean after.... take a little bit of food each time and come back many times.... nothing else to do there really...
So the first solution for boredom...GET BUSY..how find something to concentrate your mind off... if you watch tv and in the habit of eating... change a hoby... do something else while watching tv...fold laundry, oganize drawers, whatever. I don't have a tv, so this is not something I tried on myself, but if I had I know how deranged I look because I become mezmorazed by it...(hence it's absence). Anyway I noticed that I needed to fill my borring evenings, friends cooked late and that worstned the problem, so it was the end of eve hangouts...(both of them are thin and today as I type both of them found boyfriends and visiting them right now, why? because I kicked them out and they began looking. Double the help, I am not eating at 11pm and they are out with someone who they wanted instead of 3 of us whining to each other), but let me return to my point, sorry for long winded story...My empty eves included my laptop and couch, so for a change, I promissed to org one drawer a day, and go the gym. Yup that got me busy, and no time for boredom, after gym there is just some time to post here and to read quietly before bed, do my bills or briefly catch up with friends on the phone. It works ...has not been long but it does, my boredom eating does come back (during 11 days of break we just had, i just realized today was the first day back, and felt like I've worked w/o a break for a long long time). Interestingly with me being away from the kitchen, or the house overall, I feel that when I home I am with food, so i don't miss it. First I cook, from scratch, then I eat, never liked eating alone, but I do it now, and enjoy bites of it... (btw another one of my safety rules: wash prep dishes, or at least cover them with water to avoid, using bread to clean them out, put away all leftover food....DO both before sitting down to eat) That way when I am done washing dishes, right after I find that my brain caught up the feeling of fullness and I happily switch to another activity... (it takes aprox 15-20min for brain to get the info that you are full, that's why we often eat more and then feel overwhelmed)
Final word...you are in Bay Area (me too) and I am looking for gym buddy. I am in South Bay so if you are interested please let me know. I'd be happy to buddy up....
p.s please forgive my imperfect english.
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Congrats to all you about to turn 30 and deciding to get the weight off. I'm about to turn 40 in a month, and my epiphany happened last summer, when I realized that although I was 39, I felt like 50 at least! I decided I wanted to try to lose 45 pounds, hopefully by my bday (DONE!), and to turn 50 fitter and healthier than when I turn 40.

I'm already a lot better off than I was 6 months ago!
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Thanks for all the replys. Its nice to see everyone so supportive! I really dont have a problem with exercise. I wear a pedometer and usually walk about 3 miles a day, but I want to get it up to 5. And Ive been doing about 90 mins of cardio 3 times a week. The willpower I need is basically with Starbucks and Chocolate!!! Im used to going to Starbucks daily and now, im only allowing myself to go there every Sat, and thats ONLY if im good on my WW during the week and have the points left over.

Good luck with all your goals!!!
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