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Default Can you drink too much diet pop?

I love my Diet pepsi and I was wondering if you can drink too much of it. I figure as long as I get my 8 glasses or more of water in a day, then I can drink my diet pepsi aswell. Is this a good way for me to be thinking, or should I really try to cut back on the diet pepsi?
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one of my goals!
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I hope not, because I am a Coke Zero addict! I really don't think you can have to much of it, espicially when you are drinking water.
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Diet Dew here girls.... I LOVE IT... My problem is that I am picking up the bottle of Diet Dew INSTEAD of water....
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i love diet cherry pepsi sooo good, diet soda always makes my throat kinda weird so i know i definately drink too much
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i heard drinking diet soda makes people more likely to get fat. theres something about it.. i dunno it was on the news
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My vote is for Diet Coke. As for the too much part. That may be in the eye of the beholder. It is a whole bottle of chemicals. As in all things, moderation is key. A couple of servings a day is probably not going to hurt you or your weight loss efforts.
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I've been drinking Diet Coke since forever and it hasn't inhibited my weight loss at all. It hasn't done anything for me nutritionally, obviously, but it hasn't kept me from losing weight either.
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2 wheels is plenty :D
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I drink a lot of caffeine free diet soda (maybe 3-4 a day) hasn't killed me yet....I'm not saying it's good for me, but it's better than sugary drinks! I drink quite a bit of water as well (maybe 2 quarts a day) it's not like I'm not hydrated.

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Diet Code Red Mountain Dew and Coke Zero! I also drink water like it is ...well...WATER! I try to limit my diet soda consumption to 1 or 2 at the max a day! On another site that I visit, someone mentioned that sodas are acidic and damaging to your teeth and gums. I hadn't really considered that fact.... but, well, it makes sense! (Of course, I didn't stop drinking my diet soda! )
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Well, I've read that any carbonated beverages, regardless of whether they are diet are not, could lead to enamel damage to your teeth. I've also heard that it may be damaging to your bones. I've been told by my doctor that it may lead to ulcers too. So I try to keep away from sodas now.

Here's some links that I found:
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Just MHO, but you're really doing yourself more harm than good by switching from regular to diet. You aren't altering how you eat to have a more healthful diet, you're just replacing something bad with something slightly less bad. And if you're only drinking a can or two a week, why not just spend the calories and have the real thing?
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yes diet pop is also bad for you. I used to drink 2-3 20oz bottles of diet pepsi a day, I have stopped and now only have like 1 20oz bottle a week. I have had a 12 pack of DP in my fridge for 3 weeks now, and I think there are 8-9 left. Anything that is PROCESSED (like the artificial sweetners in diet pop) or even sugar, corn syrup, ect are bad for you, so eliminating or reducing your intake of them drastically will improve your weight loss efforts
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well I don't think diet soda can hinder your weight loss efforts unless you think you can consume more of other things because you had a diet soda, that's where people run into problems, my hubby is a macrobiotic councelor, pro organic etc etc, and believe me, soda of any kind is not good for your body, it contains some chemicals that may be carcinogenic (cancer causing) and too much carbonation is not good for your body either plus colors added, caffeine, etc etc, definately bad for you........

I drink it because I admit I am addicted and it quells my urge for having something sweet, I hope when I reach my goal that I can concentrate on eliminating this from my diet but for now its a crutch :P

as for processed foods definately bad, I really try to limit my intake of them and mostly eat a middle eastern style diet with organic grains and organic products when I can fresh veggies, sheep yogurt, lebaneh, pita home made dishes
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Thumbs down Beware of aspartame in diet products

diet soda can be extremely dangerous in large quantities due to the aspartame (artifical sweetener). the same is true of other "diet" products

here is an extract from
There are three main areas that demonstrate serious potential hazards with aspartame use, especially long-term use.

1. Formaldehyde Exposure.

The formaldehyde exposure from aspartame is significant. Aspartame breaks down into methanol, amino acids and several other chemicals. The methanol is quickly absorbed and converted into formaldehyde. The methanol found in foods and alcoholic beverages is also absorbed, but there are "protective chemicals" in these traditionally-ingested foods and beverages that prevent the conversion of methanol to formaldehyde.
Formaldehyde is known to cause gradual damage to the nervous system, the immune system and has recently been shown to cause irreversible genetic damage at long-term, low-level exposure.

The most recent, independent research shows that the situation related to aspartame may be more serious than simply regular formaldehyde exposure. This research on animals demonstrates that the formaldehyde accumulates as adducts (bound to protein molecules) in the organs (brian, liver, kidneys) and tissues of the animals when aspartame is ingested at relatively low doses:

"These are indeed extremely high levels for adducts of formaldehyde, a substance responsible for chronic deleterious effects that has also been considered carcinogenic. .... "It is concluded that aspartame consumption may constitute a hazard because of its contribution to the formation of formaldehyde adducts." [Life Sciences (scientific journal), Vol. 63, No. 5, pp. 337+, 1998]

Detailed information about aspartame and chronic, low-level formaldehyde poisoning can be found on the Web at:

2. Independent Research Finds Problems With Aspartame.

An analysis of peer reviewed medical literature using MEDLINE and other databases was conducted by Ralph G. Walton, MD, Chairman, The Center for Behavioral Medicine, Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine. Dr. Walton analyzed 164 studies which were felt to have relevance to human safety questions. Of the 90 non-industry-sponsored (independent) studies, 83 (92 percent) identified one or more problems with aspartame. Of the 74 aspartame industry-sponsored studies, all 74 (100 percent) claimed that no problems were found with aspartame. Details can be found on the following web page:

3. Extremely Large Number of Reported Toxicity Reactions to Aspartame.

As of 1995 when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was quoted as saying they stopped accepting adverse reaction reports on aspartame, over 75 percent of the adverse reactions reported to the FDA Adverse Reaction Monitoring System (ARMS) were due to aspartame. After considering the fact that an extremely low percentage of adverse reactions are reported to the FDA, it becomes clear that there are millions of known cases of aspartame toxicity reactions and possibly many other cases where the person ingesting aspartame is either 1) unaware that their symptoms are caused or contributed to by aspartame; or 2) not yet experiencing clinically-obvious symptoms from the breakdown products of aspartame, but may eventually experience chronic health problems from the regular exposure to significant doses of formaldehyde.

Some of the many aspartame toxicity symptoms reported include seizures, headaches, memory loss, tremors, convulsions, vision loss, nausea, dizziness, conufsion, depression, irritability, anxiety attacks, personality changes, heart palpitationns, chest pains, skin diseases, loss of blood sugar control, arthritic symptoms, weight gain (in some cases), fluid retention, excessive thirst or urination. Clearly, regular exposure to a toxic substance such as formaldehyde may worsen, or in some cases contribute to the development of chronic diseases. More information on symptoms detailed in medical journals and in case reports can be found on the web at: or
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Eh. I was a diet Dr. Pepper fiend, totally cut off all sodas for a solid year, and it made no difference. None, nothing, nada, ZIP. I went back to diet sodas (diet cherry coke now) and I notice no difference. I drink plenty of water (3+ liters/day) and I stop drinking anything caffeinated at 4pm so I sleep through the night. Other than that, eh. Diet is less caloric than regular, sure. Regular contains HFCS, diet contains aspartame. You get to decide which evil you will partake of. For myself, regular is way too sweet and makes me gag. So I drink diet.
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