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Unhappy What is going on with my weight/the scale?!!

Okay guys, I'm like freaking out here!!

I got my period last Saturday. I weighed 224 then. Weighed myself Monday, and it was at 226. Tuesday it was at 230. Wednesday it was at 225. Thursday it was at 221 and today it's at 230!! How in God's name do I gain NINE pounds in a day?

I am in those last stages of my period, so I don't know if that's the problem or what. I'm totally committed to my diet and I've been exercising, even more now that I've lost 60 lbs. Although, I haven't been eating as often as I should...skipping breakfast and stuff....stress.

Anyone have any ideas??
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Try not to weigh every day.

Also how old are your scales? Mine sent me up and down about 7lbs or more just stepping on them again! I threw them out and got a new set.

You maybe have a bit of water retention too, maybe try drinking more water.
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Ok, calm down and take a deep breath. You DID NOT gain nine pounds in one day. I'm sure there's some definite water retention, but more likely your scale is probably having "issues". Grab some weights or something you're certain the weight of and test your scale's accuracy. But no matter what you find, remember, this by no means makes you a failure. Look at it as a small bump in the road and then allow yourself to move past it. You have done such an awesome job so far, please don't let one crazy weigh it trip you up. This is your lifestyle now, and no weight fluctuation is gonna change that. Just keep doing what you already know works for you and you'll be just fine! Take care!

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Hi. I'm a lurker just jumping in to say when my scale started going nuts like that I changed it's batteries and that seemed to fix it. So, if you have a digi scale you may just need to change the batteries and it could also very well be the period. I know I've gained 7 pounds in water weight areound that time of month before. Drink lots of water.
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Let's review your message for a moment . . . Hmmmm.

1) You've lost 60 pounds. WOW! Congratulations and well done!!!
2) You have your period and your weight is fluctuation wildly. That bites, however, if it's any consullation, my weight does the same thing during my period which is why I avoid the scale until at least one full day after it ends. The slightest bit of salt during that TOM makes me put on pounds in water weight.
3) You've been exercising. Excellent! Keep up the good work!! Are you aware that muscle weighs more than fat and that will effect the scale temporarily? Keep that in mind when you feel you are doing well on your weight loss plan and the scale doesn't agree.
4) You're not eating properly. Not good. Skipping meals slows down your metabolism and can lead to binges. Please try to eat something every 4-5 hours.
5) You didn't mention water consumption. Have you been drinking at least 8 8-ounce glasses a day of water? You should actually be consuming more than that if you are exercising heavily. Also, it helps flush out water weight -- sounds weird but that's really true.

All things considered, I think you are doing wonderful and should be very proud of yourself. When you are freaking out because the scale is a LIAR, please refer to #1 of my reply. Then pour yourself a glass of water and take a nice, long walk.
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Well, I've gathered that I need to start drinking more (a lot more) water and getting back to eating regularly! I've been under so much stress lately that eating has been the farthest thing from my mind. Oi vey!!
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