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I'm new to this website "3 fat chicks on a diet!" I was looking up information about APEX lean burn tablets and came across this site. Anyhow, I've just registered.
I currently weigh about 185 lbs. Excess fat has been an issue for me since I hit puberty. I was an active child took ballet for 5 years, partcipated in alot of extracurricular actvities. I really loved to dance, and I still do. I hit puberty at age 11, and from then on things changed. I gained weight, though it was still controlled a bit by my activities. I ended up quitting ballet because I didn't have the ballet dancer's thin attenuated build. I am more stocky to begin with. Everytime, my dad came to pick me up from my activities, he would buy me whatever I wanted to eat. Such as 4 candy bars for $1.00 etc. At home for dinner, we'd eat steam white rice, meat and Asian vegetables. I don't remember eating breakfast in the morning during my middle school years, or even high school and by the time lunch time came around I was hungry-so I'd eat either cup-o-noodles, or tuna, ham, or turkey sandwiches on a roll.
In high school after school ended I'd stay in the computer room and finish my homework and be back home at 7pm at which time I'd have dinner.
My parents would buy both healthy food and junk food. I don't think they considered the effect Cocoa puffs, nestle's chocolate milk and all the rest would have on their kids. Something sweet a day, and missing breakfast, eating dinner late really affected my metabolism.
Anyhow, the heaviest I've ever been is 189lbs in my Sophomore year of high school and currently. The lowest I've been since high school was 158lbs. Since, I had my son almost 3 years ago I've went back up to 185lbs.
Its been difficult trying to have a consistent schedule, pattern since having a child. This is my first journal entry.
This evening I decided to go to the gym. MY husband treated a friend of ours and my mom to lunch at Todai's buffet. We got there at 2pm and finished eating at 3:30pm. I went to the gym at 5:30pm and tried the TKB(thai kick boxing) class with aerobic music. It was cool and intense. The last time I was at the gym was 12-16-05. Sometimes I am able to workout 2 weeks straight, then something occurs that messes up my schedule, and then I miss days, and then I feel all my progress regressing. It sometimes puts me into a funk.
Tommorow, I'll go biking.
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