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Smile You know what feels good?

Buying smaller clothes!

It's soooo nice to be able to pick out a cute-looking shirt and say, "Hey, I can wear that now!"

It's funny, I look at my t-shirts hanging in the closet and look at the tags - most of them say XXXL or 2X or 3X. Even when I was 220 pounds, those shirts were too big on me, but I always bought my clothes 2 or 3 sizes too big because I was trying to hide myself. Now I find myself picking out sizes that flatter my figure rather than hide it.

I love being able to slide into a pair of jeans, throw on a 'normal' sized t-shirt or sweatshirt and forget about it. It used to be I'd stand at my closet for ages trying to find something big enough to hide me. Now I wear what I want to wear because I WANT to wear it - not because it's the only thing I can wear.

How about you?
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Good for you Linda!!!

Me? Well Im finally back into my 16 jeans, and I love trying on all the cloths in my closet that fit me now!! Im still wearing my xl polar fleece, but thats just because its sooooooooo cold, and I can layer lots of stuff under them But come spring Watchout!!
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Keep on going!
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Today was amazing!! i was trying on different jeans & i now fit into a size 11/12 (depending on style) ... definitely the best feeling knowing you're getting smaller
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Losing it...again!
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Amen to that LLV! I was so excited when I bought size 10 jeans and now they are even getting a little big! I can't imagine how I'll feel when I buy 8's!
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You're right Linda. I bought myself size 4 jeans even when it was little tight. Now its actually very loose, and I bought myself size 2 pants last week. I can wear it even its little tight, but I am going to wait until its perfect fit. It is the most exciting feeling to find out that you can fit into sizes that you never dreamed about wearing.

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The biggest challenge to me was to give up baggy clothes. For so many years I had worn tunic sweaters and big baggy sweatshirts and untucked shirts. It took a lot of resolve to get the courage to tuck in a fitted shirt. Now I just say NO to tunic sweaters!!
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Definitely true. I was happy to pull my belt in a notch and hit a NSV this morning of wearing 40"x32" Regular fit Levi's for the first time in my life. I was probably about 5'10" (and 14 years old) the last time my waist was this small.

On the negative side, unless I opt to drop alot of muscle, I will not be able to buy properly fitting shirts and suits of the rack. 2XLT are cut to fit "apple" or "pear" shapes, not "wedge".
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